Company name Description Games

Pixel Painters Corporation

Laser Light, Dig It, Electranoid


Platinumware was formed out of two former Cinemaware employees, Peter Oliphant and Rob Landeros. Their collaberation appears to have lasted for only one game, Lexi-Cross.


Founded by Mark Pelczarski, Polarware started out as Penguin Software, the company existed from 1978 until 1987 and eventually became part of another publishing company (probably Merit Studios, Inc.). The company was named "Penguin" from 1981 until about 1986 when legal issues arose with the large book publisher, Penguin Books. Thus the name was changed to Polarware. The Apple II computer was the first personal computer that had color graphics. Their first programs were for drawing, manipulating, and animating graphics on the Apple II, and they were quite popular. The company pioneered much of the field of computer graphics. For a while, a good majority of educational software and games released for the Apple II opened with the "graphics by Penguin Software" acknowledgement. Their software even resides in the archives of the Smithsonian's Museum of American History.
All Dogs Go To Heaven

PolyEx Software

Vigilance on Talos V


The company was founded as Sterling Silver Software in 1988 by Dennis Koble and Lee Actor. The company was renamed Polygames in 1992.
Tour Golf

Prestige Softwareentwicklung GmbH


Probe Entertainment Ltd.

British game company founded in 1984. In 1995 the company was acquired by Acclaim Entertainment and in 2001 renamed to Acclaim Studios London.
Alien Trilogy, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Supremacy

PSI Software Designers

Floor 13

Psygnosis Ltd.

Psygnosis was one of Europe's leading electronic games software developers. Since the company was founded in Liverpool, in 1984, Psygnosis has stood at the forefront of the electronic games market, creating more than 100 award-winning titles for a variety of different gaming platforms.
Barbarian, Lomax, Pyrotechnica

Publishing International

Ishido - The Way of Stones

Pyro Studios

Spanish video game develpment studio. Pyro Studios was set up in 1996 to create games for PC and game consoles, with a top-rate international-level quality, and to become one of the most important developers on the world scene.

Quantum Quality Productions

Quantum Quality Productions was an independent game development and publishing company formed in Flemington, New Jersey. The company also used the names QQP, Inc. and Q.Q.P., Inc. in press releases and on box covers. QQP is best known for its war and strategy games, most notably The Perfect General. American Laser Games, Inc. acquired the company in 1994 and it became a subsidiary. QQP discontinued operations in 1995.
Lost Admiral, Perfect General

Quest Software, Inc.

Legacy of the Ancients

Quex Development Ltd.

Huckleberry Hound in Hollywood Capers

Radical Entertainment Inc.

Radical Entertainment was a game development studio located in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) and founded in 1991. Radical worked on titles such as Scarface: The World is Yours (the 8th title from Radical that has sold over 1 million units and the 4th title to ship over 2 million units), Crash Tag Team Racing, Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and The Simpson’s Hit & Run. They continued to work on licensed properties, but later switched to original IP and developed the Prototype games.
Brett Hull Hockey 95

Rage Games Ltd.

Rage Games Ltd. was an English game development studio founded as Rage Software Ltd. by Paul Finnegan in 1992. Originally creating games for third party developers, the first commercial success came with the football game Striker in 1992.
Power Drive, Striker 95

Rainbow Arts Software GmbH

Rainbow Arts was a game publisher and developer founded in 1984 in Gütersloh, Germany. Early in the 80's they gathered many people from all over Germany, like Armin Gessert (founder of the company Spellbound), Thomas Hertzler (of Blue Byte), Chris Huelsbeck, Manfred Trenz, and others. All their games from that time were mainly made for the C64 and the Amiga and only very few were converted to the IBM-PC later on.
Mad TV

Rainmaker Software, Inc.

Rainmaker Software was created by Bruce J. Mack and some friends. Their first game Isle of the Dead was marginally successful when it was released about the same time as Id's game Spear of Destiny. Their second game Nerves of Steel was overshadowed by Id's release of DOOM.
Isle of the dead

Raven Software Corporation

Raven Software is a computer game developer based in Madison, Wisconsin. The company was founded in 1990 by brothers Brian and Steve Raffel, and initially had a staff of five people.

RazorSoft, Inc.