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Windmill Software

Windmill Software was a game development company that developed games for the IBM PC in the early 80's. Windmill games were programmed with a strong underlying knowledge of the hardware, and many of them showed that knowledge with enhanced colors or sound, for example their unique use of the 160x100 16 colour mode on CGA graphics, or their early pulse with modulation of the PC speaker. Windmill published nine games between 1982 and 1984, Styx being their last one. Almost all of their games were inspired by hits of the times, such as Styx is based on QIX and The Exterminator resembles Centipede with some twists. At least two of their games have had modern remakes, Digger and Styx.
Styx, The Exterminator, Digger

Winged Yak Productions

Flynn Sprint

Wizard games

Chase, Rockstar!

Wizard Software

Still around just not doing as much. Outer Ridge was from 1995.
Outer Ridge

WJS Design

Also Known As Smithson Computing (from 1982 to 1989)

Workman Publishing

Brain Quest 6th Grade Edition

World Domination Productions

Artman's Goplanes!

World Software

Franko - The Crazy Revenge

Worwyk Software

Blackstar - Agent of Justice, Mel Odius goes Six String Searchin'

WRF Studios

SoftLab Laboratories was founded in 1988 by pioneer adventure game developer William R. Fisher III. Bill Fisher developed and released his first independent, shareware game, Last Half of Darkness, for MS-DOS in 1989. SoftLab released several other games in the early 1990s including The Nine Lives of Secret Agent Kat, an RPG/adventure with an espionage plot. The company was called William R. Fisher III Studios in 1994 when the game The Romantic Blue was commercially released on CD-ROM (published by CrystalVision Software). Also released that year was the shareware game Death by Dark Shadows. In 2000, an updated version of Last Half of Darkness was released for Windows on CD-ROM, developed and published by WRF Studios.
Last Half of Darkness VGA

X-ample Architectures

Doofus, The Return of Medusa

Xatrix Entertainment, Inc.

Xatrix was a North American development studio based in Los Angeles, California. The company was founded in 1994. They were mostly known for their Redneck Rampage and Cyberia series. Their last game was Kingpin: Life of Crime (1999). Shortly after its release, the company was disbanded and later re-structured as Gray Matter Interactive.
Redneck Rampage: Possum Bayou

xland Sp. z o.o.

Xland was a polish company based in Krakow founded in 1989 that produced games for personal computers. Head of the company was Marek Kubowicz, and the main developers Janusz Pelc and Maciej Miąsik. The most famous developed games is Robbo, Electro Body and Heartlight PC. All three games was released as freeware in 2006 as Epic Puzzle Pack compilation.
Electroman, Heartlight

XOR Corporation

XOR Corporation developed several sport games in 1980s like Basketball Challenge or NFL Challenge. XOR Corporation was a Minnesota-based developer and publisher of sport simulation games that existed in the 1980s. Nothing has been heard from them since 1989, so it appears that they are no longer around.
Basketball Challenge, Roboman


Real Fighter

Xtreme Games LLC

Xtreme Games LLC was founded in late 1995 by André LaMothe in San Jose, California (USA). The objective was "to create the next generation of value 2D/3D video games for the consumer market while at the same time to explore new and untapped markets in the commercial arena and internet distribution."
Rex Blade: The Apocalypse

Yahoo Software

Aldo's Adventure

Ybarra Productions, Inc.

Alien Legacy

Yedioth Ahronoth

Super Trix

Yong Choi