Gaming Through the Ages - Literally, With the Help of Online Games

Source: Pexels

One of the biggest appeals of gaming is the ability to give players a chance to experience things they otherwise wouldn’t be able to experience. And one of the ways games developers do this is through transporting players to another world – or sometimes the same world, just to another time. Travelling through time – and not in the TARDIS way – can be as interesting for modern day gaming as it would in a time machine.

Let's take a look at a few games that will take us on a trip through the ages.

Let's begin at the beginning of time – dinosaur time. There are many games that take influence from dinosaurs, but one that ensures a modern twist is still present to attract fans came with the release of Jurrasic World slot. The slot features official content from the popular film, which helped bring dinosaurs into the modern day. The game connects players with dinosaurs and helps interact with the Jurassic past, as well as the Jurassic World film saga. 

Following the extinction of the dinosaurs comes the dawn of mankind.Earth Empires follows civilization and its developers. Players are able to command military might and ancient cities in order to reign supreme. The game is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), which allows players to interact with one another and learn about the history of various civilisations. 

Keeping in theme with the Romans, Centurion allows players to command a Roman legion as they fight their own battle for supremacy. The game gives players an opportunity to learn about the ravaging conquest that erupted over Europe and beyond in the early years of recorded history. Strategic thinking can help players think like Caesar – or be left out of the history books altogether.

Source: Pexels

Moving midway through the 20th Century come games featuring World War II. The War provides a massive expanse of gameplay, and Call of Duty shows how popular the nostalgia is. For example, 1944: Across the Rhine features foot soldiers in Europe attempting to bring the war to an end, while 1942: The Pacific Air War moves to the South Pacific to feature the battles that raged there during the period, allowing players to attempt aircraft warfare.

Skipping forwards several years, plenty of games are set in space. The future is limitless, and the fact nobody knows what might happen stands in good stead for games developers. Terminator: Future Shock features a glimpse into the future, yet is set in a version of the near future, where the world becomes overrun by robots. The first person shooter is loosely based on the film franchise, which would allow fans to engage with the films they love in a different way.

When choosing a game to play, using the time the game is set is as good an indicator as any as to what might be enjoyable. The games themselves are also relevant to the modern day – the strategy required is reminiscent of skills necessary nowadays. And the educational aspect of the game enriches the player without them even realising it. Taking a trip through time via free online games is definitely the best way to absorb history.