Genres of PC Games that Rule 2021

The gaming industry keeps growing by the year and it should not come as a surprise seeing as how it caters to all sorts of interests. No matter the console they have or the genre they prefer, individuals will be able to find a game that suits their affinities. Here are the genres of PC games that are the most popular in 2021.

Action role-playing games

One genre that ruled 2021 is actually a subgenre of both action and role-playing genres – action role-playing games. These games provide players with interesting storylines while challenging their reflexes and coordination. To be able to dominate the market, developers are constantly looking to improve their graphics and gameplay and give players a one-of-a-kind experience.

Some of the most popular games in the genre include the Assassin’s Creed franchise, The Witcher 3, and the Dark Souls franchise. What is more, there are even subgenres here and shooter-based action RPGs such as Fallout 3 and Borderlands 3 are also available.

Real-time strategy games

Another genre that PC gamers enjoy is real-time strategy games. RTS games allow players to build up a strong army and defeat their opponents. While multiplayer online battle arena games have challenged this genre significantly over the last ten years, RTS games are still going strong.

The genre includes some giants like Age of Empires and Starcraft but indie games such as Driftland and Northgard are also making a name for themselves.

Battle royale games

A genre that has taken the world by storm is most certainly battle royale. The premise is quite simple: dozens of players enter the game, only one comes out as the winner. These games are quite unpredictable but that is part of the appeal. Players need to come up with a strategy and be tactical when attacking their opponents, whether it’s by reducing the numbers by themselves or waiting it out until the end.

Games that have dominated this genre in the last few years are PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends but there are also games like CRSED: F.O.A.D., Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, and

Action-adventure games

While pure adventure games have very little to no action, this hybrid genre is actually quite broad and includes a wide array of titles. Action-adventure games have storylines that engage both reflexes and problem-solving skills, which is what makes them so popular. As they are so diverse, they come in various subgenres.

For instance, first-person action-adventure games such as Far Cry 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 use first-person shooter gameplay and have more complex plots. Then, there are also games like the Grand Theft Auto series, The Legend of Zelda series, and the Red Dead series where the gameplay is in the third person.

Online casino games

Also popular among PC players, these come in three general categories: table games such as craps, poker, and blackjack, gaming machines like slots, banking games like roulette, and random number games like bingo. However, the range of these games is astounding as most of them have different variations and come in all sorts of themes.

For example, when it comes to slots, players can choose from Bushido Ways xNudge, Cossacks: The Wild Hunt, Book of Shadows, and Tombstone, to name just a few. In terms of roulette, there is classic roulette, European roulette, first-person roulette, and even roulette that players can play to relax. Poker also has its own variants like Texas Hold’Em, 7-Card-Stud, Omaha, and many more.

Simulation games

Simulation games are also quite a popular genre. They simulate real-world activities and allow players to experience things that usually might be out of reach. Moreover, freedom of action is another big factor in why these games have found such a large audience.

Simulation games available for PC include World of Warships, Kerbal Space Program, Farming Simulator 19, and Railway Empire. Of course, when it comes to strategic life simulation games, The Sims 4 cannot be overlooked either.

Sports games

Even though publishers were hesitant to make sports games available on PC until recently, this genre now offers a wide variety of titles. Sports games cover many different sports where players get to take part in a game, usually against bots or artificial intelligence.

The most popular game for PC is certainly the FIFA series, which is released on a yearly basis. FIFA 12 became the fastest-selling sports game ever after selling 3.2 million copies in its first week, according to its publisher EA. However, Madden NFL 21, NBA 2K21, and Golf With Your Friends all have a considerable fan base.

Racing games

Racing games can be part of both the simulation genre and sports genre but they can also stand on their own.

While there are games like Euro Truck Simulator 2 that also include driving, racing games focus purely on the competitive aspect of driving. With that in mind, PC players can enjoy F1 2020, Forza Horizon 4, DiRT Rally 2.0, and TrackMania 2.

Genres of PC games abound, meaning that everyone can find something to play that matches their interests. If you’re new to the world of gaming, you have so many options to choose from.