Running the old Win95 games

Don't know if you've noticed but there are now plenty of tools for virtualization (abstracing of computer resources). What does that mean ? Simple on your single physical computer you can have multiple virtual computers. And under the virtual computer you can have installed any operation system you like - linux, dos, windows. This is usefull for many reasons - for example if you want to try some program but you want keep your operating system clean or you're unsure about the program source - you can run it under virtual machine without any risk (catching virus, messing os). And - most  importantly - you can run old games on it. So how you can do it ?

  • Install it (installation is really simple (just Next - Next - Next)
  • Run it
  • You should see something like this - select "New"

  • Select "Create a virtual machine" and "Next"

  • Name your virtual machine (Windows95 is cute) and "Next"

  • Left operating system as "Other" and click "Next"

  • Left recommended ram (128MB by default) and click "Next"

  • Select "A new virtual hard disk" and click "Next"

  • Select disk location and adjust size (5000MB for more comfort) and "Next"

  • Click on "Finish"

  • Now insert CD with your Windows95 to your CD-rom drive (CD-rom drive will attached by default in your virtual PC), select Windows95 VM and click on "Start"


That's it, after installing of Windows 95 you can run the game inside :) - such as Pacific General