Commander Keen 4

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id Software
ID software is considered a founder of FPS games. They started with Wolfenstein series followed by Doom series and Quake series. They remained active to current days with many successful titles.
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Billy has been working on a new invention in this episode. His latest invention is the Photachyon Tranceiver, a radio that can reviece signals from anywhere in the galaxy. After playing around with his new invention, he suddenly hears a strange message: "brrzzz ... giggg ... oment of great triumph ... frzzt ... ast the Milky Way will be ... huzzzzz ... terly destroyed ... pyuneeeeeeg ... can stop us now. We will remake the galaxy in the name of the Gannalech. Power to our race! power to the Shikadi!" After zapping his parents, Billy heads to The Oracle of Gnosticus IV, who will help Billy with his mission, but after arriving on Gnosticus IV he discovers that the Shikadi have already been there. The Shikadi seems to have kidnapped all the members of the council, and taken them all to the shadow lands in the west side of the planet. Sounds like a interesting mission for commander keen. The platform game,Commander Keen 4is an action game with two-dimensional graphics. The hero of the game, Billy is an eight-year-old kid who gets a transmission occurring between the stars when he was working on the Photachyon Transceiver. Photachyon Transceiver is a radio that can pick up transmissions from anywhere in the galaxy. From the transmission, Billy finds out that the galaxy is in the threat from the society of some unusual beings known as Shikadi. To gain more knowledge about this danger, he decides to enquire the prophecy. Later, he finds that eight council representatives are needed to activate the prophecy. But tables turn when he gets to know that the eight representatives of the council have been taken as a hostage by the Shikadi and have been captivated in the threatening Shadow lands. Therefore, Billy needs to rescue the representatives so that he can save the galaxy.
InCommander Keen 4, Billy can walk here and there and can select the next stage he wants to enter. In every stage, the player needs to find the exit door in order to enter in the next stage. As soon as Billy completes one stage, he sets his foot on the overhead map.
The hindrances in the path of the player are some creepy creatures such as the venomous crawling beings, dangerous mosquitoes, and jumping mushroom that are mentally strange. Along with this, there are several obstacles such as trenches, large guns, weapons and many more. When Billy is touched by some foe or something venomous or falls in a trench, he loses one of his lives or else, he dies. Moreover, Billy can daze the foes with his raygun. But, there are some creatures who cannot be dazed and others which can be dazed for some time.



Review by Paul Couture

i love this game .  play with my son on our first computer!!!  

Review by unknown author

Commander Keen 4 is a game that i played as a child. we then upgraded to a new computer and lost commander keen 4. it has taken me 13 years to finally track this game back down. I am so pleased i have found it as it was so symbolising for me. I am disappointed that i cannot download this game to my computer even though i am unsure why i cannot but i am hugely excited to be playing this game again and i hope it is around to stay.

