SimCity 2000

Developed by:
Maxis Software Inc.
Maxis Software Inc. is another company eventually acquired by Electronics Arts. It was originally established in 1987 and produced all the Sim- games. Like SimCity, SimFarm or SimIsle. The Sims series was already produced under the Electronic Arts.
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Video games render gamers the platform of experiencing reel in real. It not only helps in refreshing the mind but also makes the gamer more attentive and energetic. SimCity 2000 is one such game that opportune gamers in building an entire city by themselves using the different paraphernalia from the game.
In this new version, the player is given the extra ability to build lands using different elevations. The difference between the older and newer version is, now unlike the prequel, herein, the player is offered the ability to construct land even before the structures are built. After the completion of terrain, the player can go about starting their city from the old and newer inclusions offered from original and its sequel.
This includes prisons, seaports, museums, hospitals and much more. The player is also rendered access into the building’s underground pipes, must search for ways for producing power and build subways and roads connecting other cities. Not only this, the player is provided the power of setting individual taxes for varied zones of cities including residential, commercial, industrial and much more.
For assistance, the gamer is provided with a new query tool. This allows players in getting information about the entire city, in addition also about other useful tools. The game comprises its share of challenges for dealing with different scenarios as well as the techniques for solving the riddles.
SimCity 2000 is a modern-day enactment of building cities and its management. Set in 2D format, the game is one enticing stop for all those who love challenges. With amazing conceptualization and gameplay, this game surely won’t fail in casting its spell on the gamers from across the world.



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10/15/2022 7:59:00 PM - urmom i wanna play but it links to some premium thing
7/15/2019 6:05:00 AM - Marlon yeah free my ass
4/1/2016 2:46:00 AM - Mike Does anybody know how to get this game on Google Chromebook?
12/10/2015 3:40:00 PM - mansoor akhtar one of my favorite game ever
12/6/2015 7:57:00 PM - Good question, but ask it to the publisher why they started to sell it again.
12/6/2015 7:42:00 PM - LEx Why is it suddently not free anymore? FFS
12/3/2015 11:16:00 PM - jaosn why can't I play anymore
7/2/2015 11:36:00 PM - LCN This is v 1.0 for DOS. Works great for me in DOSbox.
1/9/2015 7:47:00 PM - calebe amei e muito bom,so nao gostei porque tem que baixar
12/18/2014 7:57:00 PM - jpmasento Guys the command to start the game is illegal. Help?
12/18/2014 7:33:00 PM - jpmasento To place a power plant you need to hold the mouse on the power lines.
12/1/2014 12:47:00 AM - hi how do you place a power plant
11/12/2014 2:35:00 AM - why cant i use cheats
9/30/2014 5:47:00 AM - GoOdy Amazing Game Brings Back Some Good Days Thank You FreeGameEmpire
8/23/2014 1:37:00 AM - i played it on playstation 1 and still have it and play on ps3
6/30/2014 4:47:00 PM - Operating Systems Does this work on OS Windows 8.0???
4/18/2014 9:23:00 PM - robert everytime I try toopen with dosbox it shuts down immediately... what do I do
4/2/2014 4:07:00 PM - What? Is this v1.1 or v1.0?
1/14/2014 9:07:00 AM - Dia love the game
1/11/2014 7:20:00 PM - Ryan Carther Re-livng my childhood. my neighbour had the only computer on our block that could run the game. love it
10/18/2013 12:12:00 AM - Connor You can still play the cd version on Windows 7)
10/10/2013 12:02:00 AM - Weps Good Old Games has it for sale, updated and compatible via DOSBox.
9/25/2013 12:21:00 AM - dwhitefl i love this game i have the cd rom from like 25 years ago, no longer compatible :-(
9/24/2013 8:00:00 PM - v00 Shit I remember playin this ages ago the only "sim" game I ever liked
9/13/2013 4:35:00 AM - Xander Simcity 3000 is out!!!!
8/18/2013 7:49:00 PM - Rob I started playing games on here last week - no viruses, just awesome good games...
8/18/2013 3:11:00 PM - me dose this have a viris
7/21/2013 4:50:00 AM - FARAND OK
7/11/2013 8:02:00 PM - Jasahdi Go classic!
