Worms is a jolly 2D game, which is typical of pocket tanks in game-type. Developed by Ocean Software, worms can leave the players to split in laughter. The game starts with a funny video of a muscular worm shooting from guns amid chasing bombs. Further, a bomb with a pointy nose chases a worm till it explodes. Worms is all about warrior worm commandos blowing each other up. There is a fair deal of physics of gravity involved like predicting the angle of fire and power required to drop the bombs on opponent worm’s head.

Shoot to Kill

The gameplay involves four teams and four worms. Each must choose one worm at a time and crawl to a perfect place to shoot at another’s worms. Each worm has been given a life of 100 which keeps dropping as the worm takes hits. The player has until the health drops to zero. When the worm falls into water or outside the screen it dies. Each worm dies by exploding which harms nearby worm’s life. The player with the last worm standing wins. The player has to move the worm left or right, jump above obstacles and get in perfect position to fire on another. The fire-control involves a pointer which circles around the worm and needs to be pointed in the correct direction to hit the target. Some weapons further have a power option to adjust the range. Also, every player gets a fixed 10 seconds to act each time. The weapons issued to the worms are the standard bazookas, fire-punch, grenades, dynamites, air-strikes, and the utility items like rope and girders. Some of the weapons, like bazookas and grenades get affected by the gravity effect while other weapons are affected by the wind speed. Another important part of the game is the airdropped supplies. Whoever captures the supplies has an added advantage in terms of health and weapons. So, there is some degree of crawl racing involved too.

One of the favorites

The developers have made Worms into a highly competitive funny destructive game which will keep gamers thoroughly entertained throughout the game. Worms typical of earthworms can form complex tunnels in the terrain. There are ten different types of terrains, which can be generated. One of them is the desert on the moon with low gravity effects. The developers of Worm have done a commendable job by using comedy sequences and funny animations. Unlike pretty animations and secondary stuff, Worms gives the gamers what they crave for most in any game that is entertainment. Worms was received in the market well and surprisingly; it has many versions which keep getting released till today. Worms set the benchmarks to develop multiplayer fun games. Future versions of the game have come out in 3D variants and better formats. In Worms WMD, six players can play together over the LAN. Like Othello, the game needs time to master the strategies. Often, players team up to attack a common enemy for fun. Worms runs on 256-bit graphics and need a 4 MB RAM to play smoothly. The sound of lemmings used to describe the voice of the worms gives a fantastic atmosphere to the players to cheer. The drawback of this game is the lack of screen space, which makes the game clumsy. Overall, Worms is a must play for all game lovers of any decade.