Company name Description Games

Andrew McNab

AM's Mini Golf 3D

Raoul Said

Spit Wad Willy



221B Software Development

Alcatraz, Hero Quest

3000AD, Inc.

3000AD, Inc. is an independent game development company founded in 1992 by industry veteran Derek Smart. The company became famous through the long-running Battle Cruiser series. All of the games developed by the company have been made freeware afterwards.
Battlecruiser 3000AD

47-TEK, Inc.

Sento, Creep Clash

4th Generation Studios GmbH

Die Sage von Nietoom

5th Interactive

Colony 28

A. Safonov & S. Kuzmin

MegaDestroyer Frantis



Abe Pralle

The Puzzle Pits

Abersoft Limited

Abersoft was a games development company that started up in Wales in the 1980's. One of their first games was a reworking of the 1978 Will Crowther and Don Woods text adventure game Colossal Cave Adventure which spawned so many variants around that time. Abersoft probably became a limited company around 1998. It is thought that the company no longer participates in the games industry since their website has dealt with the rental of housing units since 2005.
Championship Manager: End of 1994 Season Data Up-date Disk

Abracadata Ltd.

Originally based in Eugene, Oregon.
Design Your Own Train: The Transit System Construction Set

Abstract Concepts



Tetris, Shawl

Access Software, Inc.

Access Software is most famous for Links: The Challenge of Golf released in 1990 and the rest of the Links series which followed. The realistic golf games were a peak of the company creation and remained to the current days.
10th Frame Bowling, Links 386 Pro, Amazon Guardians of Eden, Countdown, Links: The Challenge of Golf, Crime Wave, Heavy Metal

Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.

Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. was founded in 1987. The company had then a successful 17 years during which it became a leading worldwide developer. The company started by porting arcade games to consoles but then started to develop also its own games.
Super Solvers - Midnight Rescue, Street Fighting Man, Bubble Bobble also featuring Rainbow Islands

Acclaim Studios Salt Lake City

Sculptured Software was a game development company based in Salt Lake City, Utah (USA) and founded in 1984 by George Metos, Peter Adams, and Bryan Brandenburg. George Metos incorporated the company on July 12, 1985 in the state of Utah with the help of some investors, as Sculptured Software, Inc. The company was an early pioneer in the video gaming industry, porting many games from arcade to home console systems, and developing its own games as well. Two of Sculptured Software's first in-house games were Ninja and Street Surfer.
Space Jam


Accolade was founded in USA in the year 1984. The company was founded by people who originally left Activision. They however created many successful titles and series mainly from racing category like Test Drive or Grand Prix series.
Grand Prix Circuits, Grand Prix - The Cycles, Test Drive 3, Summer Games, Test Drive 2, Test Drive, The Games: Winter Challenge, Gunboat, Les Manley in Lost in L.A, Les Manley in Search for The King, Steel Thunder, Mike Ditka Ultimate Football, Altered Destiny, Bar Games, Stratego

Accursed Toys, Inc.