6/27/2013 9:04:00 AM - zorke ok
6/25/2013 5:29:00 PM - w c engerson waiting for sim city 3000
6/22/2013 12:12:00 PM - Yemeni Cpluspluser way better than simcity 5 ^_^ Claaaaaaaaaaaaasic rocks ! رهييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييبة ^_^
6/10/2013 8:15:00 PM - hahahaaa If u want power plant just click and hold on power button
5/7/2013 3:51:00 PM - anon I have een trying to play this game but it won't even let me put a power plant in my city, all the other options are working tho
5/7/2013 9:16:00 AM - FreeGameEmpire Hi, we are currently working on a special applet for android phones and tablets, I hope it will be available soon.
4/22/2013 2:42:00 AM - anonymous Cant download the game clicking the link on my Android w/ latest Dolphin browser. Yes, I have DOSBox on my phone - want this game!
4/11/2013 2:43:00 AM - Yeah Right an 80mb game in a 2mb download. Do the math.
4/4/2013 4:07:00 AM - @everyone else Im kinda having that same trouble, except it want load. it will say: Illegal Command: start.bat
4/4/2013 1:39:00 AM - DirgeCity93 Watch this video if you are having trouble. It helps a bunch.
3/30/2013 3:21:00 PM - lambda you need dosbox, and you'll need to put the install.exe in the A: or B: folders. Also, this game will mount to simcity2, and you'll need to move the files.
3/28/2013 7:44:00 AM - rio why the emulator cant read the file name ,its hard to be mounted,damn
3/28/2013 7:37:00 AM - deedote why i cant mount this game??is there anyone can me help plis
3/27/2013 2:54:00 AM - supernoob when i try to play the game is says the version of the game is not capable with the version of windows i have and it says to check if i need a 64 bit or 32 bit?
3/26/2013 8:33:00 PM - ron hi
3/25/2013 7:30:00 PM - Paul yes
3/10/2013 12:10:00 PM - NjebobOg Anang i'm very happy can play again SIM CITY 2000 after 6 years. This is the best version for windows 7. Thank you so much
3/7/2013 11:28:00 AM - Dafuq master awesome game, probably will wrights best one
3/5/2013 3:22:00 AM - Tim It starts up fine but after 10 minutes or so it always freezes on me.
3/1/2013 12:17:00 AM - For us Retro people, this is the best version of Sim City ever! Using DOSBox is the only way I have ever found to make this Sim City 2000 to work on an operating Windows 7 computer. Thanks so much!
2/13/2013 5:49:00 PM - scully macinroe i used to luv this game in my early itl bring sum good memories bak as well as hrs of gameplay...+1 KARMA-to the uploader responsible
2/11/2013 12:04:00 AM - LESLIE PRICE WHO RUNS THE WORLD?
2/10/2013 4:40:00 PM - Francis I really wish I had SimCity because I am really really interested in building games but sadly I really miss SNES its like 15 years old so also sad that im not an owner of SNES but DO NOT download ROBLOX it did not work I only got like 8 monnths play when it crashed and found out there was a virus but it got fixed and ROBLOX was worse so get off your lazy butt and play LEGO or MINECRAFT I go for MINECRAFT cause yeah I done short cause it works like a running company making a virtual world with a class grid that xplodes your mind so thats all!
1/22/2013 3:31:00 AM - I download emulator it takes me to main page of site so I come back here and it makes me download again very frustrating.
1/16/2013 11:50:00 PM - k this the game love sa a kids
1/12/2013 4:47:00 AM - seemonstra very good and fun
1/5/2013 7:07:00 PM - Krasniye Great game, and the ClickOnce thing let's me finally play this on 64bit Windows! Thanks for the nostalgia
1/3/2013 11:00:00 PM - lily stupied
12/30/2012 6:48:00 AM - irman good web
12/28/2012 2:47:00 AM - Danny Hi, is there a 64 bit of this game?
12/27/2012 11:16:00 PM - Martin Hi, it works fine now after i deleted the profile directory. Thanks for your help.
12/27/2012 10:25:00 AM - FreeGameEmpire Please also check if the mount command before tre start.bat finished successfuly.
12/27/2012 10:22:00 AM - FreeGameEmpire Hi, please check if your files are properly at place. Check your profile directory for Application data\App Client\packages\SimCity-2000. There should be start.bat and SC2000.exe, if not, the installation was somehow corrupted. You can extract savegames to another location and delete SimCity-2000 completely, this will reload the data on the next startup.
