Simutrans - transport simulation classic

I know many of you people are fans of games like Railroad Tycoon or Transport Tycoon. There were the best. But if you're looking for something more complex I have a tip for you - Simutrans. It's a freeware transportation simulator. It's being written by bunch of crazies (read people who willingly spend their free time by writting a code - which reminds me of someone). Today it is far more complex than the old tycoons though grafic is nearly the same as in old transport tycoon and it is still developing. When I was playing this game for first time I was amazed - however the game was only for few choosen people as you had to configure .ini file to get the game runningLaughing Now you can run and configure it only with single click as they made a lot of work on user friendliness.


You can download the simutrans on


One joke on the end :

Two guys are talking - "Hey have you heard ? The cars will push the trains away."

"Really ? I have know one guy - he tried it and he is still lying in the hospital."