Escape From Tarkov: 10 Tips To Get Started During A Fresh Wipe

Escape from Tarkov is a multiplayer shooting video game widely played by teenagers and youngsters. There have been ample shooting games in the market, but only a few have been able to impress the gamers. This is one such game where one needs to get kills and survive the raid to get a higher ranking. The player might choose to play it solo or in a group. A significant aspect of the game is playing the game after a fresh wipe. The wipe implies that the player loses all of their game progress, and the game starts again. To help the players get a new wipe, many reputable websites offer EFT aimbot. Following these tips can help beginners to a great extent. Here are some tips to get you started on this beautiful and exciting game:

  1. Examine those ammo

The first thing you should start doing after the wipe takes place is to examine all your ammo and guns if you haven't reviewed them in the previous war. This review will help you gauge your weapons and other accessories that you possess to win the game.

  1. Purchase Accessories

The next best thing would be to buy packers cover face shield 6b23 armours and ssh 68 helmets. Buy as many as you can as it's better to purchase an armour than no armour at all. Also, buying packers would protect you from one or two hits before you die, and it'll bring your survival insurance.

  1. Use shotguns

For the first 15 to 20 levels, use shotguns, and you need at least 600 experience points to survive a raid. These shotguns will help you encounter the other players as well as pass through different obstacles in the game. These experience points assist you in going a level up in the game easily.

  1. Consider Your Priorities

Moving onto, the priority within the game is to complete the first task, then hideout, and then whatever makes money. The keys are Important to open up the doors for the quest. Thus, you need to be clear about your priorities when you are playing the game. These priorities help you to get organized and consider what you need to cover first to be successful.

  1. Gain Experience

To become the best, you need to be experienced. Getting experience means getting more kills and getting into raids and looting that kill might give you a hundred on top. Again, more experience points imply that you can get easily to the next higher levels, thereby getting you closer to the successful stage of winning.

  1. Upgrade Your Hideout

Upgrade your hideout by selling your items and then investing in others. In hideouts too, go for sanitary, workbench, midstation, nutrition station upgraded, as these four will actually give you money every time you craft something in the hideout it is now found in the raid, and directly you can sell it in the Flea market.

  1. Avoid Places Under Construction

So talking about maps, avoid places undergoing construction in customs unless you have bronze pokbot's quest as there would be a lot of traffic. It's better to avoid it unless your task is completed. To complete your task, go out and change your map to shoreline, reserve and interchange as you need money, and sort things out. Factory map will not get you money and will let you kill by either a player or a scav, and you'll come out with nothing but will lose money.

  1. Maintain Balance Between Money Runs and Quests

There are two main processes in which you can indulge after a wipe. These are money runs and quest runs. Quests are essential for making early progress to gain access to gear and traders while money quests are important for making monetary success. Thus, it is advisable to balance these runs to get all the important accessories for the game.

  1. Get Barter Items

One of the best tips to survive the wipe is to hoard essential barter items. You will require these barter items to barter items important for the game, such as trader quests, barter trades, and hideout upgrades. There are some guides to keep all these barter items in one place also so that you can keep an account of these items in one place.

  1. Be Ready to Sell Weapons

You may face an issue of lack of space during an early wipe. Thus, at one point when you are hoarding the barter items to be used at a later stage, get ready to sell your weapons as well. This would ensure that you enjoy enough space in order to keep your hoarded and quest items safe.

Final words

Wipes are important for all kinds of players who want to start from the beginning, regardless of how many hours they have spent on the game. Thus, it is imperative to consider these above-mentioned tips to give you a good start in the game. So, make use of these tricks and get the benefits of a wipe to reach your goals easily in the game.

Happy playing!