Fight In Space With Star Wars: Tie Fighter

Star Wars: TIE fighter is a flight simulator game of the star wars series. The game is set in space and involves combats. In the game, Star Wars: TIE fighter, the player plays the role of a pilot of the royal starfighter. The game is based on the engine of X-Wing game. The game complements Gouraud shading and adds features of the gameplay, which were not present in the X-Wing game.

The setting up of plot of Star wars Tie fighter

The plot of the game starts followed by the victory of the empire on Hoth in the game; The Empire Strikes Back. Along with fighting in opposition with the forces of Rebel Alliance, the player competes against combatants in the civil war, pirates, and treacherous royal forces. In the game, the player stops a coup in opposition to the King Palpatine. The player gets awarded personally in a royal ceremony. The consequent expansions emphasize the efforts of Thrawn to stop the royal traitor and the concluding mission of the subsequent development ends before the climactic war, which occurs when the Return of Jedi ends.

The game presents the royal forces as keepers of order and peach in the tumultuous universe. It is divided into 13 stages, seven stages in the original game and three in each of the expansions. All the stages are subdivided into 4-8 levels. Some of them can be played in random orders. Whereas, the individual fights are needed to be played in the given sequence or order.

The debriefings and briefings of missions, cutscenes, and communication during flight increase the excitement of the story of star wars.

Learning to play the game

Once, the player has chosen the pilot; the player gets to see the concourse. The concourse is a hub, which presents the characteristics of the game. The main objective of the game is to complete the combats. Moreover, concourse provides several different areas. The simulator enables the player to fly the royal crafts via a challenging hurdle course. The chamber for combat provides four additional missions for each of the craft. The missions range from scenarios of training to ancient reenactments of significant tasks.

The game features a recording room and a special room. The player can see the recording of the missions in the recording room. In the latter room, the player gets information about all the spacecraft which are present in the game. When the player chooses a mission, he gets a summary about the mission which consists of maps, patterns of flights, and positions of vessels. There is a list in the game questioning several aspects about the game. The player can ask for the answers to the questions given in the list.

The standard summary of the mission covers the primary goals of the game. Along with this, the game presents another summary, which is performed by a mysterious figure that is a part of the Inner Circle of the King.

Participating in the combat

During the flight, the player plays the game from the perspective of the first-person. Along with this, the player has the benefit of switching the view to that of third-person. The flights are taking place in the game set in the outer space. Thus, the player does not get affected by the atmosphere or gravitational forces. There are several mission roles in the game. The roles include escorting, dog fighting, damaging the other aircraft, attacking the other ships, checking vehicles, and attacking space hubs.

At the beginning of the game, the player does not have any shield to protect himself. Moreover, as the player progresses in the game, he becomes advanced and gains access to developed armaments and shields.

The short-ranged weapons such as ion and laser cannons, disable or damage the targets. Some of the starfighters possess a few torpedoes or missiles for extra range or firepower. The player is required to balance the allocation of power amongst engines, weapons, shields, and crafts. Along with this, the player can change the modes of the firing of his weapon. Moreover, if the ship has shields, the player can manage the balance of the shield amidst rear and front.

The shields can be recharged. The shield protects the crafts and player from getting damaged or hurt. However, the shields themselves get depleted when they absorb damage. Moreover, when the craft of the player is not shielded, the fire might damage the hull of the player.