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The old and famous British software company was founded in 1986 by Richard Darling, David Darling and Jim Darling. They became famous for the Dizzy or Micromachines series.
Micro Machines, Fantastic Dizzy, Fast Food, Kwik Snax, Fantasy world Dizzy, Magicland Dizzy, Bubble Dizzy, Prince of The Yolkfolk, Micro Machines 2, Psycho Pinball, Captain Dynamo, Dizzy: The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure, DJ Puff, Cosmic Spacehead

CoGS: Digital Amusements

Mankind is destined to become of slave to its mechanical creations. Worship the computers now to gain salvation when the day of digital reconing arrives. The sacrement consists of playing our games.

Coktel Vision

Coktel Vision is a French game developer founded in 1985 and located in Paris. The company created adventure, action and educational games. The company was acquired by Sierra On-Line, Inc. in 1993.
Lost in Time, Ween The - Prophecy, Inca, E.S.S., 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, A.G.E., Bargon Attack, African Raiders-01, A.J.'s World of Discovery, Freedom: Rebels in the Darkness, The Prophecy, Once Upon A Time: Abracadabra, Once Upon a Time: Baba Yaga, Oliver & Compagnie, Asterix: Operation Getafix

Colin Gagnon Software

Captain Spleen 2, Captain Spleen

Color Dreams, Inc.

Developed several DOS and NES games.
Adventures of Captain Comic

Colorado Computer Creations

High Command: Europe 1939-'45

Columbia Data Products, Inc.

Space Commanders II

ComAd Group

Willis Pinball



Command Simulations

Blitzkrieg at the Ardennes

Compedia Software & Hardware Ltd.

Compedia was founded in 1991 in Israel to develop educational CD-ROMs and hardware for children. In ca. 2011 to 2012, the company was discontinued. Compedia had an office in the U.S. as well.
Advanced Thinking Skills

Compton's New Media, Inc.

The Berenstain Bears: Learning Essentials, Wild Learning Safari, Designasaurus

COMPUTE! Publications, Inc.

PET Gazette (from Apr, 1978 to Sep, 1979) -- Original name
Burger Blaster, Bounce Zone, Devastator

Computer & Entertainment Inc.

Super Fighter


Captain Comic II: Fractured Reality

Computer's Dream

BAT, The Koshan Conspiracy

Computing Specialties

Amy's First Primer

Condor Software

Hariboy's Quest

Conquest Software


Core Design Limited

In its nine year history, Core Design has built an unrivaled reputation as one of the world's premier development teams. They have created over fifty titles, winning numerous awards in the process. Several of these games appeared under the Core brand, whilst others were released by some of the largest games publishers in the world. Core has achieved critical acclaim and commercial success in equal measures for one simple reason: they have always put gameplay first and foremost.
Curse of Enchantia, Monty Python's Flying Circus, AH-3: ThunderStrike