Racing Games You Have to Try

A thrilling racing title bears four pillars: tight controls, special sound effects and music, an enticing sense of speed, and graphics that make the game look lively and authentic. Technically, it does not matter what kind of racing game it is, whether kart, sim, or arcade; if it masters these four elements, it makes it to the books of the best racing games one can play. 

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There are lots of racing games today, but which ones make the cut? Which ones will give you the real thrill and make you fully enjoy the game? Below are the top racing games you have to try out:

  • F1 2020

If you have not played many racing video games, you are sure to miss some shortcuts or perks that can help boost your speed.

The F1 2020 comes with a split-screen feature. Many F1 fans love this feature, especially during the couch-competitive play. The component has been missing in this game for the longest time, but it was back in 2020.

  • Forza Horizon 4

It is among the best driving games you will come across in the racing games industry. This Horizon series brought back nostalgia in the racing arena after its introduction in 2012 to the Forza franchise. Forza Horizon 4 is like that intoxicating cocktail for gamers. The game also introduced seasonal weather transitions and incorporated some great hits from the British countryside. 

Forza Horizon 4 has fascinating graphics that lets you enjoy the game like it is in real-time. When talking about enhancements and controllability, the game ensures you are sorted in every aspect and can fully enjoy it. Forza Horizon 4 is worth your time and a try.

  • Burnout: Championship Drag Racing

Probably you are not a drag racing fan, but you only watch it. You may have seen two cars in a line race up when the light turns green, and it looks so simple. However, there is a lot more to just that raw power and acceleration. Burnout makes sure the gamers enjoy every moment of that adrenaline-rush race. 

You can find most of the real-life tracks in this game in the 1998 Winston Drag Racing events. Its tracks are enhanced and appear clearer than the tracks in other games. The game also offers you a variety of cars, including all your favorites. Enjoy driving the '55 Chevy, '72 Barracuda, '71 Roadrunner, '34 Ford Roadster, '72 Charger, '66 Mustang, '59 Eldorado, among other rail and funny cars.

  • Death track

Death track bears visuals of Tron. The main idea in this game is an infinite racer. It has four levels that are not endless per se, but they feel infinite at times. Gameplay is relatively easy as your car speeds forward in a round tunnel, and you have to press either the right or left buttons to avoid going off the road. You aim to get to the end of the level before running out of lives or the time expires. 

The idea is then spiced up with a ton of upgrades, items, and hazards. These hazards are there to deplete your shields and health as well as slow you down. However, you can upgrade your stats, such as speed, health, and acceleration, from earned points. You can also buy nitro boost, which increases your speed temporarily. With this game, all you need is speed all the time.

Death track got its name from the crazy speed that happens in the game. While winding down a tunnel at hundreds of miles per hour, you are sure to lose control more than often. Brace yourself as this game needs high speed, but you will still encounter hazards that make you lose your health and speed. These obstacles will make you fall, and even if you successfully pass them, you will have slowed down; therefore, your time will have elapsed. 

Marvel at this exciting game since the deal breaker is the intense and exhilarating speed. This game is for you if you can keep up the incredible pace while avoiding obstacles and hazards.

Take Away

If you are a racer, then you must try out these games for some exciting fun. The video games have outstanding graphics and controllability that enable you to enjoy every minute. Make sure you use all the perks given in the games to have an incredible experience.