X-COM UFO Defense

X-COM UFO defense is a science fiction game developed by Mythos Game Ltd. The DOS game was published by MicroProse Software, Inc. in the year 1994.

The game features a crucial side (which is called the GeoScape) from where one can have a view of the earth. The Geoscape enables the players to spot all the nearby UFOs, important towns, and their headquarters.

The story behind the formation of X-COM

As the number of reports regarding UFOs, kidnappings and the terror of the aliens was increasing in the year 1998, several nations decided to meet so that they can plan to combat the aliens. Thus, the Extraterrestrial Combat Unit or X-COM came into existence to find the aliens and their headquarters and to destroy them.


X-Com is a strategy game, which involves several tactics and proper planning so that the player can combat the aliens. The player controls the game by sending the soldiers to take away the UFOs, invade or restore the UFOs and find the headquarters of the aliens and invade them.

The players can also make some ammunition, which is more advanced than the ammunition of the aliens so that the player can defeat the aliens easily. Moreover, the players can use the pieces of stuff, which they encounter from the alien bases to make the ammunition.

From where does the player get funded?

The player requires money for paying to the researchers and inventors. Along with this, the player requires money for building new bases, expanding the old ones, purchasing or repairing the planes and to stock up other types of equipment and provisions. Therefore, the player needs to plan his budget. The player raises money by vending the pieces of stuff that are not needed. Also, the player gets some financial aids from several nations.

However, the funds from a particular nation can be curtailed if they suspect that the player is not doing his work precisely in their area. Furthermore, a nation can even stop their financial aid if they do not find the player useful.

The Battlescape

When the player associates himself with a fight on the ground, the game transforms into Battlescape. On the land, the player can have a vivid view of the battleground and an actual battle. The player is supposed to stamp out all the aliens on the battleground. Moreover, the player can abduct some aliens for his examination. Also, he can restore some of the antiques which are left on the field, for his study.

While fighting, each fighter gets a definite amount of Time Units, which are also termed as TUs. The fighters need to perform all his movements in the given amount of Time Units. Whenever any fighter runs out of his time units, he is not able to make any move on his turn anymore. Moreover, the Time Units gets restored in the next turn.

The action fighting game is fun and has a futuristic perspective. The game involves RPG elements. One of the interesting features of the game is the active lightning, which uses 16 shades of 16 tints, which makes the isometric floor. The gameplay is quite interesting and the graphics are done well. The sounds add to the thrill and excitement of the game. Thou, the game is challenging, but, with proper attention, the players can defeat the aliens and win the game.