Most Popular Gaming Consoles in the United Kingdom

Not sure which way to push your gaming experience? Here are some of the most popular gaming consoles in the UK.

Sony PlayStation 5

The hardware leaves no room for mistakes in Sony PlayStation 5. When it came out, the console made it pretty obvious – Sony was all about the gaming experience. The design is modern and posh, but this is not really what gamers care about. You have a dual sense controller with great vibrations and an exquisite performance. After all, you have a 3.5GHz AMD Zen 2 processor with 16GB of GDDR6 RAM. What else can you ask for?

The interface is similar, but with enhanced features and some bells and whistles. As for what really matters – the actual games, they feel excellent from the first try. They look good and more importantly, they no longer require ages to load up. The dual sense controller is probably the most exciting feature out there.

Nintendo Switch

When it first came out, Nintendo Switch was definitely a gamble. After all, the Wii U release was not really a hit, but more of a disaster. This new console was a risk, yet it made it. How come? First, it addressed potential issues associated with third party support. Second, it brought in an exclusive line of titles – plus, it is not that difficult to find ROM games download portal. At that point, Nintendo Switch became one of the most successful consoles.

The idea of being able to play anywhere anytime is what makes it stand out. Games will surprise you with their smoothness and clear experience. It is the type of console that will trigger your imagination – something that Nintendo has failed to do since the Wii came out.

Microsoft Xbox Series X

People were a bit anxious about Microsoft Xbox Series X because there were not too many titles to try it out. The good news is more and more games are getting optimized for this unique experience. The super fast loading experience is unreal, especially when compared to other consoles. The quick resume feature is just as attractive.

Now, Microsoft Xbox Series X may not be for everyone, as you need the right gear for it – such as a nearly perfect screen. With all these, the console aims to take the gaming industry further. It is not a revolution of the classic console, but a solid evolution based on today’s harsh technological requirements.

Evercade Handheld

Evercade Handheld may not have the same reputation as bigger players on the market, but it is intriguing and exciting at the same time. The screen is fine and game formats are not too bad. More importantly, this console comes with some nostalgic feelings. There are lots of arcade games suitable for it, as well as a bunch of potential new releases.

Sure, you could use an emulator and come up with a similar experience, but Evercade Handheld is not about playing all games – instead, it is about doing it in a modern manner. Pretty much everything about it is top notch. Take a look at the titles you could play before purchasing it. It has good value for money and an old school sense.

Microsoft Xbox Series S

Microsoft Xbox Series S is a classic now. It is a next generation console and will most likely dominate the market for a while – more importantly, it does not require the ultimate technologies for your gear. Furthermore, it brings in great value for money and will not harm your budget.

The console is not just affordable, but also accessible. There are lots of games out there, so the console is literally for everyone – from classic arcade players to modern picky gamers. Chances are you will fall in love with it.

In the end, these are some of the top-rated consoles in the UK and for some good reasons.