Company name Description Games

Celestial Software

Spacewrecked: 14 Billion Light Years From Earth

Cerebral Gaming Systems

Battle Wrath

Chad Goulding

AGI Tetris

ChamProgramming Corporation

CHAMProgramming was a small US company founded in 1992 by John W. Champeau, who also did most of the programming. In 1996 John was approached by Dan Van Buskirk to work together as partners on the first release of Champ Kong. Dan Van Buskirk brought improved graphics and collaboration on the creation of the CHAMP Mode. The team worked well together and the games were an immediate hit with Coin-op fans everywhere.
Champ Asteroids, CHAMP Kong, CHAMP Ms. Pac-em, CHAMP Ms. Pacman, CHAMP Pac-em, CHAMP Asterocks, Champ Centiped-em, CHAMP Galagon, CHAMP Galaxia, CHAMP Invaders

Cheesy Software

Cheesy Invaders, Megapede, Mortal Pong

ChildWare Corporation

Learn to Add, Alpha Build



Chivalry Software, Inc.

Visions of Aftermath The Boomtown

Chris Crawford

Balance of Power

Chris Gray Enterprises Inc.

Infiltrator II, Infiltrator

Chris Pirih

A Free form skiing game, with Slalom, Free Style, and Tree Slalom pistes to ski down. Originally made for free by Chris Pirih in 1991.

Christopher Crawford

Christopher Crawford (born June 1, 1950) is a computer game designer and writer. He designed and programmed several important computer games in the 1980s, including Eastern Front (1941) and Balance of Power. Among developers he became known for his passionate advocacy of game design as an art form, founding both The Journal of Computer Game Design and co-founding the Computer Game Developers Conference (now called the Game Developers Conference).
Balance of the Planet

Christopher G. Gunn


Cinemaware Corporation

Cinemaware Corporation was founded in 1985. The company was Robert Jacob's and Phyllis Jacob's software development house. Established in 1985, it existed for seven years before going under in 1991.
King of Chicago

Cineplay Interactive, Inc.

Formed by former Cinemaware employees and Will Vinton Studios (the people responsible for the California Raisins claymation animations). First title, Free D.C!, did so poorly that no subsequent titles were produced. Last known address: 2580 NW Upshur, Portland, OR 97210 A blurb about the company was written by Kellyn Beck, the founder, and included in the packaging: The Cineplay line is a brand new genre of interactive movies from the Oscar-winning film studio that invented Claymation, the California Raisins and now, Harry the Subhuman, working together with the creators of the award-winning computer games Defender of the Crown, King of Chicago, Rocket Ranger and Centurion. The world-famous Claymation team at Will Vinton Productions has joined our talented game design team to bring you a series of cinematic adventures featuring live actors and Claymation characters who actually talk.
Free D.C!

Cirrus Software

1st Person Pinball

Clipper Software

Touche - The Adventures of the 5th Musketeer

Clockwork Games Limited

3D Lemmings Winterland

Clockwork Software

Begin 2 - A Tactical Starship Simulation, Begin: A Tactical Starship Simulation

Cobra Soft

Murder on The Atlantic, Murders in Venice