Company name Description Games

Tim Wisseman

Defender of Boston

Time Warp Software GmbH

Volleyball Simulator, Berlin 1948

Titanic Entertainment


Titus Interactive

Originally a French company founded in 1985 by Caen and Gil Espeche. Although they released many successful titles, the company bankrupted in 2004. Some of their most famous creations are: Prehistorik series, Fox or Crazy Cars series.
Crazy Cars 2, Crazy Cars 3, Fox, Prehistorik 2, Prehistorik, Blues Brothers - Jukebox Adventure, Lamborghini - American Challenge, F40 Pursuit Simulator, Metal Rage: Defender of the Earth, Galactic Conqueror, Super Cauldron, The Blues Brothers, Dick Tracy

Titus Ltd.

Wild Streets

Titus Software Corporation

Titus Software Corporation was the American branch of Titus France SA.
Crime Does Not Pay

Tom Bombadil's Software Emporium and House of Curi

Get Lost!

TOM Productions

TOM Productions was a German shareware development team consisting of Christian Männchen (graphics and sound) and Andreas Tofahrn (programming and documentation). The team was active from 1987 to 1996 and released 8 games in total, most popular among them the Game of ROBOT series of action puzzle games that were among the most popular German shareware games in the late 1980s to early 90s. Distributor Boeder Software nominated the original Game of ROBOT for its Game of the Year 1990 award, and awarded Tofahrn and Männchen the title of Public Domain Authors of the Year 1990 (despite their games not having been released into the public domain). While 1994's FlipOut was the last game developed by TOM Productions, Andreas Tofahrn kept maintaining the official website, produced Windows ports, and, as of December 2016, registration codes for all TOM games can still be purchased.

Tom Proudfoot Games

Tom Proudfoot Games is the moniker under which the Californian Tom Proudfoot releases his games.

Tom Snyder Productions, Inc.

Agent USA, The American Challenge: A Sailing Simulation

Tomasz Pytel

Dork's Dreams

Topo Soft

Topo Soft was one of the most professional Spanish companies in the 8-bit era, in special since the incorporation of Gabriel Nieto to its directive in 1988. During the years from 1987 to 1992, they developed a great number of games for Spectrum, MSX and Amstrad CPC computers, most of them best sellers (Emilio Butragueño Fútbol, a soccer game, sold 100,000 copies in Spain alone). It was also, next to Dinamic, the company with most significant international distribution and visibility. Their biggest success Mad Mix Game (a Pac-Man gaming style adapted wisely to current times), was used by Pepsi for a competition in Japan (this was an incredible feat for Spanish software), and they even won Gremlins 2 royalties after a stiff competition with the major software companies.
Rock'N Roller, Olimpiadas 92: Gimnasia Deportiva, Olimpiadas 92: Atletismo

Topologika Software Ltd.

Topologika Software Ltd. was founded by a group of teachers in 1987. It is located in the Cornwall, England, (UK) and is the publisher and distributor of children's educational software and games. In the 1980s, they published some of the classic text-adventure games for the BBC Micro, Spectrum, Amstrad, Atari and the PC. Some time in their history they became part of the 21st Century Entertainment conglomerate.
Acheton, Murdac, Countdown to Doom, Hezarin

Toys For Bob

Toys For Bob are the creators of the innovative, new Skylanders video game and toy franchise. They have made games for over 22 years now on every conceivable platform and have never worked harder and been more proud of anything they have ever done.
Star Control, Star Control 2, Horde

Tranquil Revolt in Computer

Jurassic War

Trans Fiction Systems Inc.

Hidden Agenda, Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Transinium Challenge

TransMedia Productions, Inc.


Trecision S.p.A.

Trecision, Italy's oldest video game developer, was founded in 1991 by Pietro Montelatici, Fabrizio Lagorio, and Edoardo Gervino. The company was based in Rapallo, a picturesque Italian town on the Ligurian coast 30 km east of Genoa. Their first game was Profezia (1991), an adventure game exclusively developed for the Italian market. It was followed by more than a dozen titles for both the PC and console markets, published and distributed by companies such as Sony, Infogrames, Ubisoft, Cryo, Midas Interactive, and Hasbro. As well as developing titles for PC and next-generation consoles, Trecision was also an active player in the online and wireless videogames industry.
Alien Virus

Tri-Cat Software


Triniti Software