The purpose of the game is to clear the screen of dots while avoiding the nasties. However by eating one of the pulsating energy pills, the roles are reversed for a short time and you can gain points by catching the fleeing monsters. When the screen is cleared you proceed to the next level. Collect goodies, that appear every now and then, to gain bonus points.
Strange new life-forms have begun to appear everywhere. These life-forms have a very short life-span. Pako's specific design is not to find and kill the SPACE-PESTS, but to seek and destroy their eggs.
Guide the fearless Pang through a total of 17 different countries as he hunts and shoots ballons. These ballons appear in 4 different sizes. When a ballon is shot it will continually divide itself in half until it reaches its smallest size. When you shoot the smallest ballons they finally disappear. After you have destroyed all the ballons you can move on to the next level.
Sport games   
The game offers the player the chance to develop the skills and nuances through the development option. Herein the player is provided with a training gym wherein they can instruct and improve the boxer’s ability in smoothing their attacks through the options of weightlifting, skipping-rope, and kicking. This game can be played in single as well as multiplayer mode. Do not forget to take the golden chance of training yourself and the boxer only to make them competent enough to challenge the best boxer, Andre Panza, himself. Well for this to happen, you should be ready to have enough training and practice.
You are the brightest and best of the new Axis generals in the Second World War. Your tactical skills will be tested in armored assaults, amphibious invasions, paradrops, naval engagements, and fierce aerial combat for control of the skies. Go from triumph to triumph, invading and seizing the capitals of Great Britain, the Soviet Union, and ultimately the United States of America on your way to conquering the whole world.
The gamer plays the role of a paper delivery boy who has to deliver all the papers on time and complete the target set for seven days starting from Monday to Sunday. If you think it is going to be easy, let us acquaint you with the fact, no game is easy without a few hurdles on the way. To begin with, the player has to control the delivery boy in delivering the papers in time. Beware: A delay in delivery can cost you one life.
Is the sequel of the paperboy, which renders you the experience of an arcade with the excellent blend of twist and turn. It transcends the old game path, where the player has to walk straight in the street. It makes you wander around the street. Any corner of the street is within reach to the player. It offers great game plot than its earlier version. The player can examine new move, bonuses, obstacles and enhanced graphics.
The game involves like any usual wargame a series of enemies who are spread across different locations. The player has the option to either play it single or with other players. To assist the player, they are provided with different maps to choose from. Each level requires immense strategizing and shrewdness to kill the enemies. This multiplayer game can be controlled using either the mouse or the keyboard.
Simulation,Sport games   
The game starts with your turn and you need to hit the ball just like any other snooker game. Remember that the robot players really give a tough competition and you may want to try harder to beat them.
The player needs to save themselves from the ghosts who are constantly on the run to eat you up and make you their dinner. The element of ghost added to series have only notched up the excitement of the game. The player needs to keep collecting points by eating away the Items. On the way the player will be attacked by enemies in the form of ghosts, each having a different knack for killing you. In order to safeguard oneself and get a pro over the enemies, the game also presents the player with items which can boost their energy, give them extra life as well as help them create a shield over the enemies.
The tom boy- girl named as pepper has a dog called Lockjaw. Pepper has to fight against the damages caused by Dr. Fred. Doctor Fred, discovered the time machine, that emerges as a machine of causing damage. The elements like educational puzzles, historical facts, and the question marks, aids to solve the damages caused by the time machine. The puzzles, makes the player get the asynchronous elements. The players also get a chance to play as the Lockjaw for some episodes.
Is one of the first hexagonal war strategy games. Although the graphics is pretty obsolete, the game complexity and variety of scenarios makes it still interesting for general war strategists. The computer intelligence is satisfactory for the given computation time and effectiveness which was available around the time this game was created and will still provide you with satisfactory game experience.
Perry Mason is has to prove that the wife has not killed her husband while all the facts are against her. You have to investigate the crime scenes, interrogate suspects, analyze clues and after that present your case in the court with skeptical jury.
Peter Pan is the leader of a team of girls and boys playing against the leader of Pirates Captain Hook. Peter has stolen the map which belonged to the captain, who has captivated all the girls and boys from his village. They would be rescued in one condition if the map is exchanged for the kids. Its now on Peter to save them as well as his Girl who is also in the captive of Captain Hook.
The Isle of Gelnor is divided by a chain of mountains into two regions. The west is the traditional domain of human and humanoid beings - with a few renegade Orcs and Lizardmen - dedicated to order and goodness. The east is inhabited by more exotic creatures - dragons, trolls and giants. These regions have been waging war throughout the history of the Great land. Since the Great invasion by the evil sorcerer Nikademus, the isle of Gelnor has been terrorized by his merciless Black Knights. To maintain their reign of terror, the Black Knights travel from town to town, demanding sacrifices and homage. You are an adventurer looking for fame and fortune, as most of them do, and you see your chance here. Those Black Knights deserves your attention no matter the costs.