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Alan Zimm

Action Stations!

Albert Savoia


Albino Frog Software, Inc.

Albino Frog Software, Inc. (formerly Night Sky) is a game development studio of which Sean M. Puckett is the sole employee. After using the name Night Sky, the company was officially established in Florida, USA in October 1993.
Helious, Galacta: The Battle for Saturn, Helious II

Alexander Martin


Alexandr Gogava


Alien Production

ALF: The First Adventure

Alive Software

Animal Quest, Billy the Kid Returns!, Dinosaur Predators

Alpha Helix Productions


Alpha Simulations

Harrier Jump Jet

Alucine Soft

Professional Tennis Simulator

Amazing Graphics

Maze Wars

American Laser Games, Inc.

American Laser Games, Inc. was founded by Robert Grebe in the latter part of the 1980s and was in business for approximately 10 years, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They developed and published a variety of laserdisc games featuring the use of a light gun for several platforms including 3DO. In 1999 the company was bought out by their Her Interactive division. Then in the year 2000, American Laser was sold by Her Interactive to Digital Leisure Inc.
Space Pirates, Crime Patrol

Amwa (HK) Computer Co.


Anco Software Ltd.

Anco Software was a long-running British game developer and publisher. The company was founded as a spin-off from Anirog Software. Anirog was founded in 1982 by Anil Gupta and Roger Gamon, who were working for Mullard Mitcham at that time.
Player Manager 2

Andrew Motes

Mom's Math

Andrew Spencer Studios

Andrew Spencer Studios was a London, UK-based development studio, named after Andrew Spencer. The studio made the survival horror Ecstatica series with two games: Ecstatica (1994) and Ecstatica II (1996). They both use ellipsoid technology to render characters. A third game, Urban Decay, was in development for Psygnosis and used the game technology, but it was left abandoned in favour of developing the Ecstatica sequel and eventually it was cancelled.

Angelsoft, Inc.

Angelsoft, Inc., based in White Plains, NY, was founded by John R. Sansevere and Mercer Mayer. The company created eight text adventures in 1985/86, most of them book or film adaptations. Their games were written in a script language called ASG. A particular hallmark of Angelsoft games was that the puzzles were semi-random; you could do everything right and still die due to changing conditions and have to load a previously saved game.
High $take$



AnimaTek International, Inc.

AnimaTek was a software development company founded in 1988 in Moscow, Russia, by the inventor of Tetris, Alexey Pajitnov, his partner, Vladimir Pokhilko and international entrepreneur, Henk Rogers. It had two development studios, one in Moscow, Russia and one in San Francisco, USA. The company was known for its Caviar Technology, a surface pixel real-time rendering engine. AnimaTek disappeared near the end of the '90s, but most of the staff and the technology moved on to Digital Element, Inc., a company founded in 1999 by AnimaTek's former General Manager Don McClure.

Animation FX

Baron Baldric: A Grave Adventure