Why Classic Free to Play Video Slots is Just as Much Fun as Playing DOS Games

Just like DOS games, classic video slots are favoured amongst a vast majority of online players. We understand the appreciation for something so unique and having your favourite toy taken away from you, well there is just no sense in that. So we take a look at the classic video slots, the ones designed with fruits and lucky sevens and we come to realize that classic free to play video slots is just as much fun as playing DOS games online, here is why.

Free to Play

Free to play classic games takes players back to an era where we had no ball and chain. We weren’t required to actually deposit real money, buy a game online or sign up for a subscription. Free to play games aren’t very hard to come by, but unfortunately there aren’t many which are delivered by renowned sites like ours or one like NoviCasino, which gives an option of both real cash classic games or free to play classic games. Remove the shackles from your feet and run across the vast expanse of modern technology that is the internet, something that uncannily brings up the classic realms through modern tech.

No Downloads

Classic no download games are kind of exactly what DOS players find attractive, along with an inimitable game shell. It might also be the one main common factor connecting classic casino players with DOS enthusiasts. The same thought process and mid set makes gaming with no strings attached freer, more attractive and way more fun.

Back to Basics

People enjoy simplicity, the way things were before, before everything became complex and more modernized. There is something incredibly similar without a visual comparison, comparing classic video slots games and DOS games. It may be just the thing player’s need when looking for a different kind of distraction.

Classic Slots

Classic slots allows you just as much as variety as you would find playing DOS games, sure it might not be as wide of a variety as modern gaming, but just like DOS gaming, what you have is what you get and that is more than enough for any fan, especially players who have an appreciation for the classics.


One relatable aspect that hasn’t been mentioned is that classic slots games are maybe limited in a number of features, but there is a sure variety of games to choose from, no matter the feature functionality. Similar to DOS gamers, there may be limitation as to what we can get our hands on but what we do, therein lies the variety needed for a fun gaming experience.

Whether modern gaming is taking over and we are left behind or if modern gaming is promoting the finer and older things in life, one thing everyone can agree on is that there is a certain appreciation for the classic way of the modern world and there are a number of casino gamers who would agree with us DOS gamers.