The world has gone into a complete transformation. If you are a kid from the 90s era, this will seem relatable to you. An era of cartoons, pop songs and of course older dos games. And these are the same games for which we never even bothered to fight with our siblings. Well, it does seem like an era now talking about it.

Old DOS games or Old Retro Games are no more used for playing. The current modified games have taken over the old game era. The modified versions are much pleasing to the eyes and easier to play, the magic of retro games was different. So, let's take a trip down to the memory lane and explore, relive the domain of dos games.

List of available DOS Games

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You are the brightest and best of the new Axis generals in the Second World War. Your tactical skills will be tested in armored assaults, amphibious invasions, paradrops, naval engagements, and fierce aerial combat for control of the skies. Go from triumph to triumph, invading and seizing the capitals of Great Britain, the Soviet Union, and ultimately the United States of America on your way to conquering the whole world.
Fantasy General is a turn-based strategy game based on a traditional hex map. The game is situated in a fantasy world. The player can play either a scenario or a campaign. There are two sides, Good and Evil, each with unique units.
Colonization of the new world. Civilization style strategy game. The game begins with the European discovery of the Americas (1500) and continues until approximately the time of the American Revolution (1800).
UFO Enemy Unknown puts you in command of XCom, with the finest Earth technology at your disposal to defend the Earth from alien invasion. Shooting down UFOs is just the beginning. You will then control a squad of soldiers, battling aliens and recovering UFO technology.
The second fantasy battle strategy Warlords. Now in Deluxe version.
You must build a thriving city, explore the two worlds of Arcanus and Myrror, expand your empire and learn new spells. In time, you will meet other wizards, each rising from equally humble beginnings, each having the same goal as you, namely conquering the worlds.
Dune is a 1992 video game, based upon Frank Herbert's science fiction novel of the same name. The full CD version with the original CD music and character voices.
This game is an action-fighting game similar to Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat but it has a much more to offer.. Once you're into the game, you choose your pilot. Each pilot has different strengths and weaknesses. You may want one that is faster, or that can take a punch or two, or one that just looks good. Each pilot needs a good vehicle, or a robot in this case. You fight other piloted robots. For victory, You gain money, for money, You can buy some upgrades and beat more robots. The economy part of this game is really simple, but gives new experience from a simple fighting game.
The road back to the Hall of the Epiphany is fraught with peril. You will face numerous foes, puzzles, and other obstacles in your journey, so you will have to be resourceful.
Commander Keen 4 is an action game with two-dimensional graphics. The hero of the game, Billy is an eight-year-old kid who gets a transmission occurring between the stars when he was working on the Photachyon Transceiver.
The aim of the game is to spread the dark stain of your syndicates colour across the entire surface of the globe. Arm your cyborg agents and go to fulfill secret missions.
Survival horror game. What are those strange lights inside the house at nightfall? What could account for the eerie noises to be heard each time you approach? Why did Jeremy commit suicide? And what compels you toward the house? What is Derceto's terrible secret?
The game takes place in the future where you are a mercenary flying the Raptor fighter, you are sent to interplanetary missions to destroy top competitors of MegaCorps.
This game gives players the opportunity to be in control, to start from just one storey building and build it to a level of a skyscraper. Your skyscraper needs to be beautiful, modern, elegant, and so popular that many of the wealthy people in your city could want a space.
TIE Fighter is a space combat simulation that takes place in Star Wars universe. From the cockpits of TIE Fighters, players fight for the Galactic Empire in their struggle against the rebels.

About Us

This web is a hosting service for old DOS games not runable on modern PCs which allows to share and run them within our engine. You can upload such game from "Upload dos game" menu. We accept only games which original owner does not exists or was proclamed as freeware or shareware. If you believe that some game does not belog here, please contact us with our Feedback form.

Playing Old DOS Games made easy

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All games on our page can be run by a single click for maximum game experience. The Emulator Starter application used to run the games uses Dosbox DOS emulator to run the old games. The Free Game Empire webpage contains many forums dedicated to the games or the general discussions. When you experience a problem with any game on our website, you can use the forums dedicated to the technical issues or feedback form to report the problem immediately.

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Why are websites restoring the DOS games?

Many people are now in search of the retro games. They can either download the free retro games from the online. To enjoy the specific features and more fun games, they can legally purchase the license to enjoy the features in their own PC. Playing these games not only brings back the old memories but also you can enjoy the classic old adventure gaming fun inside it. Based on this idea, nowadays many gaming websites are attracting and pulling the audience inside their website to play the old games.

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Why Classic Games Are Better Than The Modern Game?

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People who are above 30 years old they can remember the golden days of classic games. At that time game were simple like our life. I still remember the DOS game which is used to playing those days, that was a golden moment for me, yes I agree modern day’s gaming graphic, technologies are very much advanced but there is a spark of classic old dos games. At that time online gamers like me they didn’t have much interest to discuss social and political issues when it comes to discussing the game. In my school and college days, games were simple with thin plots.

You can see many people who are not much familiar with the classic games and taking interest most in the modern game. They say modern games are far better than modern games due to the technology development which allowed users to provide an awesome experience that we never had before from the classic game. Yes, it is true that graphics and technology are far better in modern games but my opinion is classic games are not less than modern games.

It Is A Balanced Range Of Genres

Many people will disagree with my point, but trust me if you look closer you can understand why it is true. All the old classic games console a wide range of genres which is available for the gamers rather than the modern days.

Old Classic Games Were Focused On The Single Player

It is the 21st century, and in this age, technology has reached far beyond our knowledge. People who are game lover they have found their favorite time. With the advancement of internet and technology, modern games are all multiplayer game. If you are thinking to play alone that is a little bit tough as you have to search for a long time and most importantly you have to wait for your partner to play. According to your convenience it difficult to play alone, but classic games were built in such a way one can play single-handedly. For this reason, I rely on the classic old dos games.

More variety and a myriad of storylines

The graphics in case of Old Dos Games weren't as appealing as in the present game video games. Yet the retro games provided a variety of concepts to explore. The present gen video games have similar features and almost same storyline. With technological advancements, newer concepts no more explored. Now it all about enticing graphics and the leeway to start where one had left last.

The levels were much more difficult

The yesteryear retro games weren't an easy nut to crack. They presented an immense storyline backed by a difficult gameplay. The levels were no easy to get away with a blink of the eye. In addition, gamers had to be extra cautious while playing. A single wrong step may land one back again to the start.

At the same time, the games had multiple levels to cross before the player emerges victory. These levels were not as simple as they seem to be. For crossing them one required dedication and an eye for detail.

Affordable And Accessible

I know this point can be a topic of controversy, but I cannot miss out such an important point. Have you ever notice how much money you have spent over the modern computer game, but the classic games were much more affordable than the modern games. In our early days each and every person had an addiction to playing a computer game, even we used to go to the cafe too to play the game but now the price is high and it is not at all accessible.

Everybody moves forward with time and age. The games in the late 80s and early 90s had a different charm. The concept of the DOS games, were the life of old DOS games. It seems like an attraction made by the idea or concept that drifted to mostly on the better side of these games. The concepts were totally new, the idea was brilliant. Present day the games end up having high-level graphics, which seem very catchy in eyes. Having few high rated components like joysticks and consoles seems to have an utter experience. Whereas games in early times no having such graphics do focuses on the creativity and art of making it, which we are losing it.