Company name Description Games

Cytherean Adventures

Rings of the Magi: Grand Master Edition

D. C. True, Ltd.

Shadow President

Dagger Interactive Technologies, Ltd.

Dagger Interactive Technologies, Ltd. is a British based company founded in 1993 by Adrian Earle and Steven Green who had worked together on Microprose's Fields of Glory.
The Civil War

Dalali Software Ltd.

Clue: Master Detective

Dale Disharoon, Inc.

Below The Root, The Scoop

Dale Jurich

PC Pool

Dan Baker


Danbi System

Danbi System (단비 시스템) was a South Korean game developer. It was founded in 1993 by Kim Sungshik, a former Soft Action employee. Danbi at first developed action games for the PC, but began focusing on the arcades since 1999. The company became defunct in 2002.
GoGo!! Uribyeol

Daniel Haffner


DareWare Inc.


Data East Corporation

Data East Corporation was established in 1976 and produced lots of Arcade machines. In 1980s they also started to produce computer games. The company bankrupted in 2003.
Burgertime, Joe and Mac: Caveman Ninja, RoboCop

Database Educational Software

Fun School 2: For the Over-8s, Fun School 2: For the Under-6s, Fun School 4: for 7 to 11 year olds, Fun School 4: for the under 5s, Fun School 3: for 5 to 7 Year Olds

Datasoft, Inc.

Datasoft was founded by Pat Ketchum in 1980. This company was based out of Chatsworth, California. When the company first started, there were about 15 in-house programmers. Ketchum was in his late 20's at the time. Ketchum acquired as many trademark licenses as possible. As a result, they published many games from famous tv shows, cartoons and movies. They also ported some games from arcades and other computer systems (Mr. Do and Pooyan). Sometime after 1987, Samuel L. Poole and Ted Hoffman were some sort of business execs at Datasoft when the company was beginning to fold. These two men bought the left over assets and the name Datasoft and renamed the company Intellicreations. One of Datasofts HUGE investors was Gilette...the razor company. For some reason they pulled out right before the company went under. During its lifetime, Datasoft published some games for the C-64, Tandy, Atari and Apple ][.
Bruce Lee

Dave Gilbert

The Postman Only Dies Once

Dave Sharpless

Mario Brothers VGA

David Burns

Conquest, Numbers & Logic I

David Fleming

Airlift Rescue

David Kittinger


Davidson & Associates, Inc.

Davidson & Associates, Inc. was founded by Jan Davidson in 1982. After acquiring Chaos Studios on February 18, 1994 and Funnybone Interactive in February 1995, the company was itself acquired by CUC International on February 21, 1996.
New Math Blaster Plus!, Headline Harry and The Great Paper Race


Deadline is the name used by a small group of developers in Finland. They developed the space shoot 'em up game Avenger and are known only by the aliases of Rooster, Mustang and Junkhead.