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Black Magic Software



Blizzard Entertainment established in 1994 became very soon a known established company. The company did not focus on many titles but every release was a masterpiece immediately attracting a lot of attention and players. The company remained successful to the current days further developing on original Warcraft or Diablo series.
Lost Vikings, Warcraft, Blackthorne, Lost Vikings 2, Warcraft 2

Bloodhouse Ltd.

Bloodhouse Ltd. was a development studio formed by people from the Finnish Amiga demo scene. Only a few years after the initial start-up it merged with Terramarque Ltd. to form Housemarque Ltd.

Blue Byte

The game company founded in Germany in 1988 which eventually owned branches in USA and Australia. The company became very famous for the Settlers series, which became very popular and created vast community of players who remained active until today.
UGH, Settlers, Settlers 2, Albion, Great Courts 2

Blue Chip Software

Baron: The Real Estate Simulation, Millionaire: The Stock Market Simulation, Tycoon: The Commodity Market Simulation

Blue Sky Productions

Ultima Underworld - The Stygian Abyss

Blue Sphere

Blue Sphere (France) was a French development company active between 1993 and 2001. Members of the development team appear to have worked together at Microïds prior to starting the company. Four games are known to have been created by this studio: In Extremis (1993), GT Racing 97 (1997), Taxi 2 (2000) and La Vallée Des Rois (2001). Around 2000 the company had another racing game in development, Mad Racers, but it does not appear to have been released. In 2000 Blue Sphere started developing Java games for the internet with releases such as Wing War, Dory, Survivor 2100, Dames and Solitaire. The company's website was last updated in November 2001 and eventually vanished in 2005.
GT Racing 97

Bluemoon Interactive

Bluemoon Interactive hails from Estonia, and is best known for the SkyRoads lineage of futuristic racing games. Their latest game project was Thunder Brigade, which didn't become a commercial hit because of the lack of gameplay testing time. The company's team was also instrumental in writing the software for the popular file-sharing program KaZaA and peer-to-peer Internet telephony software Skype.
SkyRoads - Xmas Special

BlueSky Software, Inc.

BlueSky Software or BlueSky Software Corporation was an American software company situated in California formed in 1988 and had a successful run for 12 years before closing down in March of 2001, when parent company Interplay was in financial trouble. The BlueSky trademark was still owned by Titus Interactive until bankruptcy closed their doors in 2004.
Hare Raising Havoc, Arachnophobia

BMB Compuscience

The Red Baron

Bob Cristello

The Rescue of Lorri in Lorrinitron

Bob Lancaster

MicroLink Push Your Luck, MicroLink Shut the Box, MicroLink Yaht

BOCC Software


Bonsai Entertainment, Inc.

Barbie Super Model

Bookup, Inc.

Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess

Box Office

Box Office released budget games in the mid to late 80's. You'd usually find these games at places like Kmart, and they rarely sold for more than seven or ten dollars.
Alf's Party Kit, Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future, High Rollers

Brad Hinchlife

Red Alert

Brad Miller


Brad P. Taylor


Brad P. Taylor, LLC

Beyond Columns