12/26/2012 11:42:00 PM - Martin Lobach Hi - it worked until yesterday. But then I got the same problem as reported here: 12/24/2012 3:57:00 PM - HELP : there is a problem, every time i start a game i get to the start.bat but it says illegal command and it want start, PLEASE HELP!
12/24/2012 3:57:00 PM - HELP there is a problem, every time i start a game i get to the start.bat but it says illegal command and it want start, PLEASE HELP!
12/23/2012 10:44:00 PM - Lin Kaung I have already installed the emulator, but do not know how to start the game. Can anyone please help?
12/18/2012 11:54:00 AM - sunny i like this game
12/16/2012 8:36:00 PM - ??? I cant find the powerplant button!
12/5/2012 1:30:00 PM - Etienne Entres Yes it is a full version and a nice game.
11/27/2012 11:46:00 PM - blake yes
11/25/2012 9:46:00 AM - paulo i lyk t
11/13/2012 1:44:00 AM - QUESTION ANSWER!!!!! Is this the full version? Please answer!
11/11/2012 6:55:00 PM - hi
10/24/2012 7:20:00 PM - foof loving to foof
10/14/2012 12:07:00 AM - tezab12 well done this is amazing.
10/6/2012 5:59:00 AM - monkey monkey
9/27/2012 10:50:00 PM - FILIPE LUSSA
9/24/2012 1:12:00 AM - trashboat yeaaaah its OOOOOOOOOOK
9/9/2012 11:04:00 PM - I CAN'T MOVE THE MOUSE UP!!!!!!!!!!!! AAARRRGGGGHHHHH
8/28/2012 5:19:00 PM - abbul rohman saya suka sekali dengan game untuk di komputer saya ini terima kasih sekali
8/28/2012 12:19:00 AM - Bobby Bozo Game is great! Love old games!
8/20/2012 8:16:00 AM - jan larenz f bernardo Cool
8/5/2012 3:57:00 PM - jkj hi
8/2/2012 5:54:00 AM - Kieran Played the game heaps and love it. For some reason though when i hit play now it goes to lanch the application and then decides it needs to download something and then tells me there is a problem with the download or game center or something. Is this a problem wiht me or the site?
7/22/2012 10:57:00 AM - Jimbo Jones I had no problem placing a power plant - hold down the left mouse button on the power button and two choices appear: lines or plant. Simple!!
7/15/2012 11:23:00 AM - kanika very nice game
7/3/2012 10:46:00 PM - Brian How do I make this download work. I downloaded dosbox but how do I connect the two.
6/20/2012 12:58:00 AM - Justin Good Old Fun
6/7/2012 5:03:00 AM - Roman Great game and all, but in this version there are bits missing, for example I couldn't find tilesets to load during the game, I couldn't put in cheat during the game, just for the hell of it. Please help, is there a solution to this?
6/6/2012 3:15:00 PM - Anna love this game
6/6/2012 1:09:00 AM - were is the game were can i play it?
6/5/2012 3:19:00 PM - Momobyon those people were right. You can't even place a power plant.
5/27/2012 4:54:00 PM - DiegoPoop Balls deep, man
5/18/2012 8:55:00 AM - FreeGameEmpire Which command is last displayed in dosbox ? If you use our applet, please use forum instead because we can better discuss your problem.
5/16/2012 7:08:00 AM - trae When the DOSBox opens up it says "illegal command" and won't open the game? Anyone know what's up?
5/5/2012 1:48:00 PM - Leo :)
5/4/2012 12:46:00 AM - Michael "OMG SO FAKE IT NO WORK" It's DOS, It isn't going to run on Windows 7 without DOSBOX or some other DOS EMULATOR.
4/25/2012 9:43:00 AM - shirlynigirl look awesome
4/25/2012 5:56:00 AM - goat great game, thanks!
4/20/2012 7:05:00 AM - Maverick none
4/10/2012 2:32:00 PM - Christian looks cool
4/7/2012 8:16:00 AM - hinter to build power plants bring your mouse at the electricity icon and hold leftclick. then move mouse (keep holding leftklick) towards power plant and release leftklick. choose a plant, and build on a fitting place (most plans = 4x4 some 1x1)
4/3/2012 9:40:00 PM - j some people lie you cant build powerplants liers
3/31/2012 6:53:00 PM - ivan this game doesnt let me build powerplants what the FU** !!!!!
