Company name Description Games

Dungeon Dwellers Design

More than a game group, these guys created many oldskool demos for the mid-1990s North American demoscene.
Acid Tetris



Dynamix Inc.

Dynamix Inc. was located in Eugene, Oregon. Originally, the company was named Software Entertainment Company, which was started by Jeff Tunnell and Damon Slye, two graduates from the University of Oregon. The games weren't making enough money to keep Dynamix going, and in August 1990 the company was sold to Sierra On-Line.
A10 Tank Killer, Stellar 7, Rise of the Dragon, Aces Over Europe, Adventures of Willy Beamish, Deathtrack, Sid Als Incredible Toons, Caveman UghLympics, Ghostbusters II, Heart of China, Abrams Battle Tank, Aces of the Deep, MechWarrior, Metaltech: Battledrome, Metaltech: Earthsiege, Aces of the Pacific, Motocross

Ed Davis


Edward Grabowski Communications Ltd.

Grand Prix Manager 2, When Two Worlds War


Better Dead Than Alien!


Cloud Kingdoms

Electric Transit, Inc.

Lunar Explorer: A Space Flight Simulator

Electronic Arts Inc.

Founded in 1982 as Amazin' Software by Trip Hawkins. They acquired many other companies such as: ORIGIN Systems, Bullfrog Productions, Dreamworks Interactive, Maxis Software and many more.
688 Attack Sub, 688I Hunter Killer, The Need For Speed, Hard Hat Mack, The Need For Speed SE, SEAL Team, Budokan - The Martial Spirit, NHL Hockey 94, Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf, Ski or die, Jungle Strike, Kings of the Beach, Lakers vs Celtics and the NBA, Jane's Combat Simulations: ATF - NATO Fighters, Jane's Combat Simulations: ATF - Advanced Tactical Fighters, Murder on The Zinderneuf, Chuck Yeager's Air Combat

Electronic Arts Seattle

EA Seattle was a development studio originally established as Manley & Associates in 1992, and acquired and renamed by Electronic Arts in 1996. It was closed down in 2002. A part of the engineering team left in the nineties to form and work at Lobotomy Software.
Wolf, Lion, Are We There Yet?



Elvyn Software


Emerald Software Ltd.

From If It Moves, Shoot It!'s manual, circa 1989: Emerald Software was founded in early 1988 with financial support from the Irish government. Based in Waterford (home of the world famous crystal), the company has rapidly established itself as a leading computer games development house in Europe. The workforce includes 17 programmers and five graphic artists. Of course, being dedicated computer gamers, there is not much time for hobbies outside of work -- except for that other famous Irish pastime. Which means that the bars of Waterford hear rather more talk of computer games than they did before the arrival of Emerald Software!

Empire Interactive Europe Ltd.

Empire Interactive Europe Ltd. was co-founded as Empire Software in 1987 by Simon Jeffrey and Ian Higgins in the United Kingdom. The company had a long and illustrious history and remained at the forefront of computer games development and publication for over a decade. Empire began by publishing, developing and distributing PC games and then added console games to their catalog later.
Campaign II

Epic MegaGames, Inc.

Epic MegaGames, Inc., formerly established as Potomac Computer Systems in 1991 released many popular shareware games which generated enough fame among gamers to make enough profit from the sales. The most popular games are for example Jazz Jackrabbit or One Must Fall: 2097.
Tyrian 2000, BRIX, One Must Fall 2097, Jazz Jackrabbit, Jazz Jackrabbit 2, Jill of the Jungle - Jill Saves the Prince, Jill of the Jungle

Epyx, Inc.

Automated Simulations was co-founded by Jon Freeman and Jim Conelley. The company was more of a strategy game developer and publisher at the time, going by the Company motto "Computer Games Thinkers Play." Most of their products were developed for Computers, most importantly the Apple II computer. In 1981, the company was much larger and "office politics" drove Jon Freeman out of the company, and he left to found Free Fall Associates with his wife, Anne Westfall. It was at this time that Jim Conelley also left and started his own company, The Conelley Group which was more of a game developing company, and they let Epyx publish the games they developed.
Chips Challenge, Battle Bugs, California Games, Games - Summer Edition, World Games, Jumpman, Mind-Roll

ERE Informatique

A game company known for Macadam Bumper, Bubble Ghost, Teenage Queen and Crafton & Xunk. Despite its success, ERE suffered constant financial difficulties and was bought out by Infogrames in 1987.
Bubble Ghost, Billiards Simulator

Error Free Productions



Euphoria is a development studio in the Netherlands formed around 1989 to create games for the Amiga. It was established following the disbandment of Boys without Brains after completing the C64 game Hawkeye in 1988. It initially consisted of Mario van Zeist (programming) and Arthur van Jole (graphics), both previously with Boys without Brains.
Yogho Yogho spel

Europress Software Ltd.

Formed by chairman Derek Meakin in 1965, EuroPress' rapid development was accelerated by the computer boom in the early 80's. Its software development, magazine publishing and exhibition companies achieved phenomenal growth with annual turnover well in excess of 15m and employing over 250 people. Subsequently, the exhibitions company was sold to Blenheim Exhibitions and the magazine publishing business was sold to giant American publisher IDG, leaving principal directors free to concentrate on EuroPress Software. By 1990 EuroPress had become the fifth biggest software house in the UK. In 1999 it was taken over by American company Hasbro before it was sold back to its original owners ‘The Meakin family’ in July 2001. Under the control and guidance of the Meakin Family, Europress continued to produce an extensive list of quality educational titles ranging from TV Celebrity names such as Postman Pat through to their highly acclaimed SAT’s and GCSE range which are continuing to prove very popular along with the specialist A level revision titles in a large range of subjects.
Merlin's Math