Ultra Violent Worlds: A Nostalgic Journey

The idea of “retro gaming,” or playing older limited function video games, continues to excite established players and draw new players into the mix. These older games provided the player with quick accumulation of points and winnable games. With the advancements in gaming, many players saw a diminution in the purity of the old games which relied on gaming for its own sake. As games became more sophisticated, the older Command Line Interfaces and Low-Resolution RGB games lost their appeal. This brief is written to remind more experienced players of the purity driven game and its place in the gaming world.

Ultra Violent Worlds is a game involving shooting against a single enemy. There is no indecipherable playbook or complex control system necessary to play the game.

The saga begins in the year 2305. By this time, Earth had developed a healthy level of prosperity. However, early in the twenty-first century, some threats to this tiring development of economic development emerged. An alien species called the Zamaxians arrived on Earth with only violence on their minds. Very quickly, a new colony on the planet Mars was attacked by enemy forces. Earth’s only orbiting space station was destroyed. The Zamaxians then approached Earth itself. Formations of Zamaxian spaceships overwhelmed the scattered and largely ineffectivedefense forces and destroyed any signs of life. However, there were survivors in vast sections of Earth that were not attacked. One effect the presence of the Zamaxian invasion was that their larger ships created their own gravitational pull drawing the Moon closer to earth. The remaining Earth resistance has to vanquish the Zamaxian enemy and liberate those remaining on Mars and Earth.

Developer: Vorlon Software

Publisher: Vorlon Software

Category: Shooter

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Part of Group: Vertical scrolling shooter games

DOSBox: Supported

The use of Emulators

An emulator is a piece of software that replaces the computer console and allows the player to participate in many old games. In addition, ROM (a copy of what is contained on the disk drive or cartridge) or ISO software (for players who use optical media) must be added to a current PC in order to play the game. The advantages of emulation are:

Ease of Access. The player has only to open the emulator with a click and load the ROM to begin playing the game.

Since using an emulator allows the player to play favorite old games, there is no need to go to an arcade.

Low cost. In an arcade, the player has to spend more money to advance in the game. This cost is eliminated by the emulator.

There are many online players working to preserve and improve old DOS games so players at all skill levels can play some of the classic games of the past.

While there is a decided advantage to playing old games in an arcade as opposed to at home, many choose either option or both for pure enjoyment of the game. The arcade environment allows players to immediately interact with one another and strategize on how to win a particular game or group of games. Others enjoy the solitude of being at home and playing with online opponents to generate a specific intimate connection to the game and other players.