Many games set a benchmark in puzzle games. Gruntz is certainly one that tried to raise the standard more. Certainly, it upholds fantastic graphics work. Even the little critters are also appreciable. It is an interesting invention. The puzzles challenge you in every step that you need to solve for getting to the top level. It is complex that urges a lot of brainy work to solve. They are inflexible which you need to use on a specific level only. Thus otherwise, it gets impossible to finish the task.

Facts about the Gruntz

Monolith Productions develop and publish for PC in the year February 1999. Comes with a level editor, you can certainly choose single as well as multiplayer modes.

No truly got a very good review, it gains an average response.

Pointing on the puzzles

The riddles are tough which are more difficult with certain displays and control panels. There are a lot of screen resolutions that you need to choose. But be sure that the higher resolution will make the play slower. With a processor of 200 Mhz. this is tougher even with the use of the highest resolution. In case you can’t view the whole screen no matter how higher resolution you use.

Game Plot

The players need to take charge over the “Gruntz”. They are the small creatures form from baked clay through the use of the mouse. It uses the same control as in another real-time strategy plot. You need to command the Gruntz by selecting them first and then assigning then their task. Such as right click orders them to move forward and even attack. When you make a left click, they engage themselves in special activities. They dig holes and lay bombs.

Gruntz requires picking the tools which are use in battle or in solving the riddles. Damage is for sure whenever you use these tools. Bare hands stand as the weakest tool which means you have nothing in hand. Bare hand Gruntz is common. A newly crafted hand will not contain any weapon and is bare hand. On the other side, the Gruntz which skips catching the boomerang also doesn’t have anything in their hand. He barehanded can defeat another whenever he attacks in the first place.

Timebombs is the most dangerous and the strongest tool in this plot. It can destroy any Gruntz that is within one square measure. So the goblinoid creature that places it needs to be careful in using it. Otherwise, it can blow him too. Most of the weapons come in use for other reasons also. You can use it for swimming, breaking objects, digging holes or even moving over the spikes. But it allows using only once at a single moment.

You can also find toys in this plot which fight against the enemies. They help in stopping the enemies for a while. They play and get distract by the playing objects. The smallest object is yo-yo which renders very little time to the player. But the beach ball gives you much time to distract the opponent.

There are many more things in this game. But everything that this urges for is some patience to hold. It might stand a bit not interesting. But with the attention, you can develop a liking for this game. Just try it.