Mobile Gaming Growth: 5 Essential Reasons

Ever thought about how mobile gaming became so prominent? When compared to console games and PC gaming, mobile games emerged much later as leading industry. They also don’t have such a vast world and incredible graphics that are preferences for many players. Despite those things, mobile gaming keeps growing.

First of all, it’s important to mention that the number of mobile users is booming each year. One of the biggest triggers for the market’s success is the change in people’s routines and behaviors. Only a small portion of the online community can afford to spend hours in front of a computer or a console. However, which gadget can you take with you anywhere? Yes, a smartphone. More and more people are buying smartphones for entertainment and instant communication with others. So, let’s take a look at the mobile gaming industry and how it managed to become so prevalent.

Innovations in Mobile Gaming

When they started, mobile games were pretty basic. They mimicked some traditional board games and offered limited gaming opportunities. As time passed, the mobile market became more polished. In some cases, the graphics of mobile games are pleasantly surprising to gamers.

Why? One of the reasons is the development of mobile devices. Advanced technologies have made it possible for more complex games to be developed. Nowadays, we can purchase a mobile phone with powerful hardware that is much more capable than the ones in past. Ever since they came out, these devices continued improving alongside other industries.

PC Games on Mobile Phones

Some games have dedicated fan bases that spend hours playing, completing quests, and collaborating with others. Creators of popular PC games saw an opportunity: what if our PC games were available to smartphones? Such a strategy allows enterprises to keep their gamers hooked. Even if they are away from their PCs, they can play the mobile versions. For instance, the technology allows players to enjoy quality gaming, simply on a smaller screen.

Most Mobile Games are Free

Big games for PCs and consoles are getting more expensive each year. Today, you have to pay $60 on average for a brand-new game. For a lot of people, this is too much. Games are getting better, but they are becoming expensive to the point where players refuse to get new installments of their favorite franchises.

On the other hand, the majority of mobile games are free. So, how are they profitable? It is relatively simple: by displaying sponsored ads. When players are changing levels or taking some sort of a break in the game, they will have to see a 30-second ad. Yes, this can be a nuisance, but it works. People like the fact that they don’t have to pay for the game to play.

Mobile Games Are More Secure Than Ever

In the past, gaming on a mobile phone was a dangerous business. People were afraid to play games because there was no guarantee that they were secure. Today, games are downloaded from verified app stores such as iTunes and Google Play. These platforms verify games and check if they are harmful before letting people download them. On the other hand, mobile gamers often use a Android VPN for gaming to protect their data even further while playing. It reinforces their security and lets them play multiplayer games without having to worry about suspicious competitors.

Mobile Games Know Their Target Audience

The mobile gaming industry has a unique story to tell, especially when it comes to the revenue it accumulates. There are a lot of different games. Creativity is at its peak, and developers are always looking to make something new. On the other hand, they have adjusted the game perfectly to the platform. The games are comfortable to play, without any bugs or poor user experiences. Furthermore, mobile games are made for people who don’t want to get hooked and play games all day. Instead, they have a quick start and play approach that players love.

Bottom Line

These are some of the reasons why we think mobile games are so popular. Are you a mobile gamer? Why do you find these games so interesting? Besides the easy-access benefit, mobile games are usually free. Also, they give us an opportunity to entertain ourselves while waiting in line or performing other tedious activity. Thus, the mobile gaming industry is here to stay, with more high-quality games to be released each year.