Company name Description Games

BMB Compuscience

The Red Baron

Bob Cristello

The Rescue of Lorri in Lorrinitron

Bob Lancaster

MicroLink Push Your Luck, MicroLink Shut the Box, MicroLink Yaht

Bonsai Entertainment, Inc.

Barbie Super Model

Bookup, Inc.

Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess

Box Office

Alf's Party Kit, Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future

Brad Hinchlife

Red Alert

Brad P. Taylor


Brad P. Taylor, LLC

Beyond Columns

Brad Perolis

Bomb Seeker

Brain Bug


BrainBank, Inc.

Mystery Master: Felony!, Mystery Master: Murder by the Dozen


Taco Bell: Tasty Temple Challenge


Yacht Racing Simulator

Brian A. Rice, Inc.

Brian A. Rice, Inc. was a third party development house, located in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, that did PC and console development. Brian A. Rice, Inc. began as a developer of educational software for the Apple II... as the PC emerged the company moved into gaming, doing titles for Mindscape and Activision... eventually console titles were developed for companies like SEGA, Atari, Activision, and Sunsoft. The company was started in 1981 and lasted to early 1996... as success came to the company, so did an increase in the number of titles and workload... finding additional talent and budgets to match the workload proved to be the downfall of the company.
Tongue of the Fatman, Willow, Monte Carlo Baccarat, The Sesame Street Crayon: Letters For You, The Sesame Street Crayon: Opposites Attract

Brian Tieman @ Tim Musa

The Dragon Sword

Bridge Publications

Beat the House

Bridgestone Multimedia Group

Captain Bible in the Dome of Darkness

Britannica Software

Also Known As- Compton's Multimedia Publishing Group, Inc. (from 1991-07-18 to 1992-02-02) Britannica Software, Inc. (from 1989-09-15 to 1991-07-17) DesignWare, Inc. (from 1979-12-17 to 1989-09-14)
Super Spellicopter, The Berenstain Bears: Volume One - Learning at Home, The Berenstain Bears: Volume Two - Learning at Home, The Berenstain Bears - Learn About Counting, Notable Phantom

Brøderbund Software, Inc.

Brøderbund was established in 1980 by Doug and Gary Carlston in. They merged with The Learning Company in 1998.
Prince of Persia 2, Prince of Persia, Apple Panic, Karateka, Lode Runner, Wings of Fury, Shufflepuck Cafe, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, Where in Americas Past is Carmen Sandiego, Treehouse, Where in Space is Carmen Sandiego, Galleons of Glory: The Secret Voyage of Magellan, The Playroom, The Playworld, Serpentine