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Microprose was founded in 1982 by Sid Meier and Bill Stealey. The company became well known very early with lots of interesting titles, where some of them became a legend. The company was acquired and dismantled in 2004.
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Colonization is an old PC game, which was released in the year 1994. The strategy game contains the story of colonies of Europe. In order to win the game, the player needs to combat the Imperial Expeditionary association in the fight. The player can take command over any of the colonies from England, Spain, The Netherlands and France, and the rest of the colonies are under the control of the computer. Each of the colonies has their own distinct abilities, which are helpful at different stages of the game. The player has the advantage of choosing between an ancient map or some other map which have been recently created. The game, colonization begins when two ships reach the new cosmos and the map is shown. Progressively, the player creates dumps, go round the new world, investigate the people and construct buildings and kingdoms. Also, the ships can go back to Europe and gather more kingdoms to sell pieces of stuff to them. The price of the pieces of stuff depends on the availability and demand of the particular stuff. The player can purchase commodities with the help of the money he has. He can buy commodities for the construction of buildings, setting up new colonies, and purchase ships and weapons. The player needs to safeguard his colonies from any foreign invasion and therefore, he needs to keep himself equipped with all the weapons and warriors. In addition, the player can teach tactics and techniques to his warriors so that the productivity and efficiency of the warriors' increases. Furthermore, there are four types of colonies differentiated on the basis of their skills. The first type does not contain any skills but can perform a job. Whereas, the fourth type is the most talented colony.



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Awesome game Loved it Purely awesome

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7/27/2022 11:42:00 AM - Mohammadreza Hemmati If the name of your site is empire of free games, why do your top games need to be purchased?
9/6/2015 10:07:00 PM - PL Make it free again ! Please.
7/19/2015 2:11:00 AM - Sarch Not amused ffs, I own this game on floppy but who has a fking floppy drive anymore? Make the game free please. or at least give us the option to provide a photo so we can download. Anyone has the files please let me know
7/8/2015 11:59:00 AM - Zé Make it free again!
6/25/2015 1:55:00 AM - daydeon make it free again
1/21/2015 6:18:00 PM - Sergio Free it again pls
9/30/2014 5:50:00 AM - GoOdy Come On FGE It Was Free Before Make It Free Again Pls
7/17/2014 5:11:00 AM - pls Make it free again !
3/5/2013 12:06:00 AM - tyler i love this game and i would pay for it but when i click buy on this page it brings me to a page and i hit add to cart but it says i have to create an account when i attempt to do this it says the wedpage does not exsist. could someone please tell me how to play this game i dont care if i have to pay. Thankyou
3/4/2013 10:39:00 PM - Tyler this is a great game but it is twenty years old there is no reson we should still have to pay for it
10/3/2012 11:55:00 PM - ........Wow I really wish this game was still free.
9/27/2012 7:32:00 PM - Siirpa Why?
9/26/2012 2:24:00 PM - christophe dora that was my first game! gr8t game
8/27/2012 3:24:00 PM - n how can i play if played before no where it is but dont no how to get it stated
8/21/2012 8:06:00 PM - kirk this is total bullshit
8/8/2012 10:37:00 AM - FreeGameEmpire Neil, If you already played the game, the game files are located on your hard drive with the dosbox configuration (see FAQ section for the location). If not, all should be default except: output=ddraw, machine=svga_s3, scaler=hq3x, cycles=fixed 10000.
8/7/2012 10:27:00 PM - Neil Any chance to get the dosbox settings that you used for this game?
8/7/2012 10:14:00 PM - Nick Make it free again !
8/1/2012 7:12:00 PM - Love this but only as a free game. I don't know the tech stuff but are there any other links out there for a free version?
8/1/2012 8:39:00 AM - FreeGameEmpire Yes, it's being sold again, but not by us. We just link to the official seller. And why they decided to do so is not known to me.
7/31/2012 11:19:00 PM - Adios Guys You are charging for a 25 year old game? See ya
7/31/2012 10:06:00 PM - Terry Harold wow cant belive you have to buy it :( rip freegameempire
7/31/2012 5:11:00 PM - :( Yes, love the game and wish the site would change it back to free play.
7/31/2012 3:01:00 AM - Curt What the heck? I thought this was FREE game empire? Why do you have to pay now? I just played this on friday and it was free...
7/30/2012 7:04:00 PM - Mike You have to pay now?!? NOOOO
7/24/2012 10:32:00 PM - Mike Always fun, to bad the remake got rid of forgein help in the Revoultion
7/11/2012 8:37:00 PM - kk col
5/24/2012 6:55:00 AM - GoOdy Classic ahhh the good days
1/21/2012 9:45:00 PM - mike damn
12/26/2011 11:18:00 PM - Fred Elesser. Use Dos Box, free download just google it
12/2/2011 2:38:00 AM - Elesser why wont these games work on windows 7?
10/30/2011 2:49:00 AM - LeCnR Great game
10/14/2011 6:28:00 PM - Talonis Marshall,go to'and look for FreeCol.It's an amazing freeware based on colinization
8/22/2011 3:16:00 AM - genghiskhan777 They did remake this game. Do a search for it.
8/19/2011 10:42:00 AM - Marshall Love this game,wish they would make an updated version !!
7/1/2011 10:30:00 AM - Wytchfynder Would love to try multiplayer with the friends I introduced to this site, always get attacked when I'm being the nicest to the indians. 12/5
6/12/2011 7:03:00 AM - I can never get through the whole game without some spanish or dutch people declaring war on me because i was on the land they claimed (which i had been there longer)
6/6/2011 2:41:00 AM - totally legitamatly awesome good and stuff
5/16/2011 3:32:00 AM - Z the Multiplayer part seems off. theres no option for it
3/28/2011 4:08:00 AM - I think they should have lowered the message frequency.
3/11/2011 2:49:00 PM - JOHAN GOOD OLD STUF
12/16/2010 12:16:00 AM - Trevor This game is just simply awesome may I suggest trying the Dutch first as you can transport more goods!!!
7/1/2010 11:29:00 PM - PKG Its sorta like Civ 1
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The downloaded packages are prepared to be runnable with a single click. Only thing you need to do is download the zip archive, unzip to your game directory and run the game with included "Play NOW.exe" file. For more information see Download Notice
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