Top 3 Game Torrent Sites of 2019

Big name-titles are getting expensive for many gamers. Game designers and retailers charge a hefty premium to get all the newest releases and downloadable contents. Because of this and other factors, more and more gamers are turning towards torrenting in order to get their hands on the software they crave.

Older games, as well, may not be distributed through viable or convenient channels. When it comes to getting our hands on these types of titles, and big-name titles, without breaking the bank, torrenting is the way to go.

There are a lot of particular things you should look out for when torrenting, however. Websites that keep torrent download links and trackers are frequently harassed by governments and law enforcement, so it can be hard to find a reliable one that has good functionality and a decent library.

Luckily, we've composed a little list of the best game torrent sites. These are sites that have a decent amount of uptime, extensive libraries, and good features for searching and keeping track of your torrent files.

So, without further ado, here's our list of the top 3 game torrent sites of 2019:


1337x is a torrent website that was founded in 2007, and gained popularity in 2016 after the shutdown of popular website KickassTorrents. Although the site is banned from Google search queries, it remains one of the more popular and accomplished options on the web for obtaining game torrents.

The website has a sleek and attractive design, with a simple layout that separates all of the files into different categories. The page allows you to search through the extensive library, as well as sort by popularity stats over time, among other options.

The downloads do not require a login, but users have the option to register an account in case they want to upload files or comment on existing pages.

There aren't any extensive popup ads or fake download links to try and sneak some spyware onto your computer, and the overall experience with this website is fairly straightforward and comfortable. Their library is comprehensive and well-seeded, as well, which is always a nice bonus.


Founded in 2008, RARBG is another well-known torrent website that also acts as a tracker for torrent files. The layout is a little bit fuglier than on 1337x, but the library is just as extensive, and the list is easily searchable and sortable. They have specialized sections of their website for all the different types of torrents, and their “games” section has a host of recent releases with a healthy amount of seeds.

When you look at the download page for one of the torrents, you will notice, also, that the site lists alternative downloads for the episode or piece of software you're looking at. The page also has extensive information with screencaps and links to things like IMDB reviews for selected movies. There are also a decent amount of filtering options for sorting the result pages, making it a bit easier to find what you're looking for.

Registration is currently closed for new uploaders, but there are plenty of options available through this website for downloaders, as well. They also have top ten lists for each genre of torrent they host on their site.

#1 The Pirate Bay

This is the old standby that everybody knows and loves. They've had a relatively bumpy ride making it all the way to 2019, but the website itself is still alive and well. They tend to experience periodic downtimes depending on where in the world you're accessing them from, but there is also an extensive list of proxies that you can use to access their archive whenever you want.

A couple things to keep in mind if you want to use TPB, however, is that you will want ad blockers and perhaps even JavaScript blockers active on your browser if you want to browse unmolested by ads and scripts. Aside from this, however, there is very little to complain about.

Since TPB is the definitive torrent site on the internet at the moment, they typically have access to new games and episodes for movies and TV shows as soon as they come out. The torrents they list typically also have very healthy seeds that stay as such for decent periods of time.

Overall, the website is well-known for their ease-of-use, extensive library, and active community of uploaders and comment posters. All in all, you should have a very comfortable experience when using The Pirate Bay.


There are a lot of different factors that make one torrent site better than another. Although TPB isn't the prettiest or even the most comfortable site to use, their extensive library and active community make it a very comprehensive website for obtaining torrent files.