Company name Description Games

Azeroth, Inc.

Inspector Gadget - Global Terror

Bally Data Systems, Inc.

Midway Mfg. Co. was incorporated in 1969 when Midway Manufacturing Co. was acquired by Bally Manufacturing Corporation. Midway continued their business as manufacturer of electro-mechanical arcade machines, but starting in 1973 their main business became videogame arcade games. The Midway team designed a video game console and simple computer which was released under the Bally name in 1978 - the Bally Professional Arcade (eventually renamed Bally Computer System and then Bally Astrocade). Using a custom video display chip, this 8-bit console had 4k of RAM, a keyboard, and used cassette-sized cartridges known as Videocades. Users could also do minimal programming with the BASIC program included. About 45 games were released for this console.

Bally Sente Inc.

Also Known As Sente Technologies (from 1983 to 1984-05) Videa, Inc. (from 1982 to 1983) Bally Sente was originally a development company called Videa, Inc. founded by Howard Delman, Roger Hector and Ed Rotberg in 1981. The company later became the video game division of Pizza Time Theater after an offer by Atari's President Nolan Bushnell and they renamed it Sente.

Bally Technologies Inc.

Bally is a well known arcade manufacturer of coin-operated arcade machines and pinball machines. They started to develop its own games first on their own console and lately on most popular consoles and PCs.
Hat Trick, Rampage, Tapper

Banana Development, Inc.

Banana Development, Inc., is a Milwaukee-based home-computer games company specializing in IBM PC and Apple II/IIe/gs conversions of coin-operated videogames under contract for major software vendors. Banana Development is well-connected, with contacts at companies such as Konami, Mindscape, EA, and ATARI Games, Inc. (the coin-operated game company, owned by NAMCO).

Bandai Namco Entertainment UK Ltd.

Founded in Manchester, England, previously - Ocean Software was a hugely successful label up to the mid-90s, operating mainly on home computer systems. Ocean is responsible for a huge amount of arcade conversions, ports from other platforms and also original PC games.
Platoon, Batman, The Slugger, Dig Dug

Bashurov V.

The Battle on the Black Sea


Wacky Wheels, Phylox

Bedrock Software

Football Manager 3

Ben Croshaw 

The Sorceror's Appraisal

Ben Hanke


Ben Ibach, Dave Ibach

Aldo Again, Aldo's Assault

Best Ever Games Company

Weird Dreams

Bethesda Softworks LLC

Bethesda Softworks LLC is a game developer and publisher which was founded in 1986 by Christopher Weaver.
Terminator: Future Shock, Elder Scrolls - Arena, Elder Scrolls - Daggerfall, Hockey League Simulator, Delta V, Burnout: Championship Drag Racing, Wayne Gretzky Hockey 3, Hockey League Simulator II

Big Five Software

Miner 2049er

Bill Piazza

Bert and the Snake

Bill Pogue

Big Rig

Binary Design

Binary Design was a development team in the 1980s. IIt was founded by Andrew Hieke, after he previously established Terminal Software.
Aaargh, Motorbike Madness

Bit Corp

Tank Wars

Bitmap Brothers

Founded in 1987 by Steve Kelly, Mike Montgomery and Eric Matthews.
Speedball 2 - Brutal Deluxe, Speedball, Z, Xenon, Xenon 2 - Megablast