Blackjack RPG Battlejack to Revolutionize Gaming Crossovers

by riky 18. January 2018 12:06

Source: @gamescatalyst_ via Twitter

The launch of gaming app Battlejack – a crossover between blackjack and a standard RPG game has broken new ground in the world of gaming. The game features a host of fantastical characters wielding weapons and harnessing powers as you embark on a quest, but also incorporates blackjack as players face foes and attempt to evolve their beasts, by winning hands. The blend of gaming styles allows players of one to experience the other, and adds an extra layer of strategic skill to both.  

Battlejack attempts to bring together two very distinct fan bases in the world of gaming – those who play RPGs and those who game online. But, the two gaming worlds are actually a lot more similar than people first think. Both involve a level of skill and strategy, and both reward players the better they are. So combining the two is a very logical move, given that both can be played for hours and allow gamers to progress in a specific field of gaming.

This isn’t the first time that blackjack has been given the adaptation treatment. Traditional blackjack is still played and enjoyed, but thanks to advances in online casino, there are dozens of different variations on the blackjack theme. For example, live casino is offered online, which brings together the benefits of a physical casino with the ease of being at home, and creates a more exciting game through the live interactive elements.

The mix of iGaming and the RPG opens the door for future variations of game genre crossover. For example, Pokemon Go style games are popular – with Animal Crossing and Harry Potter receiving the real world treatment, but casino games could also feature. Imagine an app that sets up casinos nearby that encourages people to try to become the highest scorer in each one. The popularity of the game was in part due to the ruling of nearby gyms and battling one another, which is conducive for a casino game.

Source: @fff0cusss via Twitter

Alternatively, casino games could be incorporated into genres such as racing and first-person shooters, which attract a lot of attention, and can rely on a strategy, much the same way that casino games such as roulette and poker can. The game could feature the outcome of the roulette spin or the amount of poker chips available as a prize for winning the race or staying alive in the shooter long enough. The blending of gaming worlds can allow both sides to achieve a rejuvenation and attract new fans, while keeping the existing fan bases happy.  

Battlejack’s success will let games developers know how much of a demand there is for a crossover that features a popular casino game and a popular genre of gaming. The app can only be beneficial for both industries and will contribute to the gaming industry’s continued growth. By giving gamers a taste of another genre through the comfort of their own, fans will be happy. Battlejack is available to download on Google Play or the App Store.