Plan your strategy for each track, there are six to choose from during regular play, and each demands a different style of driving. There's also a bonus track if you win the Tournament. There are four game modes to try, with an option to compete against another driver over a modem. With different cars, different tracks, and different styles of racing fueling your need for speed, you'll find your addiction growing to a fewer pitch.
Accompany Bastian in another of his exciting adventures in a world full of mystery and surprises. Once again the childlike Empress has requested Bastian's help to save fantasia from destruction.
The player takes command over the nuclear power station. The task of the game is to carry out a stable reaction and create electricity by manipulating the control rods and the secondary and primary cooling pumps. After every attempt which the player makes to generate electricity, the player is provided a score which is based on the duration for which the reactor was working and the amount of power generated by the reaction in the nuclear power plant.
In 386 AD, Wei established its dynasty surrounded by tribes like Goch, Lauland, Lonely with Lauland the most fierce and powerful. War was inevitable, turning the extensive fertile land in the north into a deserted area. To ensure the safety of the northern boundary, for more than once, Wei directed its army to fight against Lauland in the desert. For this reason, there is the famous poem of "In spite of the numerous wars in the desert, one would never return without having Lauland defeated"..
The Playroom is a delightful, child-sized world filled with games, toys, surprises-and learning experiences. Exploring The Playroom, children automatically start to learn about letters, numbers and time.
Our hero, Senator Gewt Ningrich, has set out on a conservative crusade to regain the support of his constituents and comrades and to do his darndest to earn some cold hard cash to fund his political revolution.
This game does refer to events that occured in previous games. It's not necessary to have played them, but be warned some throw-away comments in the game might make no sense.
Our only hope is that you will find the three grains of sand. In order to do so you will, in my home, find an access to the Secret Temple which houses the Hour-Glass of Power, named REVUSS in the Prophecy. You have three steps to complete. You will be rewarded with a grain of sand for each success.
The Punisher must complete perilous crime-fighting missions, dispose of criminals and confiscate their ill-gotten wealth.
The game is set in a series of levels called Pits. You must solve one level before you can move on to the next. A level is solved when you push things to the correct place or stand in the correct place.
The overall goal is to overthrow Lexor. This is done by first defeating his seven generals. This is a difficult task and will require building x’our characters attributes and increasing his wealth and knowledge.
King is in dire need of help, perhaps you could go to his castle and offer your services to him. It is said that the King is wealthy and would reward a brave adventurer such as yourself for the safe return of his daughter.
You are the ace pilot and star of Bigelow's Air Circus. As if racing at over three hundred miles per hour isn't exciting enough, you're also The Rocketeer.
Your job is to travel around the city following suspects, listening in on conversations, and even searching in their homes when they're away. Based on an Agatha Christie novella.
The Sentinel is a game of energy, and the units of energy that exist within the landscape have a variety of forms. One unit is represented by a tree and this is the building block upon which the rest of the game takes place.