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The game company founded in Germany in 1988 which eventually owned branches in USA and Australia. The company became very famous for the Settlers series, which became very popular and created vast community of players who remained active until today.
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The goal of this game is to build a prosperous and well organized city and to gain control of the enemy cities. This might initially seem simple to do, but in reality it is much more complex. If you consider all the game's problems inversely, that is from the end of the game first you will understand better. In order to conquer the enemy castles, you will need many knights. To keep their moral up, you will need gold, and for the weapons you will need iron and coal. These raw materials are found in mines. The mines must be provided with food and the raw materials must be melted in a foundry The food supply is insured by the fishermen and the farmers, but they need tools, as do all other workers. These tools are made by smiths. To build huts, houses, castles you will need construction materials and workers...



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5/2/2023 1:46:00 PM - Nicymike Do you know Serflings? It is a remake of settlers 1 I developed. It features many improvements but sticks to the original game as much as possible. It even has LAN support. You just need one file from the original game to start it.
7/3/2021 1:12:00 PM - Ragash The original Amiga version was even better, but playing this on my laptop without an Amiga emulator is the best. Is there any chance that multiplayer over network can be added?
11/29/2020 3:47:00 PM - Admin All seems to work on our side. How do you try to start the game ?
11/27/2020 10:28:00 PM - Mattroco IT goes to DOS but nothing else :(
4/17/2020 6:19:00 PM - Reclaimer For people new to this game or don't know about this game. Get ready to play the best RTS/City builder that has even been made, No other game has come close to the depth/gameplay/replay this game has to offer. Simple to learn hard to master, Back in the day me and my friends would have map size 8 matchs that would last 2 weeks+. The best RTS to have ever graced the planet. settlers 2 - to the remake are all shit.
3/3/2020 4:46:00 PM - Karol Piotr, ta gra jest taka sama, poza dzwiekiem. Pamietam, ze dzwiek na Amidze byl lepszy. Pozdrawiam z Denver.
2/6/2020 9:16:00 AM - Piotr Go Fajna gra lecz na amigę było lepiej bo było można robić przejścia z przeciwnikami i podkradać wszystkie dobra a na PC już jest trochę nudna
1/20/2020 9:27:00 AM - Piotr P.G.
12/1/2019 10:48:00 AM - Henk Run as administrator to get it to run. Ingame go to options and click SVGA mode for better view.
10/10/2019 7:16:00 PM - YoMoMmA I dont understand this game but the animations are lit and im having a lotta fun
5/10/2019 7:26:00 PM - RishiFromEdison Yo this game dummy lit wtf
9/1/2018 2:07:00 PM - Aleksander Don't work for me under Linux Mint :( :( :( throught wine or in browser. Pity.
12/2/2016 9:37:00 AM - Dan81 I'm running this off an RPi: how do you get the resolution so good and such a large screen size?
6/29/2016 1:34:00 AM - Denzil can not seem to be able to special click. Pity. stupid windows 10 upgrade
5/26/2016 8:19:00 AM - Does anyone know where there is a basic strategy guide for this game? I am stuck on scenario #2. I cannot get new workers for my buildings so all my new builds are idle. I cannot get any lumberjacks, fisherman, defenders, knights, etc. The manual on this site does not seem to address these sorts of issues.
11/26/2015 7:35:00 PM - alidmun it's a pity this easy a copy of the early version the later versions allowed you to capture the resouces left at flags
1/17/2015 12:16:00 PM - andy wtf i cant download shit why the fuck is this web sight up for
12/24/2014 2:44:00 AM - Me The game breaks down after a while and refuse to play, just randomly quitting. Also the emulator seems buggy. Too bad, damn fine game.
8/24/2014 9:26:00 AM - frustrated I just dont know how to start with this game... i cant install anything, i got dosbox but nothing else works. im using windows 7 home premium 64bit.
4/26/2014 5:33:00 PM - Stoney Just click on any symbol 3 times to get in. In the original game you had to turn to the correct page to find which 3 symbols to enter
4/26/2014 5:31:00 PM - Stoney Just click on any symbol 3 times to get in
3/8/2014 5:31:00 AM - Help Pls How do I even get past the copy protection? The manual on the site doesn't have any of the symbols, or page numbers. This looks like a really interesting game, I just wish that I could play it.
5/31/2013 7:08:00 AM - Weliuqa i remember this game, they fight one on one in front of the guard post, took their turn until somebody die first, very funny game, they fight with style, i keep this game on my pc alongside with sim golf, road rash and starcraft 1.
12/23/2012 8:38:00 PM - paul T best game there ever was ... i want it back how do i download it ????
12/15/2012 12:05:00 PM - Bob how do you change the mouse setting Matty to get the 'special-click' to work?
12/12/2012 10:46:00 PM - Brandon Duncan Looks wonderful. Can't wait to play it.
11/29/2012 6:57:00 AM - Ghoulie Gonna try out if this works with my SGS3 +dosbox turbo
8/10/2012 2:23:00 PM - Matty Ok, I've worked out if you change your mouse driver, it works fine. I rolled it back to the older one in the control panel, mouse settings.
8/10/2012 1:10:00 PM - Matty Very annoying, can't get the special right then left click, so I can't use the geologist and controls as easily. Anyone know a work around? Used to love this game on the amiga.
7/11/2012 8:48:00 PM - Rafh this game is very cool !! to speed the game just hit ALT+F12 in the DOSBOX. ps: Chris: to do that actions you need to press and hold the left clik then press the right click, and maintain the left holded
6/15/2012 6:16:00 PM - louise this game is so slow, if it ran fast as settlers 2 it would be better
2/5/2012 2:37:00 AM - richared No idea how to get this game running
12/30/2011 2:45:00 PM - Chris unable to get geologists out, or demoish/remove buildings and flags - very annoying
9/18/2011 12:15:00 PM - Fredrik Lovely game, and not half as complicated as the successor.
9/11/2011 11:12:00 AM - Duke Such a good game!
5/26/2011 9:34:00 PM - ahbla not very good, cannot get the screen to scroll along to look around :(
12/15/2010 6:43:00 PM - Efixis Thank you very much man :) first settlers with sounds...this is one of the best games of my childhood :)
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The downloaded packages are prepared to be runnable with a single click. Only thing you need to do is download the zip archive, unzip to your game directory and run the game with included "Play NOW.exe" file. For more information see Download Notice
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