Video games lend the gamers a platform to live their dreams, fight enemies and don the hat of saviors of the planet. Adventure games never go out of popularity. The constant twists, spine nerving actions coupled with hunting for enemies and saving the world from catastrophe is always alluring. No wonder gamers across the world are amazed by action-centric games topping their list of favorites. Adding to this account is yet another game called CyClones, wherein the players get the chance of once again saving the planet from unforeseen dangers.

Kick-start of adventure

The plot is as follows: - The planet earth is once again in danger. A herd of aliens called Cybernetic Clones (CyClones) has launched their attack. This has left the world completely devasted with no escape from the dark shadow of death hovering over Humanity. Earth is in need of a saviour who can prevent humanity from falling into the gallows of evil. As known evil can never triumph for long in front of the good, thus mankind resort on their last hope to get them out of trouble. That is none other than Havoc.

Gist of Protoganist

The protagonist of the game here is Havoc who himself is a cybernetic warrior. He was lured and manipulated by the Aliens in the past leading him in conspiring against his own planet. But it’s time for correcting all wrongs. No more is Havoc in the clutches of the enemy’s conspiracy and is all ready to avenge for his past. In order to save the globe, he has to fight mercilessly against the enemies emerging victorious.

The plot is set in the first-person shooter mode (FPS), wherein, the user has to control the protagonist Havoc. Well, the game is not as easy as it sounds. There are a lot of maze and dangers laid across the path with each hostile alien armed with a variety of firearms to kill the savior. The performer has to use a lot of tact and brain to get away safely without letting any enemy escape. For this, the player can use keyword commands and use mouse control, which is a pioneer in the genre of action-adventure video games. This makes it easier for users to aim the aliens without qualms by just pointing the cursor anywhere on the screen.

Power-Ups and Surprises in store

In addition to the exceptional weapons, the gamer is bestowed with another advantage of collecting power-ups. The player can keep collecting these power-ups throughout the gameplay, which gets added to the inventory basket benefiting them to use it during combat whenever necessary. Not only this, aiding the gamer from not getting lost amidst the obscuring mazes, they are provided a three-dimensional map, which the player can view whenever needed by pressing any key.

Well, there are more surprises in store for users. Introducing for the very first time is the feature of stealth which renders the gamer an additional power of invisibility. As most of the game is filled with combat, shooting, kicks, and blows, there are certain stages which necessitate the player to stay unnoticed by enemies and move silently. This is where the advantage works wonder. The users can view the tutorial level instructing players about the basic mechanisms used. Filled with enticing game play, enthralling conceptualization and use of graphics, the action-adventure combo will surely leave gamers hooked to the screen-casting its spell for the longest time.