The narrative of the game happens to be in war zone. The game let players choose from a variety of modes. Players could train in the training mode or choose to play in arcade mode.
To start the game, you pick a course; the PC shows an overhead perspective on the course and demonstrates to you a proposed course around it. Cruising against a pontoon directed by the PC, your racer for the position and endeavor to cross the beginning line as soon as the horn sounds.
The racing or driving is played from the perspective of a first person and it features vehicle simulation. The game is basically an advertisement game which was mainly developed for the purpose of advertisement of the Ford Company.
The player takes command over the nuclear power station. The task of the game is to carry out a stable reaction and create electricity by manipulating the control rods and the secondary and primary cooling pumps. After every attempt which the player makes to generate electricity, the player is provided a score which is based on the duration for which the reactor was working and the amount of power generated by the reaction in the nuclear power plant.
You and other members of the French Underground Resistance Movement must first "take" the heavily guarded train in the main yards at Metz. If you manage to escape and make your way onto the main line then the real game begins.
The gamer can use different controls to play the game. PGA Tour Golf is a single player game. The player has to hit the ball inside the goal. The player can control the game using a mouse or by keyboard using the arrow keys. The player is instructed through the AI, where they are directed on how and which direction to hit the ball. There are three golf holes which have to be hit by the player within the given time frame.
The player plays the role of an air traffic controller at the airport of Los Angeles. The screen in the game depicts the scene of control radar of air traffic which indicates the air traffic which is incoming. Along with the radar, the audio of the game also alerts the player about the traffic. The player can direct the traffic by giving textual commands to the specific airplanes.
The game consists of 9 slot machines. The game is played as per the rules stated by the control commission of the New Jersey Casino. By default, the bet limit of the game is set as ten thousand dollars. But, the limits of the game can be changed. The players also have the ability to increase and decrease the bets of all the tables. The gamblers who are experienced can be listed in the Table of High scores.
The game features managerial and business simulation. The player plays the character of an investor in the commodity market. The commodity market simulation casts the player in the character of an investor. The player begins the game with 10,000 dollars cash in his hand. The task of the player is to increase the money by turning the money which he has into something big. The player does so by purchasing and selling several commodities and investing in something which earns him profit in the future.
The game requires patience as a combat involving an enemy submarine is elusive. The graphics are simple but effective and the animations are smooth. The view of the control panel complete with all the gadgets adds to the feel of the game. The siren and other sounds are realistic.
The basic idea behind the game is to fly and control a Veritech fighter, as featured in the animation series. The game offers four missions. The game begins with the training at the Ataia Island, where the spaceship had crash-landed a decade ago.
The driving simulation game features street racing and can be played from behind-view or first-person perspective. The game features street racing and can be played in a solo and dual player modes.
Simulation,Sport games   
The player takes command over a bunch of five boxers. The player needs to use his skills and instruct the players to fight and win the boxing matches.
The game consists of 16 worldwide circuits and the players can drive them in fast race mode and solo race modes. The player can take part in the championship. There are eighteen teams in the game and 35 people who drive cars. The player can edit and change the names of the drivers in the game.
The fate of your ship and crew hinges on your strategic skill and split-second decision making. Choose tactics and weapons carefully in this real-time naval warfare simulation. Survival depends on you.