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In the 22nd century, after centuries of global strife and tyranny, the people of Earth united to form a sovereign world government. The United Earth Space Alliance (UESA) launched a dynamic plan to expand the reaches of the human race beyond that of our solar system. In the year 2147, this effort resulted in the launching of the first of two colony ships. These massive vessels were destined to colonize a huge asteroid, designated Theta-2, on the outskirts of our solar system. After five months of space travel, the first ship safely arrived at Theta-2 and initiated the colony. Soon after, the second of the two ships departed from earth with 10,000 colonists to bring the Theta-2 base into full operation. Once the colony was fully established, mankind would finally have the opportunity to leave the confines of the solar system.
It happened on October 24, 2148; While the second vessel approached the colony, something unnatural occurred. A dark shape began to form out of nothing, blacking out the starscape and chewing away at the very fabric of reality. The commander of the colony vessel ôSalvationö had barely managed to dispatch an emergency message to Earth confirming that there were multitudes of alien ships emerging from this "Void." Just after the transmission, the largest of the alien ships tore the Salvation apart with an immensely powerful particle beam.
The gigantic alien craft dragged both portions of the Salvation into a huge hangar bay, sealing the fates of the 10,000 human beings aboard.
According to the information received from the destruct beacon (the "black box") there were 45 alien vessels in the vicinity of Theta-2.
The largest ship, which captured the Salvation, moved to orbit the asteroid. The remaining ships started converting the Theta-2 base into a base of their own.
Immediately after the incident, UESA went on level one alert status and began assembling a fleet to eliminate the alien force. UESA's ships reached the Theta-2 asteroid and began an intense battle with the alien fleet. UESA's 3 battlecruisers, 10 frigates and 15 destroyers fought well, but their weaponry was no match against the massive alien dreadnought. The mission was a devastating failure. The Alliance realized that a large frontal assault was not the way to defeat the invaders. It was decided that a small, heavily armed, fast attack ship might be able to make it past the ships in orbit and reclaim the Theta-2 base.
Back on Earth, scientists combined their knowledge and pooled their ideas, and concluded that the black space, dubbed "The Void," was some sort of inter-dimensional portal; a tear in the structure of our universe. Using the current knowledge of multi-dimensional physics, they were able to develop a device that would allow a small spacecraft, preferably a fighter of some sort, to enter The Void and possibly leap into a different universe.
Three months after the invasion of Theta-2, the Radix class inter-dimensional starfighter was built. Due to the enormous amount of resources required to build this powerful fighter, only one was built. Although the Radix class had just barely begun the experimental stage of it's development, there was no time left. The Radix-class fighter was loaded onto The Defiance, a battlecruiser, and Operation Vengeance commenced. The Defiance had to leave, and the Radix, the last desperate hope for humanity, was going with it.
Radix: Beyond The Void is an intense 3D flying action game developed for the PC platform. While playing Radix, you'll fly down the alien-infested tunnels of the Theta-2 base, and even deep into the massive alien ship. You will also fly into The Void, where unknown terrors await you. It will take great persistence and skill to navigate the small assault fighter through the winding tunnels and corridors to successfully accomplish your mission. You will undoubtedly encounter heavy alien resistance.
Radix: Beyond The Void has 3 large episodes; with each one consisting of 8 regular missions and a 9th secret mission. The action is non-stop, with only short breaks for the mission briefings. In each mission, you will have a unique primary objective to accomplish. These objectives range from destroying key navigation systems to recon missions. Before each mission, you will receive an informative briefing instructing you about key areas of the upcoming mission that could give you difficulty. While in the mission briefing, you can bring up a record which keeps track of a few useful player statistics. After the briefing is over, the action begins.
Within the game, you have complete control of the fighter, including lateral and horizontal movement. You are free to fly around inside the alien world in any direction you wish. There are indicators on the status bar that provide you with important information. This includes a threat indicator that will alert you if an enemy homing missile is locked onto your ship, an LPS system that acts as RADAR to detect enemy fighters, and as ammo and damage meters. On top of the obvious "move" and "fire" keys, you can also use the "leveling" key to keep climbing or diving steadily for those tricky sloped tunnels and shafts, and you can also glance behind to help orient yourself with the aliens ships. The Radix-class starfighter's neutron and plasma cannons can even fire at ships behind directly behind it.



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The downloaded packages are prepared to be runnable with a single click. Only thing you need to do is download the zip archive, unzip to your game directory and run the game with included "Play NOW.exe" file. For more information see Download Notice
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