Game Review: The Dark Knight Rises Slot Game

The world of online slot gaming is saturated with so-called "licensed games", wherein slot games based on movies are created in order to leverage a film's popularity with players. Some of these games are undeniably better than others, while some, unfortunately, feel rushed and do little other than slapping some imagery from a film onto a rather conventional slot game.

That's why the slot game of the 2012 film The Dark Knight Risesstarring Christian Bale as Batman and Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, feels so refreshing. Although the film itself is a few years old now, this title has proved to be something of a sleeper hit, gaining traction among gamers as one of the more unique and quirky slot game experiences out there. Read on for a full review of The Dark Knight Rises slot machine game.

The Basics 

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For those of you who already consider yourselves aficionados of online slots, let's get down to business. The game is a video slot which utilises five reels, all based on different characters in the film. A win rewards you with some dialogue from these characters, as well as some fairly juicy cash prizes.

There are 243 lines in total, which place this title squarely on the larger side of the slot game spectrum, but with a respectable RTP of 96.41%, you can be sure to get plenty of mileage out of this particular title. There are numerous routes to unlocking additional free spins and bonuses, all of which flag up fairly frequently.

It's a solidly entertaining slot game with good stats and strong replay value.

A Different Kind of Gaming Experience 

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Now moving onto what makes The Dark Knight Rises truly unique to other slot machine games. The in-game graphics are stellar, particularly the scenes in which you aren't spinning the wheels. This is a game which merges console gaming and online slots in a surprisingly cohesive way, allowing for the kind of in-game action you'd expect on an Xbox as opposed to a casino site.

The crowning glory of the title is the in-game fighting sequence which takes place between the Dark Knight himself and the protagonist of the series, Bane (you can actually choose your own character at the beginning of the game). Once you've 3 "bomb scatters" anywhere on your reels, you get to fight the other character. By exchanging blows with your multiple enemies, you can unlock free spins and numerous other bonuses. It's this feature which makes the game so memorable and worth playing again and again.

Few slot developers would pay this much attention to detail and invest in such engaging in-game extras, which should definitely appeal to anyone who has previously enjoyed the Batman: Arkham World series on Xbox and PlayStation. The bonus outcomes vary wildly each time you play, rewarding you with everything from bonus spins, to "bomb blasts", to heat-seeking wilds.

The result is an unpredictable, highly-polished and well-thought-out gaming experience which reminds us what is technically possible within the humble format of online casino gaming.