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Openxcell Inc

OpenXcell is software development company located in US as front office and development center in India. We are work in Mobile Application and Game Development, Web Design and Development.

Opera Soft S.A.

Spanish company founded in 1986, and which closed in 1992. It was part of what was known as The Golden Era Of Spanish Software, along with other companies like Zigurat, Topo Soft and Dinamic. While its first work was the Commodore 64 version of Camelot Warriors, its first original game was Livingstone, I Presume?, which brought the company wider success.
Livingstone I Presume

Optik Software, Inc.


Origin Systems Inc

Artificers of some of the greatest gaming franchises the world has ever known they are, and forever will be, scions of a golden age. We salute you, Origin. We salute you. Established in 1983, Origin (or Origin Systems) has become well known their Wing Commander, Ultima and Privateer titles. Acquired by Electronic Arts in the early 90's, Origin has recently been working on internet-only software, with the Ultima Online series.
Ultima 1, Ultima 3, Ultima 5, Ultima 8, 2400AD, Ultima 7 - The Black Gate, Ultima 7 - The Serpent Isle, Windwalker, Wing Commander, Ultima 6 - The False Prophet, Wing Commander 2 + Special Ops 1,2, Ultima 4 - Quest of the Avatar, Wing Commander Academy, Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire, Worlds of Ultima 2: Martian Dreams, System Shock, Times of Lore, Moebius, CyberMage, Space Roque, Autoduel, Omega, Knights of Legend

Orion Software, Inc.

PCMan, J Bird

Ozark Softscape

Headed by Dan Bunten, also consisting of Bill Bunten, Jim Rushing, and Alan Watson. Developed M.U.L.E., Seven Cities of Gold, and Heart of Africa.
7 Cities, Command HQ

P.A.S. Systems

"Plain and Simple Systems," which developed the 1992 game Maelstrom that was then published by Merit Software. Mark Vange was their director.
Maelstrom, Eight Ball Deluxe

Pack Media Company, Inc.


Palace Software, Ltd.

Rad Warrior


Into The Eagles Nest

Pangea Software, Inc.

Pangea Software is an Macintosh game company that is owned and operated by Brian Greenstone. Formed in 1987, the company began by writing a number of shareware games for the Apple IIGS computer, with their first commercial game, Xenocide, being released in 1989. Their first published Macintosh game came in 1993.

Papyrus Design Group, Inc.

Papyrus Design Group, Inc. was founded by David Kaemmer and his business partner Omar Khudari in 1987. It lasted for 17 years and is best known for its series of racing games based on the NASCAR and IndyCar leagues, with a stress on realism, as well as Grand Prix Legends.
IndyCar Racing, Indianapolis 500 - The Simulation, Project Nomad

Paragon Studios

Paragon Software Corporation or Paragon Studios were based in Pennsylvania. The company was established in 1985 and focused on licensed content from Marvel Comics.
The Amazing Spiderman, Megatraveller, Megatraveller 2, Space 1889, Twilight 2000

Parallax Software Corp.

Park Place Productions

Dream Team

Parker Brothers

Parker Brothers was first established in 1888 and remained family owned until 1968, when the company was purchased by General Mills. The company's first forays into electronic gaming came in the late 1970's and early 1980's, when they began to produce electronic versions of their popular board games.
Frogger II Three Deep

PC Research Inc.


Péndulo Studios, S.L.

Péndulo Studios is a game development studio founded in 1994 in Madrid, Spain by Rafael Latiegui, Ramón Hernáez and Felipe Gómez Pinilla. The company only creates 2D point-and-click adventure games. Péndulo's first title was Igor: Objective Uikokahonia (1994) followed by Hollywood Monsters (1997). At a time when other companies were turning away from adventure games, the studio had its international breakthrough success with Runaway: A Road Adventure (2001), which would eventually form a trilogy with Runaway 2: The Dream of the Turtle (2006) and Runaway: A Twist of Fate (2009). The second title was also the first in the series to be taken to other platforms aside from Windows: the Wii and the Nintendo DS. That experiment was however not repeated for the titles afterwards. After finishing the Runaway trilogy, Péndulo revisited its second game Hollywood Monsters with the sequel The Next Big Thing (2011). The team released Yesterday in March 2012. It was their first game that moved away from the typical quirky characters and humour Péndulo is known for. It has a much more darker atmosphere and a twisted plot.
Igor - Objective Uikokahonia

Peppers Adventures in Time

Founded in 1980 as On-Line Systems, the company began when Ken Williams took on the daunting task of programming his wife Roberta's hand-written game concept into the first graphic/text adventure game ever created.
Peppers Adventures in Time

Pioneer Productions

Pioneer Productions isn't a company. It's a team within Electronic Arts Canada.