Top 8 Emulators for Android to Play Old Favs

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Nothing can be compared to a moment when you suddenly discover an old game that you always loved as a kid only to find out that it won’t run for some reason. Do not get sad! These days you can use various emulators for Android that make it easy to play all those classics once again and become a top scorer! Just choose the one that fits your requirements and play to your heart’s content!

Top 8 Emulators for Android to Play All Your Old Favorites

1. Citra.

While it is one of the newer Android arrivals, it is quite stable and works best for Nintendo 3DS emulation with the support of modern features like a camera or motion control. The compatibility is constantly improving with all the beta testing still going on. Impressive stability places this on top of safe emulators you ought to try!

2. DraStic.

Another great emulator for Nintendo DS with a plethora of customization options and configurations even makes it possible to sync data across several devices. It is updated once in a while and has a good history of fixing bugs that are almost absent. It is not free and costs $5 but it is worth paying when you want to run a flawless emulator that will keep you busy for hours. Speaking of free time and games, consider checking TopWritersReview and save yourself some time and nerves as you learn. From starting with a topic selection to editing or fixing your assignment, turning to an online professional will help you to finish your tasks sooner and continue with the games!

3. ReDream.

Those folks that still remember old Sega games will feel a bit nostalgic and happy at the moment because this period of awesome games still lives on today. You may check either ReDream or Reicast depending on games emulated because if one of them does not run, the other one usually works. It is also one of the safest solutions, meaning that it doesn't glitch in the middle of the game once it finally runs!

4. ePSXe.

At only $3.75, you can get one of the best PlayStation emulators that have professional programming that will also keep your Android phone safe. While there are some free solutions, this one works best.

5. My Boy! & My Old Boy!

Game Boy is probably the most emulated platform. MyBoy can handle all your GameBoy Advance games. If you are into the original Game Boy and those color models that came afterward, My Old Boy emulation will help you!

6. MD.Emu.

This one is meant to support consoles like Master System that not many may remember and those newer Sega solutions where we used to play our favorite games with CDROM additions.

7. ClassicBoy Gold.

A great multi-emulator that supports consoles like PlayStation 1, a classic Nintendo 64, NES, several Game Boy variations, a famous Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Game Gear, Sega Saturn games, and much more! It has both free and commercial versions worth checking!

8. RetroArch.

It is a special solution for those gamers who are more into the tech side of things. The trick is to add "cores" for anything from NES, Nintendo Switch, or PlayStation 2. It can support an impressive collection of consoles and has amazing configuration options. Installing several Game Boy cores may do wonders! It is best for those who like to experiment and install something adjustable and innovative.

Not All Emulators Work Flawlessly

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If you are new to the world of emulators for Android, you should remember that not all of them will work as expected. Since they are only meant to emulate older consoles like SNES or PlayStation’s initial offerings, a little bit of adjustment or another test here and there may be necessary. Always give it time, see basic requirements, read forums, and you will always find a solution that works!


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