Get Premium PC Games Legally Free from these 4 Amazing Places

Everyone loves freebies. For gamers everywhere, high-quality graphics and premium gaming experiences usually come with a hefty price tag. For gamers who would like to keep busy without losing money, there are many websites, which offer a large number of premium games free. The added bonus is that they are entirely free and legal. Listed below are our top 4 recommendations to gain access to awesome premium games.


Steam is our top pick for PC games due to its diversity. The website is an endless resource for PC games and you can never get bored with the selection. The website has a game store, demos, virtual reality etc., but the place to go free games is the selection called Free to Play from the Games option at the top. It is easy to sort through the games from the popular tags available on the website, it also allows users to sort the games in the order of most paid games. There is also a list in which the games that will be released soon are displayed.

The only negative aspect of the website is that the customer support is not very good. The free to play section contains around 1700 games with the most popular games like Warframes, Paladin, Maplestory etc. A great way to make sure you stay within your monthly budget may be to try out this website for something you like instead of spending too much on games from Gamestop and other such websites.

For lovers of indie games, this is the best websites to download this style of games for your PC. Modeled on games like Spelunky, Duck Games, Undertake, etc. Just like all the other indie games out there, these games are made by very small developers and individual developers. The games on the website allow its users to filter the games by price, type of game, top rated, top seller etc. The games also have short trailers that can be watched to get the feel of the game before downloading the game. offers games that are of the highest quality, there are paid as well as free games on this website. The free section offers a whopping 47000 number of games. The huge selection can seem overwhelming, so to make it easier to choose the website blog can be visited. The blog can recommend the best available PC games on the website, as well as the latest.


Steam, although is one of the best sites to play free premium games, it has the disadvantage of having Digital Rights Management (DRM) on all its games. This means that you will not be able to access the game if your Steam account or the actual stops functioning. GOG has the advantage of letting its users keep playing the games in case GOG shuts down, due to the fact that all its games are free from DRM.

Almost all of the games available on GOG can be played on Linux OS, an added bonus. The downside to this is that the GOG library is very small with only 32 free games on the website. If a small budget is OK for the users, the options for under 5$ is higher, but overall the total number of games available on GOG is approximately 1800.


Origin is similar to GOG and steam, except for the fact that the website is run by EA games, a major game store. The games available are all AAA, and not many free games are available. The On The House section offers complete games and expansion packs for free and once claimed the game/pack is available to the gamer even after the offer expires. The catch in this website is that only one game is free and available for a short period of time. The offer can be anywhere between 1 day to 5 months. The best way to maximize the offers on this website is to check for freebies regularly.

The above-mentioned websites are the best picks for gamers to access free premium games. A few websites worth mentioning are Desura and ModDB. Another option is to search for commercial games that are free on Wikipedia or the internet.