Is basically focused on amassing wealth as the character learns new abilities along the way and improves his own skills. The game has isometric visuals which means players could enjoy pseudo 3D effect as they take on this fantasy ride.
The game begin with past story in which two thousand years before a demon from the dark reaches earth to take revenge, sand rain falls on earth and princess of Zeliard was made into stone by the demon, Duke, the hero of the game has to collect nine tears to bring princess out of curse..
The basic idea of the game is to let the player create and develop one's character and undertake missions, fight demons and ultimately save the world. The game begins with the player choosing ones race from Elf, Dwarf, Corantir, and Human. The race triggers automatic rolls from 3 to 20 points for physical and mental strength, dexterity, luck, life, and gold.
The player plays the role of a wolf. The game features a free simulation mode with several scenarios. The task in the video game has time limit and the player needs to complete the quest in the given time period.
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