Company name Description Games

Courtney E. Krehbiel

ABC Fun Keys

Crack dot Com

Crack dot Com, released the brilliant cult classic Abuse but, due to bad financial decisions, went bankrupt.

Cranberry Production GmbH

Cranberry Production GmbH was a game development studio based in Hanover, Germany. It was originally founded as 4HEAD Studios in 1997 by Lars Martensen and Tobias Severin.

Creative Dimensions

CD-MAN, CD-Man Version 2.0

Creative Materials

Godfather, Murder!

Creature Labs Ltd.

Cyberlife Technology, Ltd. was a a company based in Cambridge, England set up to develop the artificial life technology created by Steve Grand. The company was shut down in March 2003 and the intellectual property was picked up by Gameware Europe Ltd.

Cricket Software

Firestorm: The Forest Fire Simulation Program


Starting out renting computer equipment out (hence their full name), CRL was one of the few companies producing games as early as 1982 who continued into the 90s. Many of their games were rather cerebral, with many simulation, strategy and management games in their range. They released around 90 Spectrum games and dozens for the C64, although only briefly supported the Amiga and ST. Computer Rentals Limited -- Original company name.
Space School Simulator: The Academy

Crom Software

African Trail Simulator

Crush Ltd.

Mortal Coil: Adrenalin Intelligence

Cryo Interactive Entertainment

Cryo Interactive Entertainment is a French video game development and publishing company founded in 1992, but existing unofficially since 1989 as a developer group under the name Cryo. In 2008 Microïds acquired Cryo. (From Wikipedia)
Dune, Dune CD, KGB aka Conspiracy, Aliens: A Comic Book Adventure

CTW Software Group

CTW Software Group was a US software development group, part of Children's Computer Workshop, Inc., mainly involved with developing educational games and software based on the Sesame Street license.

Cunning Developments

Cyan Worlds, Inc.

Cyan Worlds is a North American game developer based in Mead, Washington. It was founded in 1987 by the brothers Rand and Robyn Miller. They originally focused on games for children, debuting with The Manhole (1988), an exploration-based adventure game and one of the earliest titles to take advantage of the CD ROM medium. They are best known for their Myst series.
The Manhole


Cyberdreams was founded in 1990 by Patrick Ketchum and owned by Rolf Klug, and stayed in business till 1997.
Dark Seed

Cybernetic Corporation

Pizza Tycoon

D. C. True, Ltd.

Shadow President

Dalali Software Ltd.

Clue: Master Detective

Dale Disharoon, Inc.

Below The Root

Dale Jurich

PC Pool