3/30/2012 4:00:00 PM - Is there any way to stop rods from's fckn annoying
3/29/2012 2:56:00 AM - gheidi I can;t build power plants
3/24/2012 11:02:00 AM - FreeGameEmpire You need to connect the zones to water supply and electricity. Until then, there will be no buildings.
3/19/2012 6:09:00 PM - ???? stuff doesnt build...i make the zones and they dont build
3/8/2012 5:30:00 PM - cian good game
3/8/2012 3:56:00 PM - SAPA Cao
2/16/2012 2:54:00 AM - RUDY GOOD GAME
2/9/2012 8:51:00 AM - shish its eely call you build millions of stuff on your sity.
2/7/2012 2:20:00 AM - how do you use cheats
2/6/2012 5:01:00 PM - patricks no
2/5/2012 4:36:00 PM - cat does is ever work ???????
1/23/2012 6:02:00 AM - cheddastax Why cant i build a power plant!!??
12/6/2011 2:25:00 AM - XAVIER LOPEZ BIKES
11/30/2011 9:07:00 PM - genghiskhan777 If your zones wont develop there could be several reasons. There is a demand for each zone, which you can improve by lowering the taxes for a zone or the overall taxes. Also a little sign will pop up saying they want random crap like police or a hospital, and i think if you dont buy one it might effect construction. Make sure they have electricity and water and road access within 3 squares.
11/20/2011 10:13:00 AM - FreeGameEmpire Please read instruction page following the Play NOW button. Firefox and Chrome require a plug-in to run the emulator.
11/18/2011 4:01:00 AM - Quinn Why does it just dump me in mozilla on this page when i start emulator application?
10/20/2011 8:40:00 PM - me myself and i my zones wont develop help im doing everything right but it doesnt work
10/15/2011 10:52:00 AM - aalic its not working- how do I get it to work?
8/16/2011 10:20:00 PM - mikethetrike how do you use cheats on the internet version
8/9/2011 9:47:00 PM - ciahmere cool
8/6/2011 6:09:00 AM - Jon You need to use it on IE, or an older version of firefox.
8/5/2011 3:58:00 PM - me whats the add-on u need for mozilla?
8/1/2011 1:54:00 AM - why doesnt it have an african swallow speed?
7/30/2011 8:52:00 PM - vinluck i like it
7/28/2011 7:21:00 AM - ou download it
6/28/2011 12:49:00 PM - Dave Cheats don't work on internet edition, why not? Does cheats work on the downloaded version?
6/22/2011 2:49:00 PM - Dav turn the disasters off on disasters menu, easy as answer
6/17/2011 3:43:00 PM - Mea Can't get this thing to run, downloaded, gave permissions, cravings some simaction... *sigh*
6/13/2011 11:19:00 PM - miguel nice game
6/1/2011 7:49:00 AM - Rob My city keeps running outta the dough. I'm sure it was the seaports that made my city prosper. What's the deal?
4/23/2011 6:10:00 PM - hi doesnt work for me, is there also a mac version?
4/21/2011 5:07:00 AM - :( These damn disasters wipe my whole city off the map!!!!!!
4/7/2011 12:13:00 AM - crazyguy1588 how do you get it to install on a x64 bit pc? Windows 7
4/6/2011 12:34:00 PM - d4d4 bello
4/4/2011 9:48:00 PM - cjgamer1 I can't get to run INSTALL!
3/19/2011 3:28:00 PM - George lewis I save my game but when i come back my city is blank no trees no water nothing why
2/26/2011 8:32:00 AM - FreeGameEmpire It works with clean install. You may have some security settings preventing the applet to work correctly.
2/26/2011 12:34:00 AM - Martin FAKE!!! This shit not working win7 ultimate! :@
12/25/2010 4:34:00 AM - Teddy sim city is cool game
12/20/2010 8:30:00 PM - Lucariometafantownbuilder I have the actuall game from a car boot on sunday ages ago! It is fun and I cheat to use the urban renewal kit to build town without losing money!
11/27/2010 4:42:00 AM - Paolo My City is cool
10/23/2010 4:06:00 PM - lloyd math is so esey.
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The downloaded packages are prepared to be runnable with a single click. Only thing you need to do is download the zip archive, unzip to your game directory and run the game with included "Play NOW.exe" file. For more information see Download Notice
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