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11/30/2023 3:24:00 AM - Alexandre da Costa Pinto thank you!!!!
7/31/2023 5:26:00 PM - Patricia Beatty Thank you very much
5/12/2023 4:34:00 AM - cptnblood Childhood favorite! Love this game!
1/17/2023 10:57:00 PM - MaEdCo memories from my childhood
7/22/2022 10:18:00 PM - Svetlin Viktorov Petkov The stronger game of all time Commander Keen 4 !!! ❤️
4/19/2022 9:25:00 PM - jonah walker i love commander keen and s does my kids i wish you could add more to it thanks.
7/18/2021 3:44:00 PM - Chris from germany lovin' it !!!
7/25/2020 10:14:00 PM - eli oh my God. I loved this game
4/10/2020 8:56:00 PM - J.A. Tobbon sons played this and now my grandsons will also play......many thanks
12/3/2016 6:36:00 PM - bensu ı had missed this game so muchhhhhh
10/29/2015 12:15:00 PM - simo come faccio a scaricarlo??
7/13/2014 4:56:00 AM - Julz love this game! played it as a kid. so neat to be able to revisit. Thanks heaps!:)
2/19/2014 6:14:00 PM - henry very good ye
1/14/2014 1:37:00 PM - ray awesome game!!
10/1/2013 8:33:00 PM - arbor download commander keen
9/28/2013 2:31:00 PM - Nadeem I have download Commander Keen, and Dangerous Dave and also installed Simulator application but the games are not running. I'm using Google Chrome browser on Windows 7. What to do?
7/2/2013 12:13:00 AM - letia ok so how do i play this game on the site?
6/30/2013 1:41:00 PM - sam like it
6/28/2013 9:13:00 PM - faize nyceame
6/17/2013 10:32:00 PM - MoonJewel Yeeaahh!! Commander Keen is fucking AWSOME!!
5/28/2013 11:13:00 AM - Venacer My favourite Childhood Game !!!
5/15/2013 5:51:00 PM - atao muitooooo bomm*-*
5/11/2013 1:00:00 PM - meerab i love this game very much and this game is so interesting and very good
3/31/2013 12:24:00 AM - Javier O M G!! This gaaaame!!
1/10/2013 8:51:00 AM - SOs love keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen !!!!!
12/5/2012 7:50:00 PM - Beep Omg I love Keeeeeeen! :D Thank you!
11/28/2012 4:49:00 AM - jailton Bons tempos
11/24/2012 12:05:00 AM - joana quero jogar mais
11/18/2012 6:14:00 PM - Kak Great
10/1/2012 3:48:00 AM - Waka i love this game
9/23/2012 8:34:00 AM - keen 4 i play game
6/13/2012 7:00:00 AM - lee how can i play this game?
5/26/2012 5:11:00 PM - Ren how to download this? love this game!
4/7/2012 1:31:00 PM - Ada Mad love 4 this game! You rock!
3/16/2012 6:35:00 PM - farkaslililána szeretnék a játéba belépni.
1/29/2012 11:06:00 PM - Pieter I was playing this game when i was 5 years old but never finished it now i can play again :)
1/29/2012 5:26:00 PM - er ich will das spielen
1/10/2012 3:59:00 AM - bobby i love this game and i can't get it onto my note book
1/4/2012 11:25:00 PM - Ehsan i played it when i was a kid :) i think i had 5 or 6 year old but i never finished it
12/31/2011 11:06:00 PM - reham thanks
12/23/2011 3:23:00 AM - nisarg hey any1 help me to download this game on my computer?
12/18/2011 4:43:00 PM - Bobi I played it in 1995. Super game
12/3/2011 12:48:00 PM - mahmoud best game
11/19/2011 11:29:00 PM - loz how do yu enter the levels? what key
11/16/2011 5:40:00 PM - I used to play this when i was like 7 this is an awesome game Jessica
9/28/2011 2:24:00 AM - roxy :)
9/26/2011 6:46:00 PM - ANDRO I WILL WIN
8/8/2011 8:47:00 PM - gustavo ies
8/7/2011 9:25:00 PM - fabieli Como eu faço para conseguir jogar?
7/12/2011 10:13:00 PM - jose ganere
7/12/2011 10:08:00 PM - Jose Ganaré
6/22/2011 9:50:00 PM - Frann Eu não estou conseguindo jogar keen 4 hoje. O que eu faço?
5/23/2011 9:37:00 PM - roberto macetes do commander keen
5/17/2011 9:22:00 AM - nuzhat no game is as best as commander keen 4 .It is the world's top most game
4/25/2011 6:50:00 PM - sri very nice
4/25/2011 11:19:00 AM - FreeGameEmpire Try to select normal3x or hq3x from settings drop-down menu.
4/25/2011 12:50:00 AM - keeen it gives me an error, the resolution of the screen is not compatible with the system..
4/19/2011 8:45:00 AM - Haris Love this game
4/18/2011 12:36:00 PM - marcut gabriela nice game download pl
4/11/2011 12:26:00 PM - mmm thanks
4/2/2011 1:05:00 PM - what a dream ...
3/26/2011 10:38:00 AM - Cindy Das ist echt ein cooles Spiel
3/3/2011 6:11:00 PM - nik very good
2/28/2011 8:29:00 PM - raymond thnx
2/21/2011 1:49:00 AM - dfd goood! :D
2/18/2011 12:46:00 AM - Louis-Alexandre Rivard it's a fantstic game
2/8/2011 3:39:00 PM - this game is easy:D
2/7/2011 8:09:00 AM - shahrzad free download pls
2/5/2011 1:21:00 PM - sveta thank so mutch for this site! its best game ever!
1/1/2011 7:20:00 PM - Gabriel Liverson Muito Bom Amo! Very good Love! The Best
12/28/2010 12:38:00 PM - romana good
12/17/2010 12:12:00 AM - youi cheat: press b-a-t all at the same time to get an extra keen ammo and all gems
12/16/2010 3:01:00 PM - bhoomi very good game
12/14/2010 11:12:00 PM - youi love this game... and cheats :)
12/14/2010 11:10:00 PM - omar im god
11/29/2010 9:08:00 AM - FreeGameEmpire All should work fine. When in doubt use Internet Explorer. If You have still problems, write me to freegameempire_at_google_dot_com with full problem description.
11/28/2010 11:07:00 PM - rainbowsept1995 umm..are download problems common? it won't download to my hard drive, and every time i try to play it, it just sends me back to the download page.
11/28/2010 12:09:00 AM - flossiej The bes! Love it! Love it!
11/25/2010 1:50:00 AM - cami this is one of the best games of my infancy, i'm happy because can play it when i want and i don't have to down loud it, the pitures is good,is a little fuzzy but it's ok, the sound is diferrent, but well what else I can ask!? i'm realy happy
11/24/2010 5:01:00 AM - Bat had this game back in the early to late 90s in high school. it came with my joystick. awesome game. funny too. especially those yellow slugs I call 'fart blossoms' lol.
11/21/2010 8:06:00 AM - sophie how do u download keen 4 on ur computer 4 free coz its telling me i have to sign up to download it on my computer but i dont want to do my email. please write a message to me on moshi monsters and my name on moshi monsters in sparkle838383
11/12/2010 10:46:00 PM - af awsome
10/20/2010 8:41:00 AM - filip znam lepsi hru 4story
10/1/2010 7:44:00 PM - Aman gud
9/6/2010 8:49:00 PM - as nice
9/2/2010 1:45:00 PM - XTsReaper The best game ever!!! ;]
7/11/2010 7:13:00 PM - OLA OK
6/25/2010 11:33:00 PM - maja nice
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The downloaded packages are prepared to be runnable with a single click. Only thing you need to do is download the zip archive, unzip to your game directory and run the game with included "Play NOW.exe" file. For more information see Download Notice
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