Be the Chosen One and Save the Ancestral Tribe with Fallout 2

The turn-based RPG, Fallout 2, was advanced by Black Isle Studios in the year 1998. It features a larger universe and a storyline, which is extensive to a great extent. The graphics and mechanics of the game are similar to its predecessor, Fallout 1.

The story of the game is set approx. 164 years after the nuclear war took place. The story of Fallout 2 is about the descendant of the hero who sets himself on a mission to save his ancestral tribe. He saves the tribe from famine by locating the primitive machine, which restores the environment. The machine is as GECK or Garden of Eden Creation Kit.

What is Fallout 2 all about?

The role-playing video game is set in an open universe. The player can move in the game as per his will till the time he enters into a fight. The player gains several points of action from the combats in the game. The player can use these points of action to perform the motion, check his equipment, fire, and reload his equipment. When the player runs out of all his points, the turn of the player ends. At this moment, the turn of the opponents begins. If the player manages to survive and does not get any harm from the opponent, his points get restored. The points of the player reduce when he gets injured by the player or poisoned by him. When the fight ends, the player can get himself treated.

The player receives rewards and points of experience when he participates in a fight and finishes the task given to him. The player can advance his characters using the rewards given to him. Besides, the player can apply advantageous perks to become more compatible with the dangerous world post-apocalypse.

The player needs to travel in the world of the game and interact with the native organization's inhabitants he comes across. In doing so, the player completes his tasks or objectives. Also, the player can help the native people of the place and earn karma rewards for his good deeds.

The actions of the player depict the future of the gameplay and the available opportunities to the player. The game features several mature themes. Consumption of alcohol, usage of drugs, and sex are some of the adult themes, which are present in the game.

Where is the plot of the game set?

The plot of the game is set in the future somewhere around the year 2241. The game is set in the ancient city of Arroyo. The town suffers a severe drought as a consequence of the nuclear war which took place several years ago. The villagers of the town are at the mercy of the ‘Chosen One.’ The ‘Chosen One’ or the descendant of the dweller of the vault is the protector of the people of the town. To save the people of the town from the severe drought, the player (who plays the character of the ‘Chosen one” ) sets himself on a mission to find the GECK. The GECK is equipment or device, which has the power to transform wastelands into thriving and flourishing communities. The player is provided with the outfit of the dweller of the vault, spear, flask of water, and some money to get set on his mission.

The player discovers vault 13, where the GECK is supposed to be located. Smart Deathclaws inhabit the vault 13. The Deathclaws are huge creatures who are evil and dangerous. The player returns to find the village, which is captured by the US government’s remnants, known as Enclave. The Enclave terrorizes the natives of the US continent using their mighty arsenal, which possess highly developed technology. The player activates the primitive oil tanker via several means. The player succeeds in engaging the autopilot of the tanker and reaches the major base of the Enclave, which is situated on the seashore.

On reaching the base of Enclave, the player learns that the inhabitants of Vault 13 were imprisoned and were about to be used in the form of subjects of experiments. They were about to experiment for a kind of virus known as FEV. The Enclave changed the FEV into a contagious disease, which can communicate by air. The FEV was modified to attack the DNA of the living organisms.

The player sets the imprisoners free before the Enclave can harm them. Also, he finds the GECK and restores the glory of the land.