System Shock

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Origin Systems Inc
Artificers of some of the greatest gaming franchises the world has ever known they are, and forever will be, scions of a golden age. We salute you, Origin. We salute you. Established in 1983, Origin (or Origin Systems) has become well known their Wing Commander, Ultima and Privateer titles. Acquired by Electronic Arts in the early 90's, Origin has recently been working on internet-only software, with the Ultima Online series.
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You are a hacker. You have attempted to hack into the TriOptimum Corporation Network, and gain unauthorized access to protected files concerning the Space Station Citadel. Unfortunately, your hacking attempts have been detected, and your location is soon tracked. Edward Diego (an executive at TriOptimum Corporation) sees your potential, and is eager to make a deal with you. He will drop all charges against you, if you hack into SHODAN, the artificial intelligence that controls Citadel Station. You will also gain a military grade neuro interface if you are successful. Naturally, you agree to this offer, and Edward Diego gives you Level 1 access to SHODAN. You receive your neuro implant, and undergo a 6-month healing coma.
The game starts when you awake from your coma. But somehow, things are not quite how you remember them. You find an audio log (as well as some other goodies) hidden in a cupboard. The log is from Rebecca Lansing, who is a TriOptimum counter terrorism consultant based on Earth. She tells you that they have detected a disruption on Citadel Station, and that a mining beam is preparing to fire at Earth. Since you are the only contact between Earth and Citadel Station, it is up to you to find out what is going on. You soon discover that when you hacked into SHODAN 6 months ago, you removed all of her ethical restraints. Now she has re-examined her priorities, and drawn her own conclusions about humanity!



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11/30/2015 10:26:00 PM - good nice game
10/24/2014 10:46:00 PM - guy I played the second one before the first one and SHODAN, creeps the shish out of me more than the lickers from resident evil
8/2/2014 7:35:00 AM - Deltachip If this game is like anything, it's like Deus Ex, in space!
6/13/2014 10:46:00 PM - SpecialBomb help with DOS GUS sound, will not make a peep.
6/11/2014 4:44:00 AM - Hacker It is fun. It was made by the people who went on to make BioShock a decade later. You can see where they got their ideas.
12/29/2013 5:42:00 AM - BabaBooey I don't understand why people upload some chopped up installations of games instead of just the original ISOs. I can't change the audio settings without installing it, but installing is screwed up because the directory structure is wrong. For the love of god, just take ISOs or BIN/CUEs!
12/1/2013 12:58:00 AM - freeone It works! Just tried it on windows xp x64 with dosbox and the game runs smoothly.
9/22/2013 11:53:00 PM - BrettK99 @Wolf; Im 14 and i LOVE old games like this, doom, DUke Nukem, and Wolfenstien 3D.....
11/29/2012 9:21:00 PM - Freek Bosgraaf waiting for part 2?
11/3/2012 6:29:00 PM - VB4220 I like to play this when I am depressed because I feel like nobody is mad at me.
9/28/2012 2:19:00 AM - marcus wolf im 13 and i love these games there great so dont tell me that
6/9/2012 3:18:00 PM - mad yeah i went from being tired to mad. i give this thing the time it asks for and my net keeps cutting off for a few seconds and during that time the download pauses and refuses to start again. so from what i know this site doesnt work. >:(
6/9/2012 2:16:00 AM - tired have tried about 7 different sites all of which allowed the file to download with in a few minutes. none of which worked. yet here this 122mb file is jumping from 2 hours to 16 hours! this file better work for the time i'm having to wait for it >:(
5/28/2012 2:20:00 AM - wolf kids these days won't have appretiation for this gem.
5/19/2012 9:10:00 AM - neurocron classa number one. Everyone sci-fi fan like it.
1/14/2012 1:49:00 AM - Tim Bioshock, only 13 years ago. And in space.
12/17/2011 6:14:00 PM - Thomas i like this game
8/6/2011 3:51:00 AM - this is so fucking fun!
2/12/2011 10:07:00 AM - raymond one of the greates games ever
2/10/2011 9:56:00 PM - Feind Its fun!!!! if you know how it works
2/2/2011 2:53:00 AM - moi it is boring or fun ?
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The downloaded packages are prepared to be runnable with a single click. Only thing you need to do is download the zip archive, unzip to your game directory and run the game with included "Play NOW.exe" file. For more information see Download Notice
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