Company name Description Games

Crush Ltd.

Mortal Coil: Adrenalin Intelligence

Cryo Interactive Entertainment

Cryo Interactive Entertainment is a French video game development and publishing company founded in 1992, but existing unofficially since 1989 as a developer group under the name Cryo. In 2008 Microïds acquired Cryo. (From Wikipedia)
Dune, Dune CD, KGB aka Conspiracy

CTW Software Group

CTW Software Group was a US software development group, part of Children's Computer Workshop, Inc., mainly involved with developing educational games and software based on the Sesame Street license.

Cunning Developments

Cyan Worlds, Inc.

Cyan Worlds is a North American game developer based in Mead, Washington. It was founded in 1987 by the brothers Rand and Robyn Miller. They originally focused on games for children, debuting with The Manhole (1988), an exploration-based adventure game and one of the earliest titles to take advantage of the CD ROM medium. They are best known for their Myst series.
The Manhole


Cyberdreams was founded in 1990 by Patrick Ketchum and owned by Rolf Klug, and stayed in business till 1997.
Dark Seed

Cybernetic Corporation

Pizza Tycoon

D. C. True, Ltd.

Shadow President

Dalali Software Ltd.

Clue: Master Detective

Dale Jurich

PC Pool

DareWare Inc.


Data East Corporation

Data East Corporation was established in 1976 and produced lots of Arcade machines. In 1980s they also started to produce computer games. The company bankrupted in 2003.
Burgertime, Joe and Mac: Caveman Ninja

Datasoft, Inc.

Datasoft was founded by Pat Ketchum in 1980. This company was based out of Chatsworth, California. When the company first started, there were about 15 in-house programmers. Ketchum was in his late 20's at the time. Ketchum acquired as many trademark licenses as possible. As a result, they published many games from famous tv shows, cartoons and movies. They also ported some games from arcades and other computer systems (Mr. Do and Pooyan). Sometime after 1987, Samuel L. Poole and Ted Hoffman were some sort of business execs at Datasoft when the company was beginning to fold. These two men bought the left over assets and the name Datasoft and renamed the company Intellicreations. One of Datasofts HUGE investors was Gilette...the razor company. For some reason they pulled out right before the company went under. During its lifetime, Datasoft published some games for the C-64, Tandy, Atari and Apple ][.
Bruce Lee

Dave Sharpless

Mario Brothers VGA

David Burns


David Kittinger


Delphine Software International

Delphine Software International developed computer and video games between 1988 and 2004.
Flashback, Future Wars - Time Travellers, Cruise for a Corpse


Mysterious Worlds


Eye of Horus, Great Escape, World Class Rugby

Destiny Software Productions Inc.

Destiny Software Productions Inc. was an independent game development founded in 1981 by Steve Vestergaard under the name Tronic Software. Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the company's first games were cassette tape based for the VIC 20.
Blood Bowl