Company name Description Games

Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.

Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. is one of the largest publishing and distribution houses in North America and was originally founded in 1993 by Ryan Brant. The company has an extensive portfolio of games and IP, mostly through the acquisition of development studios. Its strongest asset is the wholly-owned Rockstar Games, Inc., which houses a large amount of development studios responsible for the acclaimed games in the Grand Theft Auto series. The company entered the European publishing and distribution business in 1997 through the acquisition of GameTek UK Ltd., which was renamed Take-Two Interactive Software Europe Ltd. In 2002 the publishing label Gotham Games was launched. In 2004 the company established 2K Sports as a label for sports games, mostly a continuation of the 2K series by Visual Concepts Entertainment. One year later, in 2005, 2K Games was formed, the company's most important publishing label. In 2007 the casual games publishing label 2K Play was launched.
Bureau 13

Target Games Limited

Laser Squad

Team 17

Team17 was established in 1990. Their main success was a Worms series, the best selling game at the time, which received many awards and won many competitions.
Worms, Alien Breed, Superfrog

Team Hoi



OverKill - The Six Planet Mega Blast

Teeny Weeny Games, Ltd.

Discworld, Discworld CD

Telarium Corp.

Telarium was founded in 1984 under the name "Trillium" as a subsidiary of Spinnaker. Legal problems with a book publisher led to the name change in the same year. With the exception of Shadowkeep, all of the company's releases were adventure games based on works of literature, often made in cooperation with established writers. Telarium became defunct in 1987, after which Spinnaker, which had already acted as distributor before, continued to market the product range to some extent.
Amazon, Perry Mason: The Case of the Mandarin Murder

Telecomsoft (U.S.)

Telecomsoft in the United States was the successor to Firebird Licensees Inc. as the software publishing operation of British Telecom. Initially, games would keep the European packaging and have a sticker indicating publishing by Telecomsoft, but later releases would use new packaging and only the Rainbird label.

Tengen Inc.

Tengen was a subsidiary of Atari Games Corporation under which home conversions of Atari Games' arcade games were developed and published. Tengen also published conversions of other manufacturers' arcade games, including Sega, Namco and Toaplan. The Tengen division was shut down after Time Warner bought Atari Games Corporation in 1993.
Paperboy 2

Terminal Reality, Inc.

Terminal Reality, Inc. was a development and production company based in Texas (USA), founded in October 1994 by Mark Randel and Brett Combs. Randel previously worked at The Bruce Artwick Organization Ltd. on Flight Simulator games.
Monster Truck Madness

Thalion Software GmbH

Thalion Software was a German computer game developing company that primarily focused on games for Amiga and Atari ST. It was founded in October 1988 in Gütersloh by Erik Simon and Holger Flöttmann. The company went out of business in 1994.
Amberstar, Airbus

The 8th Day

Heimdall 2 - Into the Hall of Worlds

The Bitmap Brothers

Founded in 1987 by Steve Kelly, Mike Montgomery and Eric Matthews the Bitmap Brothers were the original ‘rockstar’ developers - a small, but highly successful development team that prized quality over quantity, and depth over glitz. They are famous for their games like: Xenon, Speedball, Magic Pockets or The Chaos Engine.

The Bruce Artwick Organization Ltd.

The Bruce Artwick Organization Ltd. (most commonly known as BAO Ltd.) was founded by Bruce Artwick and develops upgrades and scenery add-ons for flight simulators, most notably Microsoft Flight Simulator.
Microsoft Flight Simulator (v4.0), Microsoft Flight Simulator (v5.0), Microsoft Space Simulator

The eight Day


The Learning Company

The Learning Company was co-founded in 1980 as The Learning Co. by Ann McCormick, Leslie Grimm and Frona Kahn and based in California. The first releases focused on teaching young children math, reading and science skills. The most lucrative properties the company developed were Super Solvers, Reader Rabbit and ClueFinders. The company joined the New York Stock Exchange in 1992.
Robot Odyssey, Super Solvers - Treasure MathStorm, Super Solvers - Challenge of the Ancient Empires!, Super Solvers - OutNumbered

The Leland Corporation

Originally Cinematronics Inc. Games under the Leland Corporation name were released from 1987 until 1992.
Ironman Offroad

The SoftAd Group, Inc.

Ford Simulator II, Ford Simulator III, Ford Simulator 5.0, The Ford Simulator

The Software Shed

Theatre of Death

The Software Toolworks, Inc.

The Software Toolworks started in 1980 as a publisher of software for Heath/Zenith personal computers. Early products included MYCHESS, The Original Adventure, and the C/80 C compiler for CP/M. In 1994, The Software Toolworks acquired Mindscape, setting it up as its development studio.
Life and Death, Star Wars Chess