The player takes control over the British or American fleets and fight against the enemies in the 10 scenes of the game. The last four scenes can be played in the form of a solo campaign.
The game mimics the world's just vertical take-off and landing airship capability, despite the fact that it doesn't have long career mode missions to keep easy chair pilots cheerful for long. The game is played in a low-res mode.
The later submarine simulation games were highly inspired by this game. The year in which the mission happens decides what kinds of equipment’s were available at that time. Aircraft are available. In the event that the reserve is close to the sea-shore or a bearer, periodic watch airship could result in a terrible day adrift. Boats in an assaulted escort will alter courses and speeds trying to escape demolition...
Is a fantasy roll-playing game based in a world of dragons, knights, and magic.
To start the game, you pick a course; the PC shows an overhead perspective on the course and demonstrates to you a proposed course around it. Cruising against a pontoon directed by the PC, your racer for the position and endeavor to cross the beginning line as soon as the horn sounds.
In the game, the race of humans comes to an end and the world inhabits the civilizations of the dead along with two armies of the robot who are loyal to their human creators who are now dead.
The racing or driving is played from the perspective of a first person and it features vehicle simulation. The game is basically an advertisement game which was mainly developed for the purpose of advertisement of the Ford Company.
The game is basically made for kids of pre-schools and toddlers. The aim of the game is to impart education to the children in a fun manner. The game is full of fun and adventures. In the game, the player uncovers a manhole and discovers a huge beanstalk.
The player takes command over the nuclear power station. The task of the game is to carry out a stable reaction and create electricity by manipulating the control rods and the secondary and primary cooling pumps. After every attempt which the player makes to generate electricity, the player is provided a score which is based on the duration for which the reactor was working and the amount of power generated by the reaction in the nuclear power plant.
The game is a multiplayer game in which 4 players play the character of a member of the Simpson family. The players fight with the foes and rescue Maggie who has been abducted by a gang of kidnappers.
Bart Simpson goes through 5 levels to ruin the ploys of the aliens who want to rule the world. Bart can buy equipment like bombs, rockets to help him through his journey. Bart travels on a skateboard.
The player needs to fight with Mongu, who is a Fatman. Mongu is the winner of the combat palace and the final hurdle in the game. His special talent is his ability to “tongue-lash”. In tongue lash, the belly of the player opens and a tongue comes out of it which eats the enemy.
The player plays the role of an air traffic controller at the airport of Los Angeles. The screen in the game depicts the scene of control radar of air traffic which indicates the air traffic which is incoming. Along with the radar, the audio of the game also alerts the player about the traffic. The player can direct the traffic by giving textual commands to the specific airplanes.
The game consists of 9 slot machines. The game is played as per the rules stated by the control commission of the New Jersey Casino. By default, the bet limit of the game is set as ten thousand dollars. But, the limits of the game can be changed. The players also have the ability to increase and decrease the bets of all the tables. The gamblers who are experienced can be listed in the Table of High scores.
The game features managerial and business simulation. The player plays the character of an investor in the commodity market. The commodity market simulation casts the player in the character of an investor. The player begins the game with 10,000 dollars cash in his hand. The task of the player is to increase the money by turning the money which he has into something big. The player does so by purchasing and selling several commodities and investing in something which earns him profit in the future.