Which Type of Online Casino Game to Choose According to Your Gamer Profile

Even though gamers lately have enjoyed a wide range of extremely elaborate and well-designed video games, online casino games remain among the most popular genres that players get excited about. Casino games stand out among the old and classic online games, but that hasn’t stopped them from continuously evolving to attract new players. From poker to roulette, there are many casino games to choose from – so which one is the best for you? If you take a look at the kind of video games that attract you in general, then the answer is easy.

The Strategic Gamer: Poker

If the first game you have ever owned was Age of Empires and if you currently are hooked into games like Civilization or even Clash of Clans, then you are probably drawn to the strategic element in video gaming. You like to build up a strategy from scratch, get to learn your opponents in order to understand how to defeat them, and are patient enough to wait for the right moment to strike. All these are great skills for poker players, since the game is widely recognized as one of the most strategic games ever invented. Poker has many variations to choose from, including Caribbean Stud Poker and Texas Hold’ em, which are unsurprisingly among the most popular games played at the Hippodrome online.

The Competitive Gamer: Blackjack

Consider whether you usually prefer games where you have to achieve a set of goals on your own, or whether you enjoy a video game infinitely more when you play against an opponent. If you find that when the competitive side of you gets a chance to shine, you usually perform your best, then blackjack is the perfect entry game to the casino world. Relatively straightforward and with a strong element of luck, blackjack is by definition a competitive game. You will always be playing against the bank and you only win when the other side loses, so it will be just one man standing at the end of each round – and that better be you!

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The Casual Gamer: Slots

Slot games are among the most popular casino games ever invented, and for many good reasons. They are usually very easy to play, offer great payouts and many combinations of reels, and each round ends quickly. Add to the mix that online casinos have reinvented slot games in various forms and you can now find some exciting new casino games such as video slots and progressive slots, this makes them perfect for the casual gamer who is drawn to the speed, colors and sounds of games like Candy Crush.

The Bold Gamer: Roulette

Roulette is French for “small wheel” and is one of the oldest games invented that survives today, hailing back to 18th century France. There is a reason it is listed among the top casino games in every casino: Players love the thrill of the risk that comes with a simple spin of the wheel. Roulette also offers many betting combinations, so if boldness and taking risks is what you are known for as a gamer, this is the perfect game to try out.

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Online casino games are a genre of their own – and within that genre, players can find a wide variety of different games to choose from. So, play to your strengths and pick the game that better suits your gamer background.