Black Ops Cold War - The Ultimate tips and tricks to help you win

COD’s Black Ops Cold War is one of the games that is meant to be played incessantly. And we are not talking about playing only the Zombies or Multiplayer modes but the single-player Campaign. It is easier to play because there are different paths and multiple endings.

By now, you may know how to begin the game and what every game mode is about. But, now is the Boot Camp time, a concise course of the Zombies, multiplayer, and Campaign through an assemblage of strategies and tips for success.

Regardless of where you begin your Cold War journey, you can enter with confidence learning these tips around the gameplay’s first few hours. Whether the elite Operators drive it, Perseus or unexplored phenomena involving the undead, the world's fate is at risk, and you may be the sole protector of it. Here are some tips for commanding the opposition and rescuing the planet.


For multiplayer


Study those stats

Examine the Gunsmith more carefully if you desire to be an elite player. Here, you can view the advanced statistics breakdown that details the overall feel, effective range, and damage output of a weapon. According to the Cold War Hack Providers, check the Gunsmith before trying your hands on an attachment set-up or new weapon.

Base combat around objectives

If any game mode involves an objective, you will see it as an icon on your mini-map. When playing Hardpoint, you will even get to know the location of the next objective 10 seconds before it operates. We say opt for objective play heads-up and base the combat around objectives. That will help you get a score boost post every capture and help the team win.

Explore to dominate

Take your time to check buildings and other areas for caches. These caches will contain scorestreaks, self-revival kits, armor, and Uranium. Although jumping straight into the fight may seem tempting, some level of exploration can help in loading your squad with tools. You can quickly turn the tide by getting Uranium for detonating and priming a bomb in multi-team fights.




Do not trust the Melee option

Yes, you can pocket a Combat knife in a loadout. Also, bringing the same knife is an excellent idea during an undead fight. That is because the Combat Knife is a non-breakable tool and can be productive in the early rounds. Conserve points in a Mystery Box, and Wall buy run. Ensure that you do not let the zombies strike back when you go for the kills.

Remember that Progression always carries over

When you level up in Multiplayer mode, you run a good chance to unlock many loadout items. In Zombies, all these attachments and weapon experiences are retained between modes. You will reach the higher rounds by playing more and more of either round. Playing more will help you unlock game-changing abilities and armaments.

Use the armaments efficiently

You may be tempted to frequently use a massive Field Upgrade and Scorestreak, but we recommend conserving them for more significant threats. Do not waste your armaments on a handful of stragglers.

Whether it is a force of the deadly elite undead or a topped-out surge of lurching zombies, you are going to need those fully-charged Sentry Guns, Field Upgrades, and Chopper Gunners to survive.




Take cover often and early.

Do you know what makes for a perfect recipe for disaster? A guns-blazing attitude to an unbalanced fight, on more challenging difficulty settings! Try crouching or finding cover. Peek out only when the enemy is reloading for retaliation with well-placed equipment pieces or return fires.

Do not turn down Takedown chances

Carrying the command to melee sets off a Takedown; it is here you capture an enemy and use them as a cover before throwing them off, finishing them towards enemy groups. Use the Takedown chance whenever possible. That is because it can be super effective when you have limited coverage and are fighting large masses of enemies.

Scout the Safehouse

The Safehouse is a lot more than just being a mission hub. You get an opportunity to talk to your associate team members and examine the collected intel. Whenever you take it easy from the Campaign, give some time to relax with the Safehouse. To gain the context, you have to spring back into the story.


Remember using lethal items, tactical items, and equipment can be fruitful for more than just securing skills and dealing damage. So, throw out those lethal and finish an injured opponent. With such excellent tips, we are sure you will slice through a COD Black Ops Cold War competition and rack up decent progress towards the Scorestreaks. We wish you all the best for some effortless wins in posterity; until then, experiment with various loadouts and discover your style.