Ultima 8 - Love it and Hate it

I have recently played Ultima 8 (again). Who played this game before will surely understand me, when I say: I love it and I hate it. It is the last game of a classic Ultima series and as the first one, it creates quite a good looking 'feel 3D' engine. But the game itself has a fantastic story (as most of The Ultima series games by the way). The story begins exactly when the Ultima 7 ends. Avatar is cast to the world of Pagan, and he has to find his way out of there to help Britannia, which is (once again) under attack. But you have to feel the story by Yourself of course :-). You can try the game here: http://www.freegameempire.com/games/Ultima-8

Now, why I love it? It is because of the world it creates, the way Avatar conquers the world of Pagan (Without any real knowledge by the way. It reminds me that there are no too much clever people there), a graphics (well, it is quite old today, but it used to be something) and of course the great story that is always part of Ultima series games.

And why I hate it? I always get pretty angry playing the game. Controlling the avatar is dedicated to mentally strong people, especially when you don't have a patched version. You will probably die many times stucked behind a tree or in the corner, unable to jump over a rock 2 inches high or my favorite; you will die countless times in the bottomless water pool 5 feet wide.

As you can see (and we are slowly reaching the end of my analysis), this is simple the game you cannot miss. Some of Ultima fans will only hate this game, without the love part I think. But it will always have a small place in my collection.