Your goal in Ultris is to make solid horizontal lines. You must move and rotate the bricks until a line is made. When a line is made, it will disappear, and everything above it will drop down. Every ten lines you make, the level will go up, and the speed will increase.
The game offers three historical scenarios: Alexender the Great's reach for world domination from Spain to India, the Assault on Fortress Europe from 1st of June to 31st of July, 1944 and an event where Napoleon's forces wanted to cross the English Channel on 5th August, 1905. The number of players to wage the war simultaneously is to be decided.
The game offers the player to choose from four battle scenarios Arbela, Hastings, Marston, Gettysburg and the battle of Waterloo, with complete omission of the Prussians. The game involves two stages, the first where the player decides whether to attack or to defend. It is then followed by setting the moves by deciding the formation, numbers, and speed of the troops for a maximum of eight turns.
A game of exploration, glory and treasure hunting. In 1502, ten years after the immortal voyage of Columbus, you assume the role of a young Portuguese captain. Your goal is to attain glory and restore honor to your once noble family name.
A game of exploration, glory and treasure hunting. Second edition of a favorite strategy game. The Age of Exploration. You take the role of your choice, you can start as a small trader, adventurer or privateer.
It’s one of the first true horror based game. The game begins with our car being stopped by a strange figure, then you go unconscious. When you are back to your sense, you realize that your sibling is missing and you find yourself in front of a mansion; one that looks it's haunted.
You have to save princess Isolde by the enemies i.e evil Polymorphic. He is the main evil character of this game, the king of darkness and justice. There are eight different levels in this game with different atmospheric and interactive environments and has both 2D and 3D graphics that are enough to have some fun.
The game requires patience as a combat involving an enemy submarine is elusive. The graphics are simple but effective and the animations are smooth. The view of the control panel complete with all the gadgets adds to the feel of the game. The siren and other sounds are realistic.
The war-game, V for Victory is a fully mouse controlled game which occurs at the dusk of II World War. It consists of 4 plots and each day is divided into 6 parts.
The basic idea of the game is to let the player create and develop one's character and undertake missions, fight demons and ultimately save the world. The game begins with the player choosing ones race from Elf, Dwarf, Corantir, and Human. The race triggers automatic rolls from 3 to 20 points for physical and mental strength, dexterity, luck, life, and gold.
Is a true "real time" horror game played from three screens, the 3-D overhead map, the character screen, and the full-screen map of the valley in which the game takes place. The term "real time" means that everything in the game is happening instantaneously with no breaks in game play.
The basic idea behind the game is to fly and control a Veritech fighter, as featured in the animation series. The game offers four missions. The game begins with the training at the Ataia Island, where the spaceship had crash-landed a decade ago.
The driving simulation game features street racing and can be played from behind-view or first-person perspective. The game features street racing and can be played in a solo and dual player modes.
Is a rare thrilling adventurous game. The player is here Killian Jaraad who will be led to the star system Talos V, where the player will able to search 3 military camps in an attempt to get back Colesce and destroy the Xenos' man, a strong opponent.
The world needs to be created from scratch by the player in the beginning of this game. A player can also use a pre-made world. A player can customize the number of characters in the world that he is forming along with it's setting.