Become an Eternal champion of The Elder Scrolls: Arena

The elder scrolls: arena is a role-playing game, which involves actions and strategies. The video game is the first in the series of Elder Scrolls. The plot of the game is set in the Tamriel continent. The continent is filled with dungeons and wilderness. Also, the continent has a system which creates a spell and enables the players to mix several spells to create a special effect. In elders scroll: arena, the player plays the role of an official of the court and General Warhaft’s subordinate.

The story behind the game

The game starts in the Tamriel, somewhere in the third era. Tamriel’s Emperor summons his imperial Tharn and advisor over the matter of betrayal, which occurred, in his court. After some time, the Emperor learns that the traitor is Tharn when he traps the Emperor and the general of the court in a different dimension with the help of his magic.

As Tharn progresses to claim himself as the Emperor and take command over the throne, he comes across sorcerer apprentice, Ria Silmane. He murders Silmane before she could inform the council about the treacherous Tharn. Then, Tharn summons demonic mini creatures to take the place of guards of the Emperor. Successively, Tharn sends the player in the dungeons to meet his fate.

After Ria dies, she takes the help of her magic to gain a spiritual form. She puts in her best efforts to hold herself together so that she can inform the player about the betrayal of Tharn. Also, she helps the player to escape from the dungeon. After putting in her best efforts, she slowly loses all her powers and strength and is not able to appear to the player in a physical form. But, she manages to construct a key which helps the player to come out of the dungeon and sends the player to a different region with the help of magical Shift-gate.

How to defeat the demonic Tharn?

The only means by which Tharn can be defeated is the Staff of Chaos. The staff of Chaos consists of the force, which drives the life of Tharn. Aware of this fact, Tharn has already broken the team into several pieces, and each of the pieces lies somewhere in Tamriel.

The player sets himself on a quest to find the pieces of the staff to defeat Tharn. Ria helps the player by informing him about the next piece by appearing in his dreams. After the player discovers all the missing pieces of the staff, he learns that the staff is not yet complete. The last piece of the staff is a jewel which is hidden in the Royal Palace.

The player lands in the palace and fights with the evil creatures and Tharn while searching for the last piece of the staff. While indulging in the fight with Tharn, the player finds the jewel and brings the staff in its contact. It causes Tharn to melt. Subsequently, a portal of different dimensions opens, and the general and Emperor are set free.

As a reward of saving everyone from the treacherous Tharn, the Emperor grants the player the title of ‘Eternal ‘Champion.’

How to play the game?

The game is played from the perspective of a first person. The player can perform the combat with the help of right click of the mouse and by sliding the cursor through the screen to swing a weapon. Magic can be used by selecting the correct option from the menu given on the screen, followed by selecting the spell and the target.

The world in the game is not limited. In the enormous wilderness of the game, the player can find several dungeons, tiny towns, farms, inns, and several other fantastical things. There are numerous dungeons and seventeen major dungeons, which are designed specifically for the significant quest.

The player uses the feature of quick-travel to teleport himself from one region to another region. The game features a real-life day and night. At night, the shops are closed, and the people empty the streets before the monsters enter the roads. The monsters roam in the streets till the dusk.

Along with the primary objective of the game of finding all the pieces of staff and defeating the 17 dungeons, the player also gets small goals. These small quests are straightforward and involve simple tasks such as combating a randomly created dungeon. The player gains his strength as he progresses in the game.