Syndicate Wars

Have you ever thought how it would be in the year 2191? Refining my question, how the Syndicate events will be in 2191? Well, no one can tell you. But you can live the year and the event through a video game. Sounding astonishing? Well, it is but it true. You will believe us when you know about the play-off designed keeping this scenario in mind.

Syndicate Wars developed by Bullfrog production, in 1996, stand as the second fun title in the series of Syndicate. Though Electronics Arts published the video fun but credit goes to Mike Diskett who directed it. Russell Shaw plays as the composer. PlayStation, Microsoft Windows, and DOS platform support this.

Let’s take a look at the Plot

The player controls the Syndicate, known as EuroCorp. He/ she will be at the top of the power, gain by the previous playoff achievements. With the help of technological, economic and military powers, the world gets in the hand of the corporations’ alliance. A group of AI entities helps in taking the corporate decisions through the global network communications.

The game starts with the threat of “Harbinger”, a virus that threatens the global system of communications. It scares to infect the implant of mind-control. It makes the citizens unsafe to co-option. You can also get few unchain persons who revolt with arms. Thus they are been termed as “unguided citizens”. Primarily these rebels will come up with inimical attacks but later they form a militia. It is a well-organized one that acts with the perfect plan to follow up.

Back into the virus attack, it causes serious disturbance in the coordination of the Syndicate. However, there will be few stations that make themselves alone to skip rouge communication. London station standing as the EuroCorp syndicate’s headquarters makes their attempts in gaining in authority. They try to gain direct interposition by the armed agents’ signature quartets of the video sport.

Church of the New Epoch is a group, known as “The Nine”. They wish to undercut the world under the control of the corporation. It does so in supporting its parishioners for its mind control variety. However, the conflict begins between the two, the Church of the new Epoch and the EuroCorp. The whole game surrounds this concept.

The rebellion took the “Harbinger” virus as their first step in the revolt against corporation Syndicate. As the revolts take over, the player needs to control and manage the rogue elements present in the syndicate. In the same time, some sub-corporation carries out some changes for their independence.

The main objective of the entertainment revolves around the EuroCorp and Church of the New Epoch. The conflict is clearly note in every circumstance. The designer of the fun gives you provision to choose your side as per your preference. You can also play from the Church of the New Epoch side. The same came up in the starting as well. The “disciple” who was responsible for the Church agents was once a former agent of EuroCorp. He was transform. So you could also choose your side.

Undoubtedly you will experience lots of conflicts within this sport. But at the same time, you can experience the real meaning of responsibility that you need to follow up. Trying this game will not be a great loss that wills to win over the world.