3 Different Ways to Relive Classic Games from a Bygone Era In 2023


Today’s video games boast astonishingly detail-rich graphics, large open worlds, realistic character models, complex gameplay, and much more, creating livable worlds in the virtual realm. While the rapid technological advancements are truly impressive and sometimes outright mind-boggling, many of us oftentimes find ourselves reminiscing about the good old days when video games first came about. Sometimes all we want is to relive the games from the early video game era and enjoy the old-school feeling and nostalgia that are inherently connected with them. But with high-tech modern gaming machines dominating the field, it can prove challenging to find and play classic games from a bygone era. But fret not, with these three ways, you can still experience a plethora of retro games today.

Take advantage of ports

Many video game developers have long realized gamers’ love and nostalgia for retro titles and have poured more effort into bringing old games onto modern devices. One way to do this is to simply port classic games to make them playable today without needing the hardware the original game was released on. You can already find tons of games for PC and consoles available to be played today through ports. Nintendo introduced its library of old games as part of its Nintendo Online subscription service that gets more iconic titles added regularly. Here, GoldenEye 007 recently made a long-awaited comeback, which was also released for the current Xbox consoles. One of the first first-person shooters to grace our screens, Star Wars: Dark Forces, is getting a remaster for modern devices to bring the iconic shooter in a galaxy far, far away to us once more. Thanks to these ports and remasters, retro games get a new lease on life and players have another chance to jump into iconic hits from back in the day easily.

Emulate your favorite DOS games on your current computer

One of the most common ways to play games from days gone is by emulating them on your current computer using specific emulator software. If you’re looking to play your favorite DOS games, emulators such as DOSbox let you run those titles on your computer easily and without any issues. You can even find a long list of iconic DOS games in our library, many of which can be played directly in your browser without needing to download any software at all. From 007: James Bond – The Stealth Affair to X-Wing, the first-ever space combat simulation from Star Wars, and everything in between, you can find thousands of classic computer games to emulate today. The advantage of emulating old games is that you truly get to enjoy the same experience as when the game was first revealed. That way you can fully soak up the nostalgia with the original graphics, gameplay, and mechanics that made each title unique in its day.

Play modern games inspired by classics

Iconic games have inspired the creation of a whole plethora of modern games that take advantage of the nostalgia these games evoke and give them a modern twist. While these games don’t usually promise the same gameplay as the original, they craft a new experience while recreating the essence of the original game. One great example is Tetris. The arcade game has seen endless iterations over the decades. Through Tetris Effect, the iconic game has transcended the 2D space and entered virtual reality to feel nostalgia in a high-tech, modern way. If Street Fighter II was your go-to game at the arcade, you can meet some of the iconic fighters of the franchise again in the brand-new Street Fighter 6 on PC and current-gen consoles. The classic arcade game has even inspired the creation of a modern slot machine that can be found in online casinos. Many of the best-rated casino platforms offer a large variety of slot games that can be played for real money and feature all kinds of topics on their reels. Among them, the Street Fighter II Online Slot brings the classic arcade game into the casino realm. Similarly, the Space Invaders arcade game has been turned into an online slot to bring the iconic game onto the web. The arcade shooter has even inspired the creation of a mobile game that sees the legendary aliens invade our world via augmented reality.

Even in today’s modern era, it’s still possible to relive iconic games from bygone eras. Take advantage of these three easy ways to indulge in nostalgia and reminisce about the good old gaming days.