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The game takes you right into the heart of soccer team management: selection of the squad and choice of tactical options, in considerable detail.
The game follows the story of Onesium, who is a slave and has escaped his master, Philemon. Philemon is chasing Onesium in the Slaves quarter and Onesium’s goal is to escape from there and reach Rome.
The player has to strategize and destroy the enemy lands with weapons. For this, the player is provided with the statistics of players such as Adolf Hitler, Stalin, and others. The player has to save their number of soldiers at the same time crunch the enemy soldiers. Operation Europe Path to Victory 1939-45 as the name suggests, the overall goal remains to save the destruction of Europe and take to the path of victory. In addition, the player can play the Japanese version in 4 modes starting with either campaign mode, single player, multiplayer, campaign mode or else demonstration mode.
You are given a frog that you could either dissect or re-construct. By dissect, it means that you need to cut open a frog and pull out all in its organ and by re-construct, it means that you need to put all the organs back in its place for the frog. You get to use scissors, probe, tweezers and magnifying glass to play with the frog. You could learn all about the organs since each organ will be labeled with its name and its reference.
To win the game, you have it maintain supplies from running out, earning points for keeping supply hexes in check and losing them for overrun hexes by German-controlled towns.
You have to destroy all enemies before they kill you. Operation Wolf consists of six missions, which are displayed on the Operations Map Screen. A mission is completed when all enemy forces are reduced to zero. The current level is completed when you escape from the airport with the prisoners. Your injury level increases when the enemy hits you. The game automatically ends if the injury indicator on the right side of the screen becomes completely red. You can reduce your injury level by getting power drinks.
You are inspector Harry, your mission is to recover and destroy the latest shipment of drugs, which is in the hands of street pushers.
The player plays the role of an instructor of a caravan who is guiding a group of people on their way. There are numerous places where the travelers can stop and decide about their way and buy some stuff that would be helpful during the course of their journey. The players can also hunt on their way with the guns and other weapons, which they buy on their way. The players can hunt the animals and use it as a foodstuff. The number of animals that the player can hunt is decided by the number of bullets he has. Also, the player can carry two hundred pounds of meat in the caravan. In addition to this, the players can also go fishing. Moreover, there are several reasons due to which the player might fall ill or get harmed...
You need to eliminate all the chips of your opponent player to win this game. You just need to sandwich your opponent’s chip in between your chips to eliminate it.
You've been assigned to clear the asteroid belts between Mars and Saturn. The Corporation Regulating Advanced Propulsion(CRAP)is in need of additional testing grounds and have hired you, yes you, to clear the way. You must achieve your quota for each sector before you can move on to the next. Follow up crews will use Capped Rocket Utilizing Detonators(CRUDs)to destroy any remaining asteroids after you have hyperspaced into the next sector.
The player has to race his car to the endpoint to emerge as the winner and to complete the various level. The player is offered certain privileges which can add extra points and time to race in his kitty. On crossing the checkpoints, the player is rewarded with extra time. The gamer has to be vigilant enough to complete the race within the stipulated time or else will have to begin from the start. At the end of each level, the gamer has to choose from two points. The left one will take to a difficult level and right to an easier level.
You arrive at your home planet after a long space flight, only to find it has been destroyed by a demonic warlike alien race that kills for sheer pleasure. You are now the last of your race and out for revenge. Your single minded quest is to destroy the alien leader's heavily armoured Battle Star at the end of planet 6. But before you reach the Battle Star you will have to battle your way through massive levels packed with danger, freeing six other planets from the tyranny of these creatures..
It is a clone of a famous Pac-man game. We have played it for a long time and there is no chance you are gonna get bored with this game.
In this game, it is possible to take either side in the conflict, which can be played from the dawn of combat in 1937 through to the historical or hypothetical outcome(s) of the war.
The player takes control over a titular creature. The player needs to eat all the tiny circles in a closed maze along with avoiding ghosts (each with a different color).