Experience Dreadful Combat with Fallout 1

The video game Fallout is an old DOS game, which is turn-based. The plot of the role-playing game is set in an open world. The game takes place after a nuclear war occurs at a global level. Due to the war, the game features settings of retro-futuristic and world after the apocalyptic has taken place.

In the game, the player is a native of the Vault. The player aims to find the water-chip to protect the Vault. The game is full of amazement and exciting events, as players are blessed with weapons and power.

What happens in the game?

In the game, the player goes to several locations and interacts with the native folks of the land he visits. There may be cases where the player finds that the people he has met are in a dilemma or some trouble. The player can solve the problem of the folks to gain points of experience or karma.

Fallout is somewhat different from the rest of the role-playing games. It enables its players to finish their tasks by various means. The players can complete the given task by contrary or unconventional methods and can earn rewards for completing the task. The action of the player decides the story of the future and the opportunities of gameplay which the player will get. This, in turn, determines the game’s ending. The players come across several opponents who are hostile during the journey of the game. If the player does not avoid the encounters with the help of persuasion or stealth, the player is engaged in combat with the opponent.

The fights in the game are based on turns. In the game, the player can perform several actions using the points, which he has. The number of points needed to perform a particular action varies based on the type of action. Hand-to-hand weapons provide various kinds of attacks, and unarmed attacks include kick and punch. The player can carry two weapons at a time. The player can switch amidst the two weapons with a single click.

The player who possesses a more important statistic is placed at a higher position. The position of the player decides the sequence of his turn in the fight. The player who has a higher position gets new turns earlier. The perception chooses to the maximum range of the weapons and the number of turns to use them.

The player can get help from the recruitable NPCs. Traveller, gunman, and dog are some of the NPCs present in the game to assist the player.

Learning to play Fallout 1

The player selects three characters to play in the game. The three characters can select the characters or either creates the characters using the attributes of the game. The characters can be classified into four classes- traits, skills, characteristics, and perks.

How can the characters be improved?

Each time, the player succeeds a level, skill scores are awarded to him. The player can use these skill scores to improve the skills of the characters. The skills are furthermore classified into three main classes- passive, active, and combat. The player can improve his skills permanently by reading the books, which are found in the game. Once, the skills have reached a certain level, reading the books are of no use to the player. The skills can be improved with the help of equipment provided in the game. Also, stimulants can boost the skills of the player temporarily.

Besides, traits are unique qualities of the character, which have a specific effect on the gameplay. While creating characters, the player can choose a maximum of 2 traits. Each trait has its pros and cons. Also, perks are unique elements of the game. After three stages, the player gets a list enlisting all the perks. The player can select the benefits to increase the abilities of a character. Perks provide distinct effects which cannot be obtained easily. Contrary to traits, perks are purely advantageous to the player in the gameplay.

Karma is a special statistic, which tracks the moral values of the character via his actions. Points for karma are given when the player performs good deeds. On doing devilish deeds, the reputation of the player gets affected, and he faces hurdles in the game. The reputation and karma of the character also play an important role in modifying the actions of the NPCs in the game.