Is an adventure game involving puzzle solving and survival within multi-level environments. It provides a 3-D environment in which the player can move freely and explore.
It is the 16th century. Geoffroi Le Brun arrives in Rouen, France on the middle of the night. As he arrives, on the other half of the town William de Peuple is being attacked by some villains..
The gamer can use different controls to play the game. PGA Tour Golf is a single player game. The player has to hit the ball inside the goal. The player can control the game using a mouse or by keyboard using the arrow keys. The player is instructed through the AI, where they are directed on how and which direction to hit the ball. There are three golf holes which have to be hit by the player within the given time frame.
The player plays the role of an air traffic controller at the airport of Los Angeles. The screen in the game depicts the scene of control radar of air traffic which indicates the air traffic which is incoming. Along with the radar, the audio of the game also alerts the player about the traffic. The player can direct the traffic by giving textual commands to the specific airplanes.
Pictures of players are shown at the right side of the screen with the best player at the top and worst at the bottom. It provides you four difficulty levels out of which you may select any one or else, you can decide your own settings.
The plot begins with the player assigned the task of rearranging the pyramids according to the house. The player is allotted three pyramids one of each size. These pyramids are stacked above one another like a tree..
This game is the result of hundreds of hours of constant refinement to make skill and strategy the main factors in determining the winner.
Is a game of planetary invasion and conquest in the Star Fleet series, which to date has included Star Fleet I and Star Fleet II.
Tribolo is a Reversi game played with three players on a 16×11 grid, and there are unplayable squares scattered across the board which block capturing and create additional opportunities for groups of pieces to become uncapturable.
You start the interactive adventure with embarking on a quest. You will travel through the lands in the search of evil plaguing the land and find out different ways to survive. Your character needs to survive among various problems that you faced during the gameplay.
In this game, you are a wizard and you have to make the little creatures called Troddlers to find their way out. The game starts with simple levels and gets more interesting as it progresses and at each level you complete you get a code that is required to enter the next level. It's basically a puzzle game and there 160 puzzles.
You play the titular role, who is a Robot. You are supposed to collect the entire treasure to reach the next level.
The game consists of 9 slot machines. The game is played as per the rules stated by the control commission of the New Jersey Casino. By default, the bet limit of the game is set as ten thousand dollars. But, the limits of the game can be changed. The players also have the ability to increase and decrease the bets of all the tables. The gamblers who are experienced can be listed in the Table of High scores.
Is a break-out type game. The purpose of the game is to destroy all the green, orange, and white bricks on the screen. The concept is similar to other ball-paddle games, but with many different features.
Morgul, the three-headed incarnation of evil, has finally been destroyed. But you, Turrican, cannot rest because your most dangerous and most noble misscion is yet to commence...