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OPeNBooK Co., Ltd.
OPeNBooK Co., Ltd. was a Japanese company founded in 1993 by Yoot Saito.
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Who occupies a tower? What’s inside a tower? Who builds a tower and Who runs it? What makes a successful tower? Play Sim Tower to find out. Released by Maxis in 1995, this game gives players the opportunity to be in control, to start from just one storey building and build it to a level of a skyscraper. And not just any skyscraper, one of the best in your city. You skyscraper needs to be beautiful, modern, elegant, and so popular that many of the wealthy people in your city could want a space.
Wealthy people work, so there should be offices in your skyscraper that fit their taste. How do you make that decision? How do you build that? You hire engineers and construction workers. How do you pay them? You need money. Just as in life, this is one of the challenging parts. You have to be strategic and economical about how you build your floors, who occupies them, and how they fit into the rest of the building. You also need to make a profit to grow, so you must be wise about your plans.
Random events happen in your skyscraper like parties so there should be sufficient parking space and enough elevators placed in the right spot.
Shopping centers and theaters are also ways to make your skyscraper a recreational zone and earn more cash. It’s all entirely up to you.
Sim Tower is one of the best old strategy games. Your vertical tower is your domain to make decisions, build a high-end skyscraper and most importantly, have fun while you’re doing it. Giving players the chance to learn and grow by making important decisions, this games combines realism with fun.



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i love this game and have been looking for it. i am so hoping that this download works thank you so much

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6/8/2024 5:20:00 AM - Arctic Runs almost perfectly on Windows 11. Not super smooth but that's probably how it ran in 97 too.
5/8/2023 3:38:00 PM - Rocky it it a very good game
4/12/2023 9:09:00 AM - Admin Hello, thank you, we are glad that you like the game. Unfortunately we no longe know where the file came from, probably tested with trial-error technique.
3/20/2023 9:16:00 PM - AceWolfe Great work on this. Where'd you find the runexit.exe file used here? The ones I can find don't actually do the one thing they're supposed to, and unfortunately this one doesn't work for the game I'm trying to get running as it somehow limits how much memory the game can see.
11/19/2022 2:01:00 AM - mouse issues after a short while my mouse is stuck around the build menu and won't move out of that area. how to fix?
7/5/2022 3:21:00 AM - nick anyone figure out how to get their mouse in game?
7/1/2022 3:27:00 PM - Mikko My mouse doesn't show up too... i'm so disappointed
2/17/2022 1:45:00 PM - Rohan Amazing game - but it's very juttery and not smooth at all. Listening to the sounds constantly stop and start is a nightmare - any way to fix this? (Before and after changing CPU cycles)
2/12/2022 3:22:00 PM - Mona My mouse sadly does not show up when I try to play the game.
2/10/2022 4:46:00 AM - Evan Hi, I've just noticed some weird things. Like Office income is $10,000 (it was $9,000 in the original game I think). And sometimes it didn't actually give the income. Is this a known issue
2/3/2022 7:33:00 AM - Adam To fix the fast mode issue, change the CPU cycles to 150,000 (can edit conf file) and fast mode works fine.
1/7/2022 12:34:00 PM - Dori There's a problem, the fast mode dont work. However it is really good that I'm able to play
1/7/2022 11:00:00 AM - Dori This is great I am not a robot this action is performed by a totally human, Just kidding
12/7/2021 2:07:00 AM - Corey December and the download still does not work. It also does not work in browser
9/27/2021 10:04:00 PM - John Download doesn't work, does anyone have a working link/site until this one got fixed?
2/7/2021 3:22:00 PM - Craig It works, but auto-opens in "full screen" but I only see about 1/4 of the window. sounds like a straight resolution issue, but edited doxbox.conf and it didn't work. any ideas?
8/31/2020 1:23:00 AM - TCT OMG! This is awesome! Good & bad. Bad that I am going to be killing so many hours playing this! I remember playing this years ago & had one sweet *ss tower but have no idea where my saved files are. Sure there on a 3 1/2 disk! LOL
4/14/2020 2:06:00 AM - Micah this game is one of the best games that I treasure, I have never loved sim games, but this one has a special place in my heart. whoever made this possible thank you so much. your the best. I just downloaded the DOSBox to and it was not working. you saved my sim TOWER dreams.
2/19/2020 2:01:00 PM - If you having problems try updating DosBox to new version. Install latest DosBox to your system. Go to the installed directory and copy dosbox.exe to where you have simtower installed. Then run dosbox.exe instead of playnow.exe (dosbox.exe renamed).
12/8/2019 10:10:00 PM - ernie i was playing and saving and ab out the third save to a new bane i got a memory full error asking me to close applications???
8/15/2019 5:49:00 PM - Jon I too am having the problem of getting stuck in the drop-down windows (such as when selecting between multiple elevator types). Any insight into this? Thanks!
8/6/2019 5:31:00 AM - Corn If the game is running slower than you remember, open the dosbox.conf in a text editor and change 'cycles=fixed 30000'to a higher number. I use 'cycles=fixed 100000'
7/1/2019 9:37:00 PM - Jenni Is there a way to speed game? I felt it was much faster... or maybe I was just used to slower things then :)
3/10/2019 2:17:00 PM - Jon It comes pre-packed with DOSBOX running old windows so the game is playable on Windows 10. Don't try to install the game files, just run the play now.
