Company name Description Games

The SoftAd Group, Inc.

Ford Simulator II, Ford Simulator III, Ford Simulator 5.0, The Ford Simulator

The Software Labs

Air Puck

The Software Shed

Theatre of Death

The Software Toolworks, Inc.

The Software Toolworks started in 1980 as a publisher of software for Heath/Zenith personal computers. Early products included MYCHESS, The Original Adventure, and the C/80 C compiler for CP/M. In 1994, The Software Toolworks acquired Mindscape, setting it up as its development studio.
Life and Death, Star Wars Chess, Life and Death II: The Brain, Bruce Lee Lives, The Software Toolworks' Star Wars Chess

The Toxic Dream

Ballgame 2

The Unobstructed Reason Corporation

Mimi and The Mites

Theron Wierenga

Bert's African Animals, Bert's Whales and Dolphins

Think!Ware Development


Thinking Machine Associates

Anacreon: Reconstruction 4021

Thinking Tools, Inc.


Thomas Biskup

Ancient Domains of Mystery

Thomas Buengener, David Lehmeyer

Bubble Blobb

Thorsoft of Letchworth

Denarius Avaricius Sextus

Three Rivers Software

Moses: Old Testament Adventure #1

Three-Sixty Pacific, Inc.

Three-Sixty Pacific was founded in late 1980's by avid wargamers and military history enthusiasts. Their games, although by no means selling like hot cakes, were always thoughtfully designed, with a high level of realism rarely seen in wargames, user-friendly mouse-driven interface, clean graphics, and excellent tutorial and on-line help files. While fellow wargaming houses such as QQP and SSI diversifies into non-historical and hypothetical wargames, Three-Sixty stuck to their first love: historical wargames, for all in-house efforts. After some diversification efforts in the late 80's - early 90's when the company published several action games, Three-Sixty developed and published Harpoon - a masterpiece based on Larry Bond's tabletop wargame that was inducted into Computer Gaming 150 Best Games of All Time and is still regarded today as THE best naval simulation ever produced. Despite the considerable commercial success of Harpoon and Atomic Games' V for Victory Series, complete failure of lavishly-produced but esoteric Theatre of War and lack of funds brought the company to its knees in early 1994.
Megafortress: Operation Sledgehammer


Flying Tigers II

Tiertex Design Studios

Tiertex Design Studios was established in 1987 in the United Kingdom as Tiertex Limited (sometimes abbreviated Tiertex Ltd). The company has developed hundreds of games for just about every video console and home computer format ever produced. In addition, the company offers in-house production services to publishers including games design, programming, graphics, music, SFX, development tools, and testing. The company's clientele includes household name publishers such as EA, THQ, Activision, LEGO Media and BBC Worldwide for whom they have developed a diverse range of titles from sports sims, such as Championship Motocross 2001, to games for younger children, such as the EMMA 2000 award nominee Bob The Builder. The company began using the name Tiertex Design Studios Limited in February 2004.
HKM, Die Hard 2: Die Harder

Tiger Developments Ltd.

Harrier 7

Tiger Electronics, Ltd

Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers: The Adventures in Nimnul's Castle

Tiger Media, Inc.

Murder Makes Strange Deadfellows, The Case of the Cautious Condor