Let’s Look at Some of the Top Advancements in Gaming Technology

Video games really have come a long way. Since they burst onto the mainstream market, they have enjoyed a huge range of innovations and they have also propelled the market onto a completely different level. Immersive graphics are also helping to bring video games onto a whole new level, and this is making the industry stronger than ever.

Gesture Control

Gesture control gives gamers the chance to decide whatever happens on the screen by using their hands. A camera is normally used and this will track the various points in your hands. You can then connect your gaming experience with the movements that our body is making, and this is incredible to say the least. This tech does away with cumbersome controllers and it also gives you the chance to immerse yourself in the gaming experience. Some VR programmers have also made it possible for you to watch live poker games, like the ones at live.netbet.co.uk.

Voice Control

If you can’t be bothered controlling your game by using your body, then you don’t have anything to worry about. Now, voice control gives you the chance to control whatever is on the screen by using your voice. You can now power your console on and off, and you can also use voice commands to try and interact on social media too. You can play selections from your own media library and you can also go hands-free when you are doing other tasks.

High-Definition Displays

It’s safe to say that we have come a very long way from the days of basic gaming. We now have cutting-edge graphics and even textures which gives gamers the chance to experience games in a fully rendered world. You can now take advantage of fully rendered and realistic textures and things like this can make you feel as though you are right inside the game. With gaming graphics that are this good, it’s safe to say that you won’t ever feel as though you are not a part of the action.


Virtual and even augmented reality gaming has now given people the chance to travel right into the gaming world without having to step out of their front door. You can now use headsets to try and explore your surroundings and you can also scan points by using your mobile device as well. This makes the whole thing far more immersive and it makes games way more fun to play.


Another sector that is really taking off is the wearables industry. Things like this make gaming portable and it isn’t invasive either. Fitness applications once made wearable technology so popular but now companies are working hard to try and incorporate it into the applications that they have now. Wearables are an extension of the gaming industry and they give you the chance to become much more engrossed in the games that you have. If you have never looked into the gaming and wearables industry before then you could be missing out.