1/14/2019 6:33:00 PM - Carley Game does not play in browser and download only contains .exe files. Any ideas for mac user?
10/21/2018 6:24:00 AM - woks great
10/3/2018 12:06:00 PM - Stubeeeef I have windows 10 32bit, when you move the cursor in game it lags really bad and also the sound glitches. Please help anyone!!
8/31/2018 2:08:00 AM - TheGary Worked great, thank you!
4/15/2018 8:32:00 PM - Hi, we are sorry you had such trouble. Can you please tell us which specific SW was installed and through which link ? We made an antivirus sweep but nothing suspicious. Thank you very much.
4/14/2018 8:25:00 PM - Bloatware Pushers I will never trust this website again. I spent the last 15 minutes uninstalling a whole crap full of bloatware they pushed upon me from their website.
1/29/2018 7:30:00 PM - orim Windows 8.1 - working like a charm. Thank you! :-)
10/30/2017 4:20:00 PM - lukasfilme ist cool das spiel
10/29/2017 2:44:00 AM - DOES NOT WORK IN W7 64 bit
10/16/2017 10:20:00 PM - . Why this comes with a copy of the Windows 3.11 WINDOWS folder?
8/13/2017 6:20:00 PM - Tony Tony Chopper Dont think it will run on Win10. I've downloaded but cant get it to install. Any suggestions?
8/6/2017 2:07:00 PM - zaza how do you install this?!?!!
9/12/2016 9:20:00 PM - SCOTT ?HOW DO I DOWNLOAD/
7/24/2016 3:10:00 PM - Holly PS. I have Windows 10 and a 64bit system. :)
7/21/2016 11:11:00 AM - Holly Hey, try the Play NOW !.Net button if you guys are having issues. It won't work for me if I use the ClickOnce, but it works great in the .Net feature. (Yeah, may want to increase your DOSCycle by hitting Shift, tab and f3 several times to get it to run much faster, though. Just some tips. Hope I helped! :)
3/11/2016 3:38:00 PM - The game can be run with PlayNOW! button. Works on all Windows versions including 64bit.
2/25/2016 6:52:00 PM - brokenwindows doesn't run in dosbox. needs windows, won't run on 64 bit. disappointing.
11/4/2015 2:03:00 AM - ceg mouse cursor keeps getting trapped/stuck in the toolbar.
7/15/2015 6:54:00 AM - SimTower! How do I save my games?
5/31/2015 6:02:00 AM - ProfDude Game is only available in 16 bit or will work with 32 bit.
3/26/2015 8:04:00 PM - danksi is there an 64bit compatible version? This won't run in my laptop :(
2/10/2015 7:28:00 PM - Josh I found the best way to open and run the game is in IE when you have the emulator downloaded. it cant start in my fire fox because the addon I need wont work with my version of FF
2/5/2015 2:43:00 AM - this was one of the most advanced games when I was a kid...
1/13/2015 8:35:00 PM - hi
1/10/2015 4:54:00 PM - newbies I installed and it called me to pick a game because i cant do standalone... now WHAT shud i do?> help plz
12/23/2014 11:38:00 AM - tsire This game sucks
12/20/2014 7:51:00 PM - Mac User So, mac people don't get to play? :-(
11/23/2014 5:58:00 AM - Holly OMG! I LOVE this game. Thank you so much for uploading it. I'm addicted all over again, just like I was when I was a kid. LOL
8/18/2014 2:57:00 PM - Mae I loved Sim Tower played it all day and half of the night in the summer. I wish it would come back I think it would be a success.
2/20/2014 11:18:00 AM - P Love this game! Would stay up all night go to school and sleep
1/12/2014 6:20:00 PM - alyssia the game is awesome we had to play it in school and understand it + review it its a little confusing at the start tho :)
12/3/2013 4:17:00 PM - f9001 execute the start bat
11/24/2013 1:25:00 PM - Gnolius Nungesser How do i open the games?
10/18/2013 3:39:00 AM - Thillville109 Hooray For Windows 3.11!
9/4/2013 11:08:00 PM - me how to open it?
8/26/2013 9:19:00 AM - ETHAN I LOVE THIS GAME
4/30/2013 6:10:00 AM - Larni Healey I so loved playing this game when I was a kid and then sim city came out and well you know from there im sure lol
3/5/2013 2:25:00 AM - ChicaFlash I was looking for this game since last summer. Thank you!
2/21/2013 3:07:00 AM - Darkin44 WHOOAAA! I Remember seeing this game AGES ago! Totally forgot about it! Woah!!! Time Warp!!
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The downloaded packages are prepared to be runnable with a single click. Only thing you need to do is download the zip archive, unzip to your game directory and run the game with included "Play NOW.exe" file. For more information see Download Notice
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The downloaded packages are prepared to be runnable with a single click. Only thing you need to do is download the zip archive, unzip to your game directory and run the game with included "Play NOW.exe" file. For more information see Download Notice
Please fill in the math result and click Download.