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Short and easy addictive arcade game.
Windwalker is a combination of RPG action game and adventure style game.
Space fighter flight simulator.

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Old DOS Games

When compared to the old days, these days the levels of game arrivals are tremendously increased but the addiction level was enormously decreased at the same rate. With the old DOS games, you can enjoy doing the gaming whole day within the home without boring. You will not feel disappointed after purchase of these retro games, these games are designed with proper functions and features to make the gamers happy.

Nowadays, games are coming larger in number and many of the games are copied on the same theme. Game developers are in a hurry to pull the audience on their side. On that race, they miss adding the essentials to amuse the customers. Retro games are not designed to satisfy the customers, they are designed with the motive to delight the customers and that is why it remains so close to many people heart.

Playing Old DOS Games made easy

Free Game Empire is a webpage dedicated to playing classic old games. We have developed a game system that allows you to upload and play the games instantly from your web browser without the need of complex user-unfriendly emulator settings.

All games on our page can be run by a single click for maximum game experience. The Emulator Starter application used to run the games uses Dosbox DOS emulator to run the old games. The Free Game Empire webpage contains many forums dedicated to the games or the general discussions. When you experience a problem with any game on our website, you can use the forums dedicated to the technical issues or feedback form to report the problem immediately.

Why are websites restoring the DOS games?

Many people are now in search of the retro games. They can either download the free retro games from the online. To enjoy the specific features and more fun games, they can legally purchase the license to enjoy the features in their own PC. Playing these games not only brings back the old memories but also you can enjoy the classic old adventure gaming fun inside it. Based on this idea, nowadays many gaming websites are attracting and pulling the audience inside their website to play the old games.

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