The object of SPELLCRAFT is to become a powerful wizard and fulfill the quest given you by Garwayen, your Mentor, who will teach you the basics of magic.
Who can become the real Avatar?. Fourth of Ultima RPG series.
Graphical adventure game, loosely based on fantasy role playing games, and drawing much inspiration from Norse mythology.
Even after defeating Myrtani and putting an end to the draconian threat, evil still lurks in Krynn. Your daring group of adventurers now face a far greater danger, the threat of the dreaded lord Soth and his growing undead army.
Buck Rogers in an awesome RPG game. Under the leadership of the famous Buck Rogers, you team must now embark on a mission of salvation.
Classic RPG game. Long time friends are now fighting each other, accusing each other of starting the war. A strange dream led you to the Island, and now you feel it is your destiny to prevent a bloodshed!
The Avatar is summoned back to Britannia. Lord British is once again in danger.
The player needs to cross many military pursuits, rendering space for development and strategy. Please read the game manual before starting with this game. You can experience both the military and economic campaign.
Is a very well-researched game as it deliberately includes many top scientists like Madam Curie, Thomas Edison, etc. accurately. The gameplay involves a lot of conversations which can be very engaging if the player has an appetite for science and philosophy.
The one game which has the different versions. So, if you are the fan of Buck Rogers’s story, then you have various version and modes to play.
The Isle of Gelnor is divided by a chain of mountains into two regions. The west is the traditional domain of human and humanoid beings - with a few renegade Orcs and Lizardmen - dedicated to order and goodness. The east is inhabited by more exotic creatures - dragons, trolls and giants. These regions have been waging war throughout the history of the Great land. Since the Great invasion by the evil sorcerer Nikademus, the isle of Gelnor has been terrorized by his merciless Black Knights. To maintain their reign of terror, the Black Knights travel from town to town, demanding sacrifices and homage. You are an adventurer looking for fame and fortune, as most of them do, and you see your chance here. Those Black Knights deserves your attention no matter the costs.
All 3D, Legend Series computer role-playing adventure based on the popular AD&D 2nd Edition rules and on an original story created for this game.
The second part in the series. The game is set in the future, in the year 3029. You are a Mechwarrior named Jason Youngblood from the house Steiner from the Lyran Commonwealth.
Avatar is send to the world of Pagan. No one knows him here. Next of Ultima RPG series.
Graphical adventure game, loosely based on fantasy role playing games, and drawing much inspiration from Norse mythology. Part one concerns the character's efforts to avenge the deaths of his or her godparents, who were foully murdered by unknown agents. Along the way, you will do battle with evil monsters, brave deadly traps, and collect the money and magical treasures guarded by dangerous foes.