Let's answer this once and for all: Does a VPN help to reduce ping?

The speed of your reaction is one of the elements for success when playing games online. However, this feature becomes less significant if your Internet connection has high ping. In this case, even the smallest delay can drastically change the course of the game as well as make it less engaging and enjoyable.

Since there are many online gaming enthusiasts in the world who are familiar with this problem, they are trying to find a solution. One of their most common pieces of advice is to start using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). The question is how does it work? And is it really effective?

How does VPN help to improve ping?

First of all, let’s figure out what is a high ping and by what is it caused. Ping is a tool used to test how long it takes for a message to travel from your device to a server, and from the server back to your device. It is considered that a ping rate under 50 milliseconds is perfect. While a ping rate over 140-150 milliseconds makes an online game almost impossible to play.

A VPN can be a useful solution for high ping problems because it allows one to connect to an online game server using a different route. In this way you are able to avoid so called traffic jams and enjoy online gaming without any problems. In the following link you can also read more about it.

Furthermore, a VPN also effectively solves those situations when the Internet speed slows down due to geographical distance between you and your game server. Since when connecting to a VPN you have to choose which country's server you want to connect to, it's a good idea to choose the one that is geographically closest to the server region of the game you're playing.

Can it solve all high ping problems?

A VPN solves many problems, but unfortunately not all. For example, if the VPN service provider you are using does not have servers in the region where your game server is located, you may encounter the same or even higher ping than without using a VPN.

Also, if a high ping is caused by a poor Internet connection, a VPN will not speed it up. In order to have fast internet, you should choose an Internet service provider that best meets your expectations.

Wrap up

Although the VPN service solves the high ping problem perfectly in most online gaming cases, it is not always possible to do so. Therefore, in order to enjoy the best online games without any interference, you have to choose Internet service and Virtual Private Network service providers extremely carefully. And if you have the opportunity - before subscribing to their services, to try them.

Otherwise, you will have to develop patience and accept the fact that you will not always be able to win the fast-paced shooters, multiplayer online battle arena or real-time strategy games not only because of your mistakes as a player, but also because